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Watch Madonna's Get Stupid Video Now

Fans now watch the full Get Stupid video from the Sticky & Sweet Tour at

The 'Get Stupid' video featured as an interlude during Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet' show is now available from the 'videos' section of the site. Madonna wanted to share the important message from this video with everyone. Please pass it on.

To view the video visit

Thanks to Dean

Downloads: Madonna Central Podcast

Matt from the Madonna Central Podcast - a downloadable update on all the latest Madonna news - has just completed Episode 18 of the Madonna Central Podcast.

In this episode, fans can expect to hear quite a lot regarding tour merchandise as well as a comparison between the Sticky & Sweet Tour and The Confessions Tour. Along with the discussions, my co-presenter and I throw in comical stories tied into what we are discussing.

The links to the podcasts are as follows:
Podcast Main Page:
Madonna Central On iTunes:

Ticketmaster advice about poor sound/views

UK ticket site Ticketmaster have published this advice to those fans that experienced bad sound or seating positions at Wembley Stadium:

Following consultation with the event organisers, we have been advised that if you wish to raise a concern about the sound quality at the show or your seating position (having watched the show from the seats confirmed to you at the time of booking), you should submit your complaint to where it will be acknowledged and managed.
If you were relocated into alternative seats and were not satisfied with your new seat location, please submit a complaint to Ticketmaster via the 'Ask A Question' tab at
If your seats appeared to be covered up when you got to them and you were turned away by Wembley staff, again please submit a complaint via the 'Ask A Question' tab including details of who informed you that there were no seats for you to sit in.
Following the above guidelines will ensure that your complaint reaches the correct department and receives a response and resolution as quickly as possible.

Thanks to Poptart

Sticky & Sweet Tour Continues to Shatter Records

Here is the latest press release from Madonna's tour promoters Live Nation:

The Material Girl does it again! With a sell-out crowd of over 74,000 fans and a gross of over 12 million USD, Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour easily surpassed all previous grosses at both the old and the new Wembley Stadiums.
This record breaking performance adds another first following last week's confirmation that Madonna's Zurich performance in front of 72,000 fans was the largest audience ever for a concert in Switzerland. With upcoming European sell-outs in Lisbon, Paris and Athens, the beat definitely does go on and Sticky & Sweet is certainly destined to be the tour of the year.
But it's not just Europe that is enthralled by the world's tastiest sweetheart. In South America fan demand has been so great that multiple dates have now been confirmed everywhere dates were announced, resulting in three performances in Buenos Aires, two in Santiago and Rio de Janeiro and a final three performances in Sao Paulo before the tour wraps up on December 21st.
The North American continent is no exception. Sticky & Sweet kicks off October 4th in New York with over 66,500 tickets sold for five consecutive sold out arena performances including one at New Jersey's Izod Center and four Madison Square Garden events before heading throughout the US and Canada and culminating in Mexico City where Madonna's two Sticky & Sweet concerts November 29th & 30th sold out in record time.

London Soundcheck Pictures

Some Hot Ticket fans managed to catch a glimpse of Madonna performing her soundcheck before the Wembley Stadium concert on Thursday.

While the fans were kept in the waiting area before being released into the stadium they could peek between the curtains and watch Madonna on stage!

madonnalicious reader sparkola was one of the lucky ones and managed to take these two pictures.

Madonna good, Wembley not so good....

madonnalicious has received many fan reports from the Thursday night show at Wembley Stadium - and it seems a case of how much you enjoyed the show depended where you sat (or stood) - and how successful you were on getting onto public transport to get home.

We had glowing reviews from fans in the gold circle (madonnalicious was in the gold circle and the sound was fine there), but those seated on the sides or at the back had trouble hearing and/or seeing the full staging of the show. It seems that this problem has just been distinct to Wembley Stadium as other Sticky & Sweet Tour stadium shows had great reviews.

