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Vancouver goes mad for Madonna

It is perhaps fitting that the first Madonna show in Vancouver falls on the night before Halloween.
Out on the streets, the pre-show dinner crowd resembles nothing so much as a Night of the Living Sex and the Cities, where pods of elaborately turned-out thirtysomething women range the sidewalks, three and four abreast, the sound of giggly, two-Chardonnay laughter and spike heels ringing out in the Autumn night.
Eerily, the male half of the city seems to have disappeared, though some of the gaggles of girls have a token guy in tow. Inside the stadium, the haze of ladies is even thicker. Indeed, some of the men in the crowd seem to have kitted themselves in some fabulous women's wear as well.
Two hours before the Queen of Pop is due to hit the stage, the air is thick with estrogen and sparkles. It is, pardon the pun, a strange Madge-ic to witness.
At 9:30, just an hour after she's scheduled to perform, the stage flanked by hot pink curtains bedazzled with $2-million worth of Swarovski crystals, comes alive with a bombast of visuals and driving beats, relentlessly teasing until She appears, brandishing a sceptre and draped lasciviously across a throne.

To read the rest of the review by Elaine Corden visit the Times Colonist / Vancouver Sun.

If you were at the Vancouver show and want to share your pictures and reviews with other fans then please email us at [email protected]

Live Nation donates $50,000 to 'No on Prop 8'

The concert promoter of Madonna has donated $50,000 to fight a ban on gay marriage in California.
Bosses at Live Nation gave the sum of money to help fight the Proposition 8 bill - a high-level state vote in the upcoming November election to make same-sex marriages constitutionally illegal in California - because they feel it takes away individual rights.
A spokesperson for the company says, 'Live Nation has always offered equal rights and benefits to our employees' same-sex partners. It is in this spirit that we have made the decision to donate $50,000 to the No on Prop. 8 campaign.'
Gay unions were legalised in the state in May, which led to a spate of celebrity weddings including TV host Ellen DeGeneres' marriage to longtime partner Portia de Rossi in August.
Stars including Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg have donated money to the fight against the bill.


Madonna performs at BC Place tonight

The wait is finally over! Fans will be dancing with Madonna at Vancouver's BC Place tonight for the first time.
Her Sticky and Sweet Tour features four acts of songs from her latest album and popular hits. Hard Candy peaked at number one in Canada.
The show has been described as a two hour song and dance blockbuster. DJ Inferno opens the sold-out show.
If you can't get a ticket, several clubs have after parties tonight, so you can dance and sing-along with other excited fans.

From News1130

Book: Welcome To My Candy Shop

madonnalicious reader Akos has this news about his new photographic book:

I'm happy to inform you and your readers that my new book 'Welcome To My Candy Shop' is now available.
This new photographic book comes as a 100 full colour page volume with four cover pages, it is filled with 313 excellent pictures from the European leg of the 'Sticky & Sweet Tour'.
Many of the portraits are close ups - some presented as full pages and some edited as multiple images montages.
The book is printed in pro high quality - the paper is the same quality as the tour programme and 21x28cm in size.
It can be ordered by email at [email protected]

My other two previous photographic books are still available to buy - 'My Confessions' ('Confessions Tour') and 'The Whore Of Babylon' ('Re-Invention Tour').

Events: New York City Halloween Madonna-thon

Frozen with indecision about what to do on this gayest-of-all holiday?
Get into the groove and express yourself at 1984's HALLOWEEN MADONNA-THON.
It's ALL MADONNA, ALL NIGHT with no repeats on the dancefloor, and DJ CHIP DUCKETT is digging deep into his closet for really rare videos that will justify your love for Madge.
Who's that girl? You! Dress as Madonna and enter the costume contest at 12:30 for cash and prizes!
$8 cover. 21 and over only. $2 Rolling Rock & $4 vodka drinks until midnight. Dancing until 4:00am.

Friday 31 October - 1984 Pyramid Club, 101 Avenue A at 6th Street.

