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UK Press: First Night in Cardiff

Madonna's opening night Sticky & Sweet Tour concert in Cardiff was featured heavily in todays UK newspapers - below are scans from the Sunday Express, The Mail On Sunday and The Observer.

Madonna's only poor reviews are from fans complaining that she did not come on-stage until just after 09:00pm (since when did she ever come on stage before then?!) and that she did not play all her classic songs (this was a concert to promote the Hard Candy album!).

Sunday Express The Mail On Sunday The Observer

Madonna raves on as tour begins

Madonna has begun her new world tour in Cardiff, proving to fans that she can still cut it on stage at the age of 50.
In a typically energetic performance, the pop superstar played two hours of hits from her 25-year career.
It featured radically reworked versions of some of her old favourites, such as a techno remix of Like A Prayer and a rock take on Borderline.
'She gets better with age,' said Lewis Aldous, 23, from Brentwood, Essex.
He said Madonna looked 'incredible', adding: 'She looks like she's in her 30s. This is the most fast-paced tour of recent times, especially Like A Prayer.'
Maria Paradisis, 32, who travelled from Sydney, Australia, for the show, said Madonna's dancing was 'mesmerising'.
'She can still shake it like she's a 20-year-old,' she said.
But some fans at the Millennium Stadium were not so happy with her latest reinvention.
'She didn't do any of the traditional stuff that everyone loves her for,' said Susan Harvey from Cardiff.
'For £85 a ticket, I was really disappointed.'
Danielle Wheeler, 26, said she was 'not as good as Kylie', while Stephanie Olokopa, 20, from London, gave the show six out of 10.
'She was late and she didn't even thank the people,' she said.
Madonna appeared on a jewel-encrusted black leather throne with the letter M written on its back.
Opening with Candy Store, the first track of her latest album Hard Candy, the Pimp section was characterised by revealing and risque black outfits for Madonna and her troupe.
When a classic white convertible rolled on, it took Madonna and her dancers out into the crowd, with Madonna donning the driver's white top hat before pushing the car back.
The intricately planned visual spectacle was as potent as the music, and Madonna is the master at using colour, costume and choreography to full effect.
She was raised on podium for Vogue with four female dancers wearing long black gloves and boots and very little else.
After that, it was into the Old School segment - intended to evoke her 1980s New York roots - with Madonna appearing in red shorts, pop socks and a skipping rope, surrounded by the kids from Fame.
Into the Groove was the first of her '80s hits to be updated, backed by heavy bass and trance piano.
She then picked up a guitar for Borderline, backed by a more conventional rock band set-up.
The star donned heart-shaped sunglasses for She's Not Me, from her latest album, with her old videos flashing up behind her.
When four dancers appeared as Madonna at various stages of her career, the singer went on to abuse them before indulging in some very frenetic, angry dancing.
With her long, wavy blonde hair, fit physique and endless stamina, she doesn't look too dissimilar to the Madonna of a couple of decades ago.
The Gypsy segment began with Madonna in a black cloak writhing on top of a black piano, before her dancers donned hooded robes for Spanish Lesson.
They then ripped off the cloaks to reveal shiny, gaudy shirts and indulge in some flamenco-style dancing.
Not everything quite made sense - but it looked quite good, and that, you suspect, is what matters to Madonna.
With her dazzling friends, she went on to play a Europop version of La Isla Bonita, complete with big, bearded violinist in a sequined shirt.
The final section was Rave, which started with a pair of sparkly American football shoulder pads for her recent hit 4 Minutes.
It then turned into a full-on rave as the queen of pop played thumping techno versions of Like A Prayer and Ray Of Light.
During Like A Prayer, screens behind her flashed the names of sacred figures from various religions and quotes from holy texts.
Most of the crowd seemed to lap up the pumped-up dance remixes.
But as she strummed guitar in a skin-tight silver top, surrounded by futuristic creatures during Ray of Light, lasers firing over her head, it was tempting to think that maybe she should calm down just a bit.
The entire night had the feel of a giant nightclub - and that is something that some purists didn't like.
But heavy beats made the more mediocre new songs more passable, and the momentum was maintained by non-stop music even when she was off stage.
With wailing thrash metal guitars at end of Hung Up, Madonna posed, hand on hip, seemingly satisfied with her night's work.
Now she's hit 50, she seems even more determined to prove that she doesn't stand still, and she certainly doesn't slow down.