Here are a selection of fan reports - to read the full reviews and more visit the London Fan Reviews section:

From Adam:
The sound check ran late, so we didn't go in until almost six. They told us we would be let in twenty minutes before everyone else in the stadium, then wait at the gates before going onto the pitch.
For us, there was never a moment of confusion. Staff were so helpful, they even told us EXACTLY how long we had to wait inside and directed us to the bars and toilets for our 'last go' before we were let in.
It was just an amazing experience....until the train station closed but that is just poor planning by transport not having enough services.
We were right up the front for the first set then moved to the back of the gold circle where the view was even better! Being up the front was fun, but if you want to see the show go back about ten metres!

From Aidan:
I have been a Madonna fan for over 25 years and have gone to all her concerts. Last night I was seated to the right of the stage. There were no screens that were visible and you could not hear her. Everyone seated towards the back were walking out of the concert after the first three songs due to them not been able to see or hear her.
I would interested to know anyone else suffered a similar experience.

From Andy:
We were at Wembley last night in the Gold see our all time favourite! Yes she was good, BUT the sound was terrible in places.
During Into The Groove you could not hear her for the heavy bass, and when ever she spoke it was very distorted. For some one of her stature you dont expect this but we had a good night.

From Flavio:
Basically I just came back from Wembley and couldn't wait to share with you guys how excited I (still) am.
Madonna was just 'superb'. She got confused with the words of Like A Prayer....can you believe it?
She also thank God that it didn't 'fucking' rain. I was at the pitch standing and I did fell some drops though.
It was a blast. She was unbelievable amazing.

From Lucius:
The Madonna concert in London last night was amazing. Highlights for me were the Britney video – even though I seemed to be the only one screaming – Borderline, which visibly made Madonna happy, and Heartbeat, which was stunning and had perfect sound. Furthermore, You Must Love Me proved that Madonna's voice gets more technical with age, the Like a Prayer mix was even better than the original, the Give It To Me routine is so innovative, and the art direction for Devil was breathtaking.
The show was beautiful. Madonna is a legend. So are her legs.

From Matt:
I went to the show last night and was incredibly disappointed. We had tickets in the upper level - I've been to the last four tours and have had closer seats so wasn't expecting it to be as great an experience of course - but it wasn't any experience at all - we were up top left as you faced the stage, and I am absolutely certain something was not right about the sound - we could barely hear Madonna half of the time - every time she spoke you could see everyone looking at each other to see if it was just them. Some songs were unrecognisable until the chorus - it sounded like we had our ears full of water.

From Tracy:
Fabulous as ever, I'll be honest I wasn't expecting too much as I'm not crazy about the Hard Candy CD but she blew me away yet again. The opening song was fabulous, great entrance, the whole thing was spectacular.
Loved the reworking of Vogue and Borderline. Like A Prayer was also fabulous. The only bit I didn't like was the end of the gypsy section. You Must Love Me was beautiful, felt very honest and personal.

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Wembley Speech

Here is a clip filmed by madonnalicious reader Alejandro of Madonna's speech and acapella Express Yourself during the show at London's Wembley Stadium on Thursday night.

Madonna said: 'I would like to thank God and all my friends because it didn't f*cking rain! And you can take that 40% chance of rain and stick it up your arse!

Many fans attempted to get Madonna to sing Gambler instead of Express Yourself. A4 pieces of paper with GAMBLER printed on them were handed round the gold circle and lots of fans held them high - Madonna even acknowledged them when she saw them by saying: 'You see I can't even remember the words to that one....I can't even remember the words to my new ones you may have noticed!'

All the details on Guy Ritchie's candlelit 40th party

UK newspaper the Daily Mirror published a report about what it was like inside Guy's 40th birthday party at The Punchbowl in London:

He's used to downing pints with dodgy geezers in spit 'n' sawdust boozers, but it was all lovely candles and posh wine for Guy Ritchie's 40th birthday bash.
Any guests expecting a rough and ready night at the dogs or a jellied eel blow-out on the Essex coast were bitterly disappointed.
It may have been held in a pub, but Madonna made sure her RocknRolla husband's party was a soft, feminine affair.
Well, she and Guy do own the place, so it's not like they had to bribe the landlord. She transformed the Punchbowl in Mayfair for the exclusive party this week - and we even sneaked in for a bit.

