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Sticky & Sweet Tour: Budva

Here is the official TV footage filmed during the opening section of the show in Budva, Montenegro last night. It shows how the turntable which her throne was on failed to turn in time for Madonna's opening lines of Candy Shop - leaving the audience - and probably Madonna bemused!

Thanks to Mo


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I like both... if u didn't know there was a problem IE no spoilers you would think she started singing before the spin round..cant wait for it on DVD ; 0 )


Hahahaha OH GOD!!! I was at the right side of the main stage (left when you watch from the audience's side), some 2 meters from the stage itself, and I KNEW that the turntable was supposed to turn earlier, but I thought "hey, maybe she changed it from the promo tour and sings now the first line while we don't see her".... but she was G R E A T!!!!


She always seems to perform better when she is pissed off. This is the most energetic of all the videos I have seen of the opening so far.

Alex Lambros

I was only meters away from the stage and I noticed the problem with the turntable at the opening of the show, but I doubt audience realised that there was something wrong, since the problem was solved in a minute (I think I have even seen the man who popped out at the stage from somewhere trying to push the stacked turntable) ... the show was AMAZING :))) so happy we had chance to see her in Montenegro!


Haha, funny! But what's that on her leg?

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