From BBC News By Ian Youngs

Madonna kicks off world tour in Cardiff

'Queen of pop' Madonna kicked off her 'Sticky & Sweet' world tour in the Welsh city of Cardiff on Saturday, entering the stage on a throne before performing 'Candy Shop' to around 40,000 screaming fans.
The U.S. singer, who turned 50 a week ago, defied her age with high-energy dance routines. She wore a black leotard-style outfit designed by French fashion house Givenchy and black, knee-length boots.
For her second number, 'Beat Goes On', she drove along the stage catwalk in a white car from which she emerged wearing a white top hat.
U.S. rappers Pharrell Williams and Kanye West, who featured on her latest chart-topping album 'Hard Candy', appeared in video clips, as did Britney Spears.
Madonna will be hoping to shatter her own record for the highest-grossing tour ever by a female artist and prove that the musical master of reinvention still has what it takes to pull in crowds young and old.
'She's got the physique, the music. To us, at 52, she's an inspiration to go on,' said Diane, a fan from Cardiff.
At the other end of the age scale, nine-year-old Milly added: 'I think she's really good and I'd like to be like her.'
According to tour promoters Live Nation, who recently sig,

In Cardiff she was due to play a set of around 20 songs which span her pop career of nearly three decades, including 'Like A Prayer', 'Into The Groove' and 'Hung Up'.
'Sticky & Sweet' comprises some 50 dates and is due to wrap up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 18.

From Reuters via Yahoo! News

Sticky & Sweet Tour Merchandise Revealed

The official online retailer for Madonna merchandise has revealed the full range of Sticky & Sweet Tour merchandise - and what a lot of candy there is for fans to choose from.

The tour book featuring brand new pictures, plenty of tshirts, a new version of the tracksuit top that was so popular last tour, badges, mugs, glasses, sweatbands and a whole lot more.

To view all the items online visit - directly below is the cover of the tour book, and then a selection of the merchandise.

Sticky & Sweet Tour in Cardiff....are you ready!?

Behold, she is coming soon! The opening night of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour takes place in Cardiff tomorrow night.

madonnalicious would love fans attending this show (and the others to come) to submit their tour reports and pictures from the concert.

Please send in your reports to - and most of all....enjoy the show!

The above advert was featured in the South Wales Echo today - thanks to Mandi for the scan.

The four sections of Sticky & Sweet explained

Madonna has issued a statement detailing the stage plans of her forthcoming Sticky And Sweet world tour, set to kick off in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on Saturday night (August 23).
The statement reveals that the show will be broken down into four sections: 'Pimp', 'Old School', 'Gypsy' and 'Rave'.
The opening 'Pimp' section is inspired by 1920s art deco combined with what the statement calls 'modern day gangster pimp'. Givenchy have tailored the dress Madonna will open the show wearing.
The 'Old School' section is inspired by 1980s Manhattan and the birth of rap. 'Gypsy' is inspired by Romanian folk music and dance while the closing secion, 'Rave', features 'sparkly and sporty' eastern influences.

From - thanks to Clare

Sticky & Sweet Tour to stop in Chile

A new show in Chile has just been added to the Sticky & Sweet tour itinerary.
Madonna will perform at Santiago's Estadio Nacional on Wednesday 10 December.
A devoted fan club presale will start on Wednesday 27 August, at midnight, local time.
Public registration will start on Thursday 28 August at midnight and end on Friday 05 September, while tickets will go on sale Wednesday 10 September, at these times: Internet sales - 0:00 h (midnight) / Phone sales - 10:00am / Outlet sales - 11:00am / Box Office sales - 12:00pm (noon).

