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Mihran moves on from Madonna

Mihran has toured around the world with some of the most amazing artists such as Madonna, Britney Spears and Ricky Martin; he performed in award shows and music videos with Pink, Lil Kim and Rihanna; he played in movies like You Got Served, Seventeen and Snowflake; and performed in various commercials for Mervyn’s, JCPenney, HP and much more. In a short period of time, Mihran accomplished what some dancers have not been able to in their whole carrier. Now at 23 years of age Mihran feels like he has achieved everything he dreamed of and much more as a professional dancer.

'The excitement and drive to continue a career of a dancer is not there anymore,' says Mihran. 'I need to accomplish something innovative and exciting to get the same drive back. I have always wanted to be an artist since I was 7 years old; however, I pursued dancing before and I really can’t explain why. If I can go back in time and initially be an artist, I wouldn’t. I have learned so much about the music business by touring with artists, especially Madonna.'
'I would have never been able to acquire this knowledge and experience in any classroom. I got to experience it first hand and there is nothing better than that.'

I took almost all of 2008 off and worked on my album. I mixed my Armenian cultural sounds and instruments with the mix of today’s hip-hop music. This way my fans get the best of both worlds. I am Armenian; however, I have grown up in America and truly appreciate being Armenian American. In this album I was glad to bring together the essence of my experiences from all of the cultures I consider being a part of. I talk about where I’m from and I represent every Armenian around the world.
My music is all about dance, performance, my life experiences; and it has a very positive vibe. It’s about reuniting everyone around the world no matter the religion or nationality. I know artists say this all the time; my music is different from what’s out there. However, anyone who’s heard songs from my album can definitely tell you the same.

The first single of the album is called Armenia and it’s going to be the Anthem of all Armenians. If you’re not Armenian it really does not matter you will still appreciate the song, the production, and especially the performance. For more news and how to purchase the single please visit

Mihran has also agreed to do a question and answer session for madonnalicious readers - so if you have a question for Mihran please email us at and we will ask Mihran the best five questions and publish his answers online at a later date.


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I just heard a song called DANCE feat madonna. IS that going to be in Mihran's album?


I'm so glad to hear Mihran talking about Armenia and even composing a song for all the Armenians!!! Respect and deep appreciation:-)))


i love mihram, think he is one of the best dancers madonna has ever had, besides he is truly handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to listen to his music, i will...

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