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Dress You Up in Chicago

madonnalicious reader Patrick has this great story to tell from the second Chicago concert on Monday 27 October:

My brother and I, who have been long time fans since we were children, went to the Sticky & Sweet Tour in Chicago this Monday. We had the worst seats in the house, all the way on the top balcony. Someone from backstage grabbed us out of our seats and asked us if we wanted to sit front row, and in return all we had to promise was that we'd sing, dance and scream and yell. On top of all that Madonna asked my brother Jerry to request a song. He requested 'Dress You Up.' It was one of the best moments of our lives. Below is a clip we found on 'YouTube'.

Events: London Miles Away Party

At the 'MILES AWAY PARTY' we will be celebrating not only the release of the single but also having a 'Sticky & Sweet' reunion, just in time for Christmas.
It will give you the opportunity to reminisce with fans you saw around the World on tour, celebrate the release of the single 'Miles Away' and meet some new friends.
Come along for Music, Videos, Prizes, Cocktails and lots of fun.
Free entry and bring friends, no tickets required. YES! *FREE ENTRY*

1:00PM - 8:00PM

The venue address: G-A-Y BAR, 30 Old Compton Street, we're down in the basement!

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour in Chicago

Smiles don’t come easy for Madonna.
Instead, there are usually smirks, sneers, pouts, leers and thin-lipped, tough-as-nails displays of contempt for anyone who would dare mess with her. Madonna, she’s one tough dominatrix, and she’s got better developed biceps than just about any of the fans who filled the United Center on Sunday for the first of two concerts.
But smile she did Sunday, and often. Madonna having fun on stage? Exuding warmth rather than wielding a riding crop? Yes, it happened, a refreshing break from recent tours which presented a woman on a take-no-prisoners mission.

To read the rest of the review by Greg Kot visit

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Mihran moves on from Madonna

Mihran has toured around the world with some of the most amazing artists such as Madonna, Britney Spears and Ricky Martin; he performed in award shows and music videos with Pink, Lil Kim and Rihanna; he played in movies like You Got Served, Seventeen and Snowflake; and performed in various commercials for Mervyn’s, JCPenney, HP and much more. In a short period of time, Mihran accomplished what some dancers have not been able to in their whole carrier. Now at 23 years of age Mihran feels like he has achieved everything he dreamed of and much more as a professional dancer.

'The excitement and drive to continue a career of a dancer is not there anymore,' says Mihran. 'I need to accomplish something innovative and exciting to get the same drive back. I have always wanted to be an artist since I was 7 years old; however, I pursued dancing before and I really can’t explain why. If I can go back in time and initially be an artist, I wouldn’t. I have learned so much about the music business by touring with artists, especially Madonna.'
'I would have never been able to acquire this knowledge and experience in any classroom. I got to experience it first hand and there is nothing better than that.'

I took almost all of 2008 off and worked on my album. I mixed my Armenian cultural sounds and instruments with the mix of today’s hip-hop music. This way my fans get the best of both worlds. I am Armenian; however, I have grown up in America and truly appreciate being Armenian American. In this album I was glad to bring together the essence of my experiences from all of the cultures I consider being a part of. I talk about where I’m from and I represent every Armenian around the world.
My music is all about dance, performance, my life experiences; and it has a very positive vibe. It’s about reuniting everyone around the world no matter the religion or nationality. I know artists say this all the time; my music is different from what’s out there. However, anyone who’s heard songs from my album can definitely tell you the same.

The first single of the album is called Armenia and it’s going to be the Anthem of all Armenians. If you’re not Armenian it really does not matter you will still appreciate the song, the production, and especially the performance. For more news and how to purchase the single please visit

Mihran has also agreed to do a question and answer session for madonnalicious readers - so if you have a question for Mihran please email us at [email protected] and we will ask Mihran the best five questions and publish his answers online at a later date.

Madonna on the Top 250 of CKOI

Canadian radio station CKOI have compiled their Top 250 songs of all time and Madonna is featured seven times on the chart.