From - thank to Pierluigi

Sticky & Sweet Tour By Numbers

3500 Number of individual wardrobe elements for tour
653 Hours of rehearsal time for Madonna and band
250 Number of travelling personnel
200 Triangle sponges used to apply makeup
180 Q-Tips used for entire tour (3 per night)
120 Powder puffs
100 Pairs of out of stock fishnet, pantyhose in old style weave, purchased for Madonna via ebay and local dance shops
100 Pairs of kneepads
69 Guitars
36 Different Designers contributed to the onstage wardrobe
30 Wardrobe Trunks travel to each venue
28 Maximum number of performers onstage
20 Nationalities represented in touring stuff (including Japanese, Israeli, Russian, Romanian, Australian and Algerian)
18 Racks of Clothing for Band, dancers and gypsies
16 Caterers
12 Seamstresses working non stop in Cardiff to finish costumes for opening night
12 Travelling trampolines used in training by Madonna and dancers
10 Large flight cases of medical supplies
10 Number of guitars Madonna will travel with
9 Number of people working in wardrobe department
8 Major Madonna Costume changes
5 Number of people it takes to change Madonna into next costume
5 Keyboards on stage for Kevin Antunes, Musical Director
4 Large freezers to carry ice packs for Madonna and dancers
4 YSL Lipsticks will cover entire tour
3 Romanian gypsy musicians playing acoustic instruments
3 Racks of Clothing contain Madonna's stage wardrobe
3 Shu Uemura eyelash curlers
2 Rigs for DJ set up
2 Stages
1.5 Minutes - Shortest time required to change Madonna's costumes between numbers
1 Chiropractor
1 Personal trainer
1 Masseuse
1 Set of Swarovski crystal ear phones for DJ

From - thanks to denim1973

Give It 2 Me shines on Billboard

According to Billboard Madonna's latest single Give It 2 Me is doing well despite not getting airplay in the US - this is thanks in part to the songs popularity at Dance Radio and Clubs all across America!

#1 - Hot Dance Singles Sales
#3 - Hot Pop Single Sales
#5 - Hot 100 European Singles
#6 - Hot Dance Airplay
#7 - Hot Dance Club/Play

Thanks to Micheal

Sticky & Sweet Tour Ticket Winners!

Thanks to the hundreds of fans who entered the madonnalicious Sticky & Sweet Tour Ticket Give-Away. The competition is now closed and after much deliberation the winners have been chosen and have been notified via email.

Congratulations go to Craig, James, Jeremy, John, Kevin, Marte, Ravi, Robert, Sarah and Sohail. Enjoy the show!

Site News: New Sticky & Sweet Poll

Fans can anticipate what the Sticky & Sweet Tour has in store for us by taking part in a new madonnalicious poll (scroll down the right-hand menu on this page).

madonnalicious wants to know What section of the 'Sticky & Sweet Tour' are you most looking forward to? - Gangsta Pimp/Art Deco, Old Skool, Gypsy or Nu-Rave.

Win Sticky & Sweet Tour Cardiff tickets!

Live Nation is spoiling madonnalicious readers with some tour candy! Live Nation have given us ten (10) pairs of tickets to give-away to see Madonna's opening night show in Cardiff on Saturday 23 August.

There are five (5) pairs of seated tickets (in blocks M7 and M32) and five (5) pairs of standing tickets (general admission and lower bowl seats) up for grabs.

All you have to do is email madonnalicious telling us why in 50 words or less why you should be a reporter for madonnalicious at the Sticky and Sweet Tour opening show! Then you can share your candy with madonnalicious readers by sending in an opening night report for posting on the site.

Email your answer, full name and address to - ensure you include Sticky & Sweet Tour Ticket Give-Away in the subject line.

Why read about the premiere of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour the next day in the press - when you can see it live and in person and report for madonnalicious!

This contest will run from 08:00pm (BST) Tuesday 19 August until 08:00pm (BST) on Wednesday 20 August. Entries received after this time will not count. Winners will be notified by email soon after the competition closes. Only one entry per person.
Contestants must be eighteen (18) years or older to enter. Travel expenses and accommodation are not included and are the sole responsibility of the winner. Winners must pick up their tickets in person in Cardiff along with photo identification (ID) and they may not be transferred or sold. There is no cash alternative or subsitute prize. All entries are submitted at your own risk.

World record smashed....all for Madonna!

Australian radio station Nova 919's pseudo-German Hans is a devoted Madonna fan and will do anything to get a personal birthday wish to the Queen of Pop. That 'anything' culminated in him breaking the Guinness World Record for Marathon Accordion playing last Thursday. Not only that, but he broke it by playing Madonna songs ONLY.
That was no mean feat as he was not allowed to repeat a song a four hour time block and he played for 29 hours 30 minutes and 17 seconds! Let's just say, Madonna's full catalogue of work was explored. Hans' attempt to break the record and grab Madonna's attention even made it as a story on to Today Tonight.
Nova 919 know that Madonna is an outrageously busy woman, but they are doing everything they can to make her aware of this story in the hopes of an acknowledgement from her - even just a sentence - it would answer Hans' (and everyone at Nova 919) prayers!

