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More on the Like A Prayer mash-up

Doug Rule at Washington D.C. magazine Metro Weekly ponders on Madonna returning to D.C. on tour next time and gives fans more information on the Like A Prayer mash-up:

Maybe Madonna will finally come back to D.C. with her next tour, since George W. Bush will no longer be president - apparently the reason she hasn't stopped here since 2001's Drowned World Tour. Chances will be greater if Barack Obama wins, of course. But for now, the only way to see her eighth worldwide show, the Sticky and Sweet Tour, is to either travel or wait for it on DVD.
When you do get a chance to see it, chances are you'll fall for her mashed-up recreation of 'Like A Prayer' - and chances are you'll soon be hearing it in clubland, too. 'It feels like; It feels like; It feels like home,' Dino Lenny sings, as Madonna replies, 'Just like a prayer, your voice can take me there.' Dino who?
Actually, 'Feels Like Home' is a European dance hit from last year credited to Meck, the alias of DJ Craig Dimech, a behind-the-scenes player in British dance music. He worked with the Italian Lenny, who has a wonderfully haunting voice reminiscent of Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan, to fashion what has become his first international hit, the raw basis of which comes from a 16-year-old house hit, Felix's 'Don't You Want Me.'
So in marrying 'Feels Like Home' with 'Like A Prayer,' Madonna not only recreated for today's dancefloor one of her best older songs. She also once again spotlighted a budding act worthy of more attention. Ready? Meck is. The follow-up single 'So Strong' is fantastic, and it serves as Dimech's M.O. as well as a promise. 'And I feel so strong, if nothing goes wrong, I'll pay back tomorrow,' Lenny seems to be singing, based on what I can make of the lyrics. 'Stay right back, 'cause it's taking on the dance floor!' And it will.


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Very surprised this article would be posted by this site unchallenged... especially when this site, in the 'Tours' section shows the D.C. dates for The Re-Invention Tour!!!! :-O


Exactly!! She was in DC in 2004 the same weekend as Gay Pride. I was at both shows front row center. What a shame. People wonder why I moved out of DC. Even the gay media there can't seem to get their info right.


Lies! I saw her in DC at the Re-invention tour in 2004. Tsk, Tsk, Metro Weekly!

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