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Sticky & Sweet Tour: Chicago Fan Pictures - Part 2

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Dress You Up in Chicago

madonnalicious reader Patrick has this great story to tell from the second Chicago concert on Monday 27 October:

My brother and I, who have been long time fans since we were children, went to the Sticky & Sweet Tour in Chicago this Monday. We had the worst seats in the house, all the way on the top balcony. Someone from backstage grabbed us out of our seats and asked us if we wanted to sit front row, and in return all we had to promise was that we'd sing, dance and scream and yell. On top of all that Madonna asked my brother Jerry to request a song. He requested 'Dress You Up.' It was one of the best moments of our lives. Below is a clip we found on 'YouTube'.


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I was at this Chicago show. It was AMAZING. The "Dress You Up" all crowd sing a long was awesome!

Jerry Stevenson

I still can't believe the chain of events that took place that evening. It was definitely one of the best nights of my life. I am truly grateful to whoever is responsible for moving us, thankyou. Madonnna- You are my fav. I have been listening to your incredible music my whole life and I just want to say THANKYOU! You are the QUEEN!


That is one of the best stories I've ever heard! That is fabulous!! Congrats on a wonderful Madonna concert experience! I'm very happy for you and thanks for sharing it here on Madonnalicious! :)

Honey Candy Shop

MMMMMM, so Spontaneous hot. The energy at Madonna concerts is just incredible.

Daniel Kinkade

Ya know what's crazy about this story? OH MY GOD! Patrick and Jerry (who i only met for the first time at the show) came in after myself (a huge fan who traveled to NY for the show and is going to Denver for both nights and Vegas as well and 2 nights I saw in Chicago) and my three friends. We had scooted down to the end of the row since one of the girls in our group is pregnant and wanted to be able to go pee if she had to without stepping over people. Anyway, Patrick and Jerry actually got 2 of OUR seats which were closer. So when the girl came up and asked them if they wanted front row, they never mentioned they were not in their seats and they just took off and left us high and dry. Kinda sucky to me. Last time I'm a good samaritan!

Christopher in Kalamazoo

Ha! I met Jerry in the restroom after the show. (Don't be pervs people!) He was very nice. I told him I saw him on the monitors, and he said I guess I'm really popular today.

I guess we know who had the best week ever!

Thanks for picking Dress You Up! The previous night someone picked Beautiful Stranger which Madonna was not to keen about and only sang a little bit.


OMG...I was watching Jerry through my binoculars from the side stage seats. He was so much fun ....that whole row really got Madonna pumped up and made the show a blast. We were all cheering for Jerry because he got Madonna to sing a FULL SONG REQUEST. She did the whole song instead of just a few lines.

I had Jerry's awful seats on Sunday night so I know how he must have felt.

I'm still wonder who the famous older man & woman was in the front side section (to the left of Jerry's group). 2 whole rows were blocked off and they had security & bodyguards around them. They just SAT the whole show..they didn't even tap their foot. Crazy.

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