The full story detailing his 29 hours 30 minute on the accordion can be found at:

Madonna's thong used by a Desperate Housewife

Felicity Huffman tried Madonna’s used thong on.
The 'Desperate Housewives’ star admits she couldn’t resist trying on the underwear after she found the discarded garment in her dressing room when she replaced the singer in 1988 Broadway play 'Speed-the-Plow’.
She said: 'I was like, 'This is Madonna’s underwear!' So I tried it on - of course, it didn’t fit me.'


German Magazines: Emotion

Madonna graces the cover of the September 2008 issue of German Magazine Emotion.

Inside there is a very rare interview with Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg. Liz talks about her 25 year-long relationship with Madonna: how she first met her in her office when Madonna still was a nobody, how she tells Madonna her opinion although Madonna might hate her for that, how she gives her advice even regarding her relationships (although she never took her advice on that).
Liz Rosenberg also tells Emotion how funny Madonna is. She can imitate other people very good. One time Madonna came all of a sudden to Liz's office and when the phone rang she picked it up and answered all the questions the caller asked her about Madonna.
Liz also says that Madonna teached her to overcome your fears. Madonna isn't afraid of anything and if she makes a mistake and lies on the ground, she gets up and starts all over again.

The interview can be read online at

Thanks to Margit

Sticky & Sweet Tour Brazil dates announced! have just confirmed that the Sticky & Sweet Tour will stop at Rio De Janeiro's Maracana Stadium on Sunday 14 December and at Sao Paulo's Morumbi on Thursday 18 December.
An ICON fan club devoted presale for both shows will start on Wednesday 20 August at 10:00am Local Time.
Public registration will start on Wednesday 20 August 20 and end on Friday 29 August. Tickets for the Rio De Janeiro show will go on sale Monday 01 September while the Sao Paulo ones will be available from Wednesday 03 September.

Thanks to Julius

Dedicated Madonna hits the gym after birthday

Showing energy levels women half her age would wish for, queen of pop Madonna made her usual visit to the gym on Sunday after spending the previous night celebrating her 50th birthday at a top London nightclub.
With her Sticky & Sweet world tour kicking off in Cardiff next Saturday, the birthday girl clearly wants to make sure her body is in peak condition and ready to entertain fans with her famous dance routines.
And the iconic singer is making sure she spends her last week surrounded by her family before she sets off. She was not only accompanied by husband Guy Ritchie to her birthday bash, children Lourdes, Rocco and David were also on hand to help their famous mum celebrate.
Film director Guy, who arranged the birthday party at the exclusive Volstead nightclub on Saturday, reportedly presented his wife with a Bulgari diamond necklace and earring set, had a rose named after her, and arranged for a vegetable garden to be created at the family's Wiltshire home of Ashcombe so the health-conscious singer can grow her own organic goods.


Diamonds (and vegetables) are a girls best friend

A diamond necklace and earrings worth $500,000 was a fitting present for the Material Girl as Madonna celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday.
Madonna's film director husband, Guy Ritchie, reportedly splashed out on the specially-designed gifts from Bulgari as well as naming a rose after his wife and putting in a vegetable patch for her.
After a rough few months in which the couple fended off rumours that their eight-year marriage is on the rocks, Ritchie appears to have gone all out for her big day.
Some of her other gifts were less appealing. No doubt unsure about what to buy a woman who has everything, friend Justin Timberlake is said to have resorted to golf gift vouchers.
One unwanted present came from her brother, Christopher Ciccone, who sent flowers in a bid to make up for his tell-all book Life With My Sister Madonna, The Mirror reported.
Various media outlets sent birthday cakes to her home in Central London.
One present sure to win her over, however, was a dress designed by daughter Lourdes, 11.
Madonna's big day was otherwise kept low-key, with a spokeswoman confirming only that the star was in Britain.
A huge party planned at her Wiltshire Estate was expected to be cancelled after she suffered an ankle injury. Instead she was due to have an intimate gathering of family and friends.

