Desperate Housewives get Madonna's Fever
Sticky & Sweet Tour: Cardiff Fan Pictures - Part 4

Sticky & Sweet Tour Ticket Winner Report

Here is a tour report from madonnalicious Cardiff ticket give-away winner Ravi:

Having been a lucky madonnalicious reader to have won tickets to the opening night I thought I’d let you all know how it was - and let me tell you it was one of the most stickiest shows Madonna’s ever done! From start to finish she strummed, skipped and strutted her stuff across the stage in some of her most sexiest costumes to date! Tied in with all the amazing choreography, props and stunning videos the show felt like experiencing a 2 hour sugar rush inside Madonna’s wild candy store!
Some of the highlights included the blinged up opening number, a sexy rendition of Vogue/4 Minutes, a tongue-in-cheek performance of She’s Not Me where Madonna got all bitchy with....well....herself, the amazingly re-worked Like a Prayer, and of course the crazy finale of Give it 2 Me! But that wasn’t it, there were plenty of surprises and sneaky cameo appearances along the way to tickle even the most discerned of taste-buds!
Cardiff was buzzing with Madonna themed bars and the crowds were electric - the late start the press seem to be reporting on only made her grand entrance even more incredible and worthwhile! There were a few slight vocal glitches where her voice didn’t amplify on time but nothing major at all, everything just seemed so perfectly rehearsed and coordinated to every last detail.
All in all a sweet visual feast for the eyes and ears, with Madonna once again surpassing all expectations and retaining her title as the undisputable Queen of Pop!


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Hot. Great promo. Go Ladies. They live up to the heat of the song.

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