Sticky & Sweet Tour: madonnalicious report
Ritchie: My wife is fit!


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The entire Hard Candy project seems a little forced. It's not surprising to hear comments that she doesn't seem happy.


I think that Madonna is the best singer in the world. I love her!!!!. She is the best!!!

Mark Price

I think you are being too kind and a little bias towards madonna on this one. I have been her biggest fan for years and along with a hell of a lot of people at the opening night feel let down. Yes by anyone's standards it was a great show but notby Madonna's. She did not smile at anytime through the show and did not look like she was enjoying herself. All the costumes were black, where were al the dance routines? no interaction with the audience, and you failed to mention he restless croud booing before she came on!!
Never thought i would say this, but could Kylie be our nw queen??

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