#35 - Vogue
#56 - Holiday
#71 - Like A Prayer
#76 - Hung Up
#103 - 4 Minutes
#151 - La Isla Bonita
#197 - Music

To read the full Top 250 chart visit - and don't forget fans can still vote for Miles Away on CKOI at

Thanks to Pascal

More on the Like A Prayer mash-up

Doug Rule at Washington D.C. magazine Metro Weekly ponders on Madonna returning to D.C. on tour next time and gives fans more information on the Like A Prayer mash-up:

Maybe Madonna will finally come back to D.C. with her next tour, since George W. Bush will no longer be president - apparently the reason she hasn't stopped here since 2001's Drowned World Tour. Chances will be greater if Barack Obama wins, of course. But for now, the only way to see her eighth worldwide show, the Sticky and Sweet Tour, is to either travel or wait for it on DVD.
When you do get a chance to see it, chances are you'll fall for her mashed-up recreation of 'Like A Prayer' - and chances are you'll soon be hearing it in clubland, too. 'It feels like; It feels like; It feels like home,' Dino Lenny sings, as Madonna replies, 'Just like a prayer, your voice can take me there.' Dino who?
Actually, 'Feels Like Home' is a European dance hit from last year credited to Meck, the alias of DJ Craig Dimech, a behind-the-scenes player in British dance music. He worked with the Italian Lenny, who has a wonderfully haunting voice reminiscent of Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan, to fashion what has become his first international hit, the raw basis of which comes from a 16-year-old house hit, Felix's 'Don't You Want Me.'
So in marrying 'Feels Like Home' with 'Like A Prayer,' Madonna not only recreated for today's dancefloor one of her best older songs. She also once again spotlighted a budding act worthy of more attention. Ready? Meck is. The follow-up single 'So Strong' is fantastic, and it serves as Dimech's M.O. as well as a promise. 'And I feel so strong, if nothing goes wrong, I'll pay back tomorrow,' Lenny seems to be singing, based on what I can make of the lyrics. 'Stay right back, 'cause it's taking on the dance floor!' And it will.

Trudi Styler speaks out

Trudi Styler, the woman who brought Madonna and Guy together spoke about them to Access Hollywood this week:

'They're both dear friends of mine and all good things sometimes come to an end. I'm sad when great things come to an end, but they both need to recapture their lives. I think they're destined to become great pals. They're both big enough people to become great friends in time and I'm sure that they will for the sake of their kids, if nothing else.'

Who does your roots?

Madonna must want to look her best as she weathers the paparazzi storm following her divorce news. A few days before she and hubby Guy Ritchie announced their split, the ambitious blond ran into golden-tressed crooner Ron Abel and asked, 'Who does your roots?' Word is Abel, who wowed the crowd at Birdland Monday night, pointed her to color guru Warren Tricomi at the Plaza Hotel.

From Rush & Molloy / NY Daily News

Gwyneth Paltrow: I'm there for Madonna

Gwyneth Paltrow is helping her friend Madonna through breakup of her marriage.
The actress told reporters that she's supporting the pop star following Wednesday's announcement that she's separated from filmmaker-husband Guy Ritchie.
'She's a very good friend. I'm supporting her in all the ways that I can. I'm just there for her. I speak to her a lot,' Paltrow said as she attended the premiere of her film 'Two Lovers' at London's Film Festival.

From Associated Press Via Yahoo! News

The Lost Madonna Tapes

More than two decades ago in a Queens basement, Madonna recorded music that's never before been released. Listen to it in a Daily Beast exclusive by Andrew Morton.
Madonna biographer Andrew Morton offers a previously unreleased tape that includes Madonna singing some of the first ever songs she wrote. The tape was made by Ed Gilroy and his brother Dan, Madonna’s ex-boyfriend, who lived with the singer in the basement of a Queens synagogue.
The audio below is a combination of Madonna's acceptance speech when she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year, interspersed with her early recordings. Says Morton, 'It is sweet and raw. It signifies to me how far she has come, a reminder of the explosion of talent.'
The lost tapes begins with Madonna and Dan in bed. She’s encouraging him to go running. It then cuts to her speech where Madonna says how she was fortunate to have people like Dan Gilroy who believed in her. Then flashback back 27 years.... 'I’m going to strangle him,' she joked before breaking out into one of the songs, 'Born to be a Dancer.'

