World record smashed....all for Madonna!
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Dont you think its funny how the press/news,had us believe that there marriage was over...that was false...the A-rod story was false,but not one press/news has come out to say they where dead wrong?..Then there are really bad pics of her..which were doctored pics to make her look bad...I live in califoria, just by luck,I was in michigan visiting my mother,and we heard she was going to be in traverse city MI, we are both big fans, so off we went,she was so kind and sweet, and trust me she looks amazing..there are a lot of jealous people out there, and i do agree they want her tour to fail, or not do as well as her last tour, then they can talk there crap,any way just had to put my two cents in...MADONNA YOU ROCK!!!

Andrew Filipe

Their criticism of Madonna was far too vulgar and derogatory to be at all constructive. I agree with Aida Edemariam that their disdain for Madonna is largely because she no longer fits into their narrow view of the feminist ideal. They feel slighted, so they have made their attacks personal. It's like "how dare Madonna not live up to our expectations of her!" And the irony is that they used to love her precisely for her refusal to give in to societal expectations of how a woman should be.


I agree. These ladies don't know what they are talking about. At least Madonna knows what she wants in life, she didn't sit on her arse all day and think every thing will happen over night.She's worked damn fucking hard to where she is today. I would just like to say how many Artists out there has had a amazing music career as Madonna know one i don't think? she's a natural been in the music industry for 25 years she's 5-0 and still going amazingly strong, good on her.Those feminst don't know what the fuck they are talking about, the fucking bitches. Why don't they just keep there mouths shut the more the better i agree.


Calling all Madonna fans – are you sick of having to listen to people tell you how ‘haggard’ and ‘past it’ our Madge is? Do you think Madonna, one of the sexiest stars ever, looks fantastic at 50, and that all these haters around need to be put in their place? Just takes a look at this group called “Madonna, pick ya fanny up off the floor and go and look after ya kids”. It has over 2000 members, check it out:

I think it’s disgusting and yet another example of people criticising Madonna for not conforming to the established rules of sexual behaviour in our society: namely that a woman must not be allowed to be sexy (even though she is) as she ages. Please join me in a show of solidarity by joining my group called “Face it: Madonna looks fantastic and you know it” by clicking on the link below:



jealous haters! what's funny is Madonna personifies the modern ideal of feminism to a T. She beats to her own drum, makes her own money, doesn't have to ever rely on a man. She's strong, smart, sexually confident and relevant. These ladies criticisng her are silly bitches.

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