From The Daily Telegraph

Give It 2 Me celebrates 5 weeks at the top

On Friday the new Dutch Top 40 was announced and Madonna is still number one with Give It 2 Me for the fifth week in a row!

This marks the longest stay at the top of the charts for a single in 2008. This is also the first time that Madonna hits the number one spot with two consecutive singles and it's her second longest number one hit apart from Hung Up.

Thanks to Arend

Tour rehearsal report from Cardiff

madonnalicious reader Edward lives in Cardiff and managed to listen in to Madonna's rehearsal for the Sticky & Sweet Tour early on Friday evening.

Well, wow - what a treat! Getting to experience the entire Madonna concert a week early, for free last night!
Just to confirm, the set list IS the one that leaked onto the internet last week. 'Candy Shop', 'Beat Goes On', 'Human Nature', 'Vogue' etc. Though there was no 'You Must Love Me' in last night's rehearsal.
'La Isla Bonita' is almost the same as the 'gypsy' version she performed last year. Like A Prayer is very fast and 'techno'. The backing track is the riff from 'Don't You Want Me' by Felix. A big hit in the 90s. Yes, it's very bizarre! 'Hung Up' blends into 'Give It 2 Me' and this works really well.

UK Press Celebrating Madonna's Birthday

Here is a look at how the UK press on the internet are commemorating Madonna's landmark birthday:

BBC Online:
A look back at Madonna's career highs and lows at
Happy birthday MADONNA! The Material Girl has hit the big 5-0 and we thought we'd celebrate by searching through cyberspace, books and articles to find 50 fascinating facts you may or may not know about Mrs. Ritchie.

To read the 50 fascinating facts visit

Daily Record:
She began her music career as a 14-year-old pop prodigy with no cash and big aspirations. Now, as Madonna hits the big five-O today, she has the world at her feet and her biggest ever tour on the horizon.

To read the full article visit

In Style Magazine:
UK In Style magazine's website is doing a special feature on Madonna to celebrate her 50th birthday. There is a lot of great pictures separated into four different categories looking at her stage costumes, beauty looks, entourage and style moments over the years. To view the galleries visit

NOW Magazine:
UK celebrity magazine published a pictorial tribute to Madonna online at

US Press Celebrates Madonna's Birthday

Here is a round-up of how some of the press on the internet in the USA are celebrating Madonna's 50th birthday:

ABC News:
One thing you can say about Madonna: She's unpredictable.
On the verge of her 50th birthday, the 'Queen of Pop' has had more incarnations than the Dalai Lama. And she shows no signs of settling into middle age either.
With '4 Minutes to Save the World,' her first single from her new album, 'Hard Candy,' she earned her 37th hit to crack the Top 10, surpassing Elvis Presley, the previous record holder. And she's about to embark on what looks to be a sell-out tour.
If Madonna looks like she's sitting pretty, it's because she never sits still for very long.

To read the rest of the article (with some comments from madonnalicious in the feature!) visit

Detroit Free Press:
No matter what your taste, there's a Madonna for you. The pop star, who is turning 50 today, is one of fashion's great chameleons. She's been a punk princess and lady of the manor. She has channeled Marilyn Monroe, Eva Peron and a geisha.

To read the article visit

E! Online:
We wanted to be one of the first to send a shout-out to the Material Girl. After all, this particular B-day's a biggie: Madonna's turning 50!
That makes her the newest Hollywood heavy in the Fabulous at 50 club, a superexclusive group of leading ladies who are just getting better with age.

Link to the article:
The US magazine takes features 50 pictures of Madonna for 50 years in a special gallery celebrating 50 Looks We Can't Forget at
Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson were turning the music world upside down in the '80s. This summer, they're turning 50. USA TODAY examines the vital signs of the durable pop triumvirate.

To read the article visit

Washington Post:
Madonna, OMG, you are 50. You have said again and again that you never read newspapers or magazines, even though you are always in newspapers and magazines, so this is in some way wasted space and energy.
Then again, she needn't be present for us to talk about her. This has always been the key element to how Madonna has spent half her life, deliberately deaf in the center of the buzz. Madonna turning 50 is not about Madonna. As ever, it's about the rest of us, who are always caught watching Madonna do whatever it is Madonna currently does, even if when whatever Madonna is doing is nothing more than growing old.

To read the rest of the article and view a slideshow of magazine covers visit