Sticky & Sweet Tour: Cardiff Fan Pictures - Part 3
A closer look at the Sticky & Sweet Tour stage

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Cardiff Fan Reports

Here are a few highlights of madonnalicous readers reports from the opening night show of the Sticky & Sweet Tour in Cardiff - to read the full reports visit Cardiff - Fan Reports:

From Chris:
Have to say it was an amazing concert and would not believe that was a 50 year old woman on stage – she worked her butt off! As for her not turning up until 9pm.....errr isn’t that what time she normally comes on – I didn’t think for one minute before going in that she would come on before 9pm – and whats this about the booo’ing, I must have been so into chatting to other Madonna fans sharing stories etc and drinking and having a good time to hear any of that!
Great to hearing 'Borderline' live – not since The Virgin Tour nearly 24 years ago, 'Music' was fab, 'She’s Not Me' looked great, 'You Must Love Me' blew me away, great dancing in 'Into The Groove' and 'Vogue' and the best version of 'Like A Prayer' EVER!

From Kevin:
As for the show itself can't remember much, it went far too quick! After seeing her now nine times on various tours, Madonna was good, very polished, as you would expect from Madonna. Very disaponited that she didn't interact much with the crowd though. Best part of the show was for me the gypsy section....loved it. Not the best show but good.

From Marek:
There was no information telling us what time the concert starts, if there was any supporting act or what time Madonna would come on stage. Guy Oseary was mingling with the crowd, some cameramen some dancers etc....Security staff told us She would on stage at 7p.m. then 7.30p.m. etc. Thank God for the cups of water they gave out for the crowd as the thirst was coming up.
And yet again, the concert was magnificent, it's the packaging of it that really needs to be revised for the future venues, please.

From Nick:
Overall I'd say wow what a show, as yet again, Madonna's delivered. The Hard Candy tracks sounded brilliant live, and with the exception of Spanish Lesson, really stood their own next to the various classics alongside them. There was a good balance of old hits (even 80s ones!) that the whole stadium loved and as ever her performance was incredibly energetic, and one that a lot of artists half her age couldn't carry off.
She looked stunning as well - beautiful close up and really toned. Wasn't sure about the fringe though! Check out people's pics to see what I mean. Thought the sound was awesome too - yes my ears hurt a little, but isn't that the kind of volume it should be?! I hate going to a show and standing there wanting to grab the volume control and turn it up. For a stadium too I thought it was particularly good and clear - guess the roof helps!

From Paul:
WOW! Yes she was a little late but it was definitely worth it. I've seen all the tours in the UK and this was M at her best - she looked great. Loving the costumes, the reworked 'Borderline' and 'Like A Prayer' and some of the best choreography we have seen from Madge in years!

From Volkan:
Overall I thought it was the most energetic M show I've ever seen! She dances a lot and she cannot do more physically.
The Die Another Day video was again on of the highlights. That video will be the bedtime stories of RIT and everyone will want to have it - like NOW!
Old School section was so much fun - very colourful and probably the most energetic part of the show M skipping and dancing. I loved Into The Groove and Heartbeat. Her guitar playing in Borderline was one of her best performances, she seemed to have really improved.
You Must Love Me was very simple but AMAZING. Was another highlight of the show and she sounded flawless! Absolutely loved it.


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I was there and the atmosphere was electric. It looked quite full to me especially in the seated areas upstairs. Oh and the booing was when the crowd were trying to get mexican waves going and the right hand side of the stadium wasnn't taking part, so it was directed at them in jest not at madonna's late arrival. I think it is expected tht she will be on around 9, and the stuards told me as i arrived that she was on for 8.30 so we only waited for 30 mins.


come on girl...been to cardiff and the showing was absolutely fab. thumbs up for u madge, the crowd was very receptive. however, i do still believe that with confessions madonna herself set so high expectations that now it's damn hard to reach. but she did a good job and she delivered as usual. costumes were fantastic and
music incredible. (oht isma ibghatli cream ax andi oxxi jughani)..inhobbok oht - kemm jien gakbina maaaaaaaaa


Why was she late??? She's usually never late. How disrespectful to the people who paid good money to see her.


I was there, and the stadium was practically my review on the Fan Reports section. The fans were there and they all loved it, the crowd was so involved, people around me were jumping, excited, and loving the show. What the papers say is always rubbish anyway ;) they love dissing our Madge, dont they?

Jason Madonna Fiddaman

The tour was amazing. I enjoyed everything, the only problem was that there was too many people from the older generation in the audience, who did not get up and dance.
The tour was amazing, Madonna proved that she is still the worlds greatest megastar and indeed Queen of the World.


overall good concert, but a bit disappointed. It was definitely not as good as Confessions Tour. Felt costumes and sets were basic. Madonna lip synced and sung along to back tracks and was not on for that long compared to other artists eg Kylie who was on for 2.5 hours and definitely didnt interact with the crowd. There was also plenty of room in the standing area, definitely not sold out or full. At the end a sign came up Game Over - no big finale like Hung up


according to several sources she sold 40,000 tickets out of the 52,000 seats capacity. So, yes, Cardiff wasn't sold out but that's the least of my worry to be quite honest. the concert seems such a mind blower and it all what matters to me... And as for the comparison with the atmosphere in cardiff two years ago for Confessions, it's so stupidly random and out of context! This year Cardiff was the opening night and most of her opening nights have seen her to be distant from the crowd because I believe she must have focused and made sure everything run smoothly, she usually always opens up as she goes through the tour so the comment's completely irrelevant!


you were all there, right? Please tell me is it true that the atmosphere was empty and down compared to one on CONFESSIONS TOUR, and that there were lot of empty seats, cause on sunday morning i found some very diturbing articles titled like "THE SUPERSTAR IS PERFORMING BUT WHERE ARE THE FANS" claiming that only half of the tickets were sold. IS IT TRULY POSSIBLE TO HAVE HAPPEND THAT????pleace tell me, i need to know.

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