To read the rest of the article visit

Gywneth and Kate left open-mouthed at Madonna show

Even A-list friends who've experienced Madonna's dedication to fitness up close were amazed. Gwyneth Paltrow, her occasional gym buddy, and Kate Hudson watched in amazement as the queen of pop put on a high-octane show worthy of someone half her age at London's Wembley Stadium.
Wearing a white silk top hat, high-cut leotard, fishnet tights and leather stiletto boots, the Material Girl danced, skipped and generally dazzled her way through the two-hour extravaganza.
Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Prince Kyril of Bulgaria's wife Rosario were also among the 40,000-strong audience.
Madonna - who left husband Guy Ritchie's 40th birthday party at 10pm the previous evening in readiness for Thursday's show - arrived on stage in a vintage white American car.
The 50-year-old then ran through most of the hits from her career divided into the themes Gypsy, Rave and Pimp. A section called Old School also paid tribute to her roots in the urban dance music of early Eighties New York.

To view the funny picture of Gwyneth and Kate open-mouthed visit

Wembley Stadium event-only tshirt

The hottest item of merchandise on sale at the Wembley Stadium Sticky & Sweet show last night was this event-only tshirt.

The tshirt had one of the standard Tom Munro tour shots on the front but had Union Jack flag coloured event details and sold out on the reverse - a nice piece of memorablia for fans to collect!

Don't forget that all other merchandise can also be bought online at

Madonna dismisses London show controversy

Pop superstar Madonna has dismissed controversy over her recent London concert - insisting the late start was within the venue's guidelines.
The holiday hitmaker was due to begin her show at the city's Wembley Stadium on Thursday at 8:30pm - but she didn't launch into her first song until 9:10pm, meaning the two-hour event ran late.
Madonna now reportedly faces a fine from the venue, as artists are given a 10:30pm curfew to help local public transport systems cope with the large numbers of concert-goers all exiting at the same time.
Last year British singer George Michael was fined $240,000 (GBP130,000) when his Wembley gig over-ran by 13 minutes.
But a spokesperson for the star insists that the rules are not binding, telling British publication The London Paper, 'Stage times are only guidelines.'
The singer has also come under fire for the poor sound quality at the gig, with many fans complaining that they could not hear most of their favourite songs.
But the representative insists there was nothing wrong with the equipment, saying, 'I was at the gig and the sound was fine.'


Vote: MTV European Music Awards

The Europe Music Awards are set to take place on 6th November 2008 in Liverpool and nominee voting is now open.

Voting is open to the public – fans can vote for their favourite artist to become one of the Top 5 nominees. Madonna can be nominated in the Best Act Ever, Most Addictive Track, Headliner and Album of the Year categories.

The voting for nominations takes place at

Wembley Stadium Sticky & Sweet Tour Times

Here are the official times for tomorrows Sticky & Sweet concert at London's Wembley Stadium.

Doors - 5:00pm
Paul Oakenfold - 7:00pm
Madonna - 8:30pm

There is a curfew that the venue must adhere to which comes into effect at 10:30pm as the stadium is in a residential area.

Please remember that although the stadium has a roof, this ONLY covers the seated areas - if it unfortunately rains those standing on the pitch will get be prepared!