Listen to the tape below and read the full story online at

Liz Rosenberg: No settlement yet

Madonna's divorce settlement with her estranged husband Guy Ritchie has yet to be finalized, the singer's publicist said Sunday.
The Sun and The Mail on Sunday reported that the two had struck a deal over their finances and how to split their property. The Mail also reported that they had agreed to a custody arrangement for the couple's children.
In a brief e-mail message sent to The Associated Press, Liz Rosenberg said she would not be commenting on media reports that the pop star and her film director husband had reached or were about to agree on how to share the couple's multimillion dollar fortune and custody of their children.
'I will not be commenting on the various reports regarding the divorce or of the settlement which has not been finalized,' Rosenberg said. A statement from Guy Ritchie's representatives in London also declined comment.
Madonna and Ritchie announced their separation Wednesday after nearly eight years of marriage and Britain's tabloid press has speculated wildly on the outcome of the high-profile split.

From Associated Press Via Yahoo! News

Filth and Wisdom available 'on-demand'

In the United States, Filth and Wisdom is now available for instant viewing on most digital cable service provider's 'On Demand' menu.

Most American digital cable subscribers should find the film available for a 24-hour rental in both SD and HD format along with other movies that are currently available for On Demand viewing.

The film will be available for instant viewing until Tuesday 20 January 2009.

Thanks to Robert

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Boston Fan Pictures - Part 2

madonnalicious reader Dan sent in this report and pictures from the second Boston show on Thursday 16 October - to read other fan reports from both Boston shows visit the Fan Reviews section.

Despite the recent news, M seemed to be in a pretty good mood. She was very talkative with the audience and really seemed to be enjoying herself. She brought her Musical Director (who is from Boston) out on stage for the request song. His mother was in the audience and M asked him what his mother would like to hear. He said she wanted to hear Express Yourself, so that was the request song. There were a lot of people with Dress You Up signs and I saw some with Cherish signs that when M say them, she said something like 'Cherish - no way.'
She got an incredible response from the crowd for Devil Wouldn't Recognize You and in particular, an extended ovation for You Must Love Me. It seemed to me the crowd was showing her their support in regards to the divorce.
M actually took a spill during La Isla Bonita/Lela Pala Tute with her legs coming out from under her. Looked like she slipped on something and she just laid right down on her back. She played it off pretty well though and just got right back up.

Eugene Hutz shares his Filth and Wisdom

Jenni Miller from interviewed Eugene Hutz, one of the stars of Filth and Wisdom about his work and of course working with Madonna:

So what was it like the first time you met Madonna?
Thing is that we met very casually because there was no managers and agents involved, and that pretty much set up the vibe for the rest of the things we collaborated on. That's probably the best way to approach anybody, really. I dunno. I mean, we had some friends in common before that, so I wasn't necessarily, you know, taken by so much surprise. Every time we [Gogol Bordello] played in London, there was a rumor she would be coming to our show, something like that, and eventually it happened.

To read the rest of the interview visit

Liz Smith speaks

US columnist Liz Smith always champions Madonna in her newspaper columns - here are extracts of two of her columns taking a non-sensationalist view of the happenings of last week:

'My concerts are always my escape. I get onstage and I just forget everything but the music and the audience. The minute the lights go out, I’m back to....well, reality.'
That was Madonna, Monday night, at the after-party celebrating the premiere of her film directorial début, the offbeat and often charming 'Filth and Wisdom.'
Madonna, beautiful but perilously slender in a modest black frock, did not elaborate on her current 'reality.' Perhaps she did not need to. Conspicuously absent was her husband, director Guy Ritchie.

To read the rest of this article visit

On Wednesday my phone rang off the hook. Everybody wanted to know what I thought about Madonna and Guy Ritchie splitting up; and why is the media still interested in her? (I love it when even the press asks the press why we are all covering something.)
Well, of course there is the normal interest in celeb bad news. But no matter how often the media says, 'She’s over,' she’s not. Madonna is still, all in all, THE global celebrity after a quarter century in the spotlight.

To read the rest of this article visit