UK Press: Guy's 40th Birthday Night Out
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All the details on Guy Ritchie's candlelit 40th party

UK newspaper the Daily Mirror published a report about what it was like inside Guy's 40th birthday party at The Punchbowl in London:

He's used to downing pints with dodgy geezers in spit 'n' sawdust boozers, but it was all lovely candles and posh wine for Guy Ritchie's 40th birthday bash.
Any guests expecting a rough and ready night at the dogs or a jellied eel blow-out on the Essex coast were bitterly disappointed.
It may have been held in a pub, but Madonna made sure her RocknRolla husband's party was a soft, feminine affair.
Well, she and Guy do own the place, so it's not like they had to bribe the landlord. She transformed the Punchbowl in Mayfair for the exclusive party this week - and we even sneaked in for a bit.

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