DJ Enferno on the Sticky & Sweet Tour

Eric Jao, a U.S. disc jockey known as D.J. Enferno, has joined Madonna's 2008 'Sticky & Sweet' world tour, his representatives said.
Jao will be appearing with Madonna in all 43 scheduled 'Sticky & Sweet' shows, including her European dates, the U.S. leg of the tour and the Nov. 29-30 gigs in Mexico City.
'There's no greater satisfaction than when I'm up there making the whole crowd move. I'm an artist and D.J. at heart,' Jao said in a statement.
The disc jockey has performed at Mur.Mur at The Borgata in Atlantic City, Shrine at the MGM Grand in Foxwoods and several other venues throughout the United States, Jao's representatives at Moodswing360 said Monday.
'Onstage, Enferno has already been flexing his championship skills throughout (Madonna's) European stadium dates by using his unique scratching and effecting skills and by utilizing turntables as musical instruments,' Moodswing360 said in a news release. 'The 'Sticky & Sweet' tour is scheduled to start its U.S. leg on Oct. 3 at the Izod Arena in New Jersey, followed by a run of dates at New York's Madison Square Garden beginning Oct. 6. Additionally, Enferno, in collaboration with Madonna's musical director, Kevin Antunes, helped remix a number of classic and new tracks performed throughout the tour.'


Madonna dedicates song to the Pope in Rome

Madonna has courted controversy at a concert in Rome by dedicating her hit song Like A Virgin to the Pope.
'I dedicate this song to the Pope, because I'm a child of God,' she told 60,000 fans in the Italian capital. 'All of you are also children of God.'
Two years ago, the 50-year-old was criticised by the Catholic Church for staging a mock crucifixion at a concert in the city's Olympic Stadium.
But Italian newspapers gave Saturday's concert warm reviews.
'At the Roman leg of her tour, Madonna didn't miss the opportunity for a provocation that will certainly be discussed,' Corriere della Sera said on its front page.
Madonna has a long history of using religious imagery in her performances, with her 1989 video for the song Like A Prayer featuring burning crosses, statues crying blood and Madonna seducing a black Jesus.
The singer kicked off her Sticky & Sweet tour last month in Cardiff, and will play Wembley Stadium in London on 11 September.
She crosses the Atlantic in October, playing four dates at New York's Madison Square Garden before ending the tour in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on 18 December.

From BBC News

Ritchie works to a Madonna soundtrack

Cast and crewmembers on Guy Ritchie's new movie RockNRolla were forced to listen to his wife Madonna's hits on a loop between shooting scenes.
The movie's star Gerard Butler claims everyone grew tired of listening the Material Girl's greatest hits on the London set of the gangster film.
Butler says, 'He doesn't want to admit it but he plays her music all the time. We were going always going crazy on set to Holiday and Vogue.'


Sticky & Sweet Tour: Rome Fan Report

madonnalicious reader Francesco has sent in this report about his experiences at last nights show at the Olympic Stadium in Rome:

The concert started at 9:15pm sharp, as indicated on the entry ticket. She was in great mood and shape, after the initial Candy Shop she yelled the magic words 'Ciao Italia!' and the crowd of over 60,000 roared their warmest welcome.
She told the audience that she was very happy to be there, that she was feeling all the love coming to her and that she wanted to give it back as well. The crowd's (and mine as well) favourites have been La Isla Bonita and Like A Prayer.
Loads of applause also during the 'politics' video interlude when Obama and JFK appeared on screen.
A special moment came when she dedicated Like A Virgin (almost entirely sang by the crowd) ' the Pope. I know he loves me, because I am a child of God', she stated with pride.
Overall a great show, less theatrical than the previous ones, with great remixes of the oldies and fantastic choreography. I wish she interacted more with the crowd, whom she obviously had at her feet, just to make the event completely and even more unforgettable.

'Yes, I love Madonna!' declares Guy

Guy Ritchie didn't have Madonna on his arm at the 'RocknRolla' after-party Thursday night but he made one thing explicitly clear: they're still very much together and very much in love.
'Yes, I love Madonna!' Ritchie declared in a let-me-spell-this-out-for-you moment as he raised both his index fingers in the air.
The 39-year-old writer-director, dogged by rumours that he and Madge have called it quits, seemed rather relaxed as he posed for photographers and chatted with reporters on the red carpet.
Maybe it's because Ritchie didn't have to wait an hour for his tardy wife like at the London premiere - when Madge rushed back from her tour to meet him.
Or maybe it's because the director's new gangster flick is getting some pretty decent reviews.
Either way, Ritchie knows he's back and he had the swagger to prove it.