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McCain camp lashes 'outrageous' Madonna

After the electric chair for Re-Invention and the crucifix for Confessions fans were wondering what the controversal talking point would be on this tour....well now we have our answer. Her policitally charged Get Stupid video interlude has ruffled some Republican feathers as this report from AFP shows:

John McCain's campaign has hit back at Madonna after the pop diva kicked off her world tour with a concert that bracketed the US presidential candidate with Adolf Hitler.
McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds angrily condemned the segment of Madonna's concert in Cardiff on Saturday that appeared to draw a comparison between McCain, Hitler and Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe.
'The comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time,' Bounds said in a statement reported by Fox News.
'It clearly shows that when it comes to supporting Barack Obama, his fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits.'
Madonna's apparent swipe at McCain came during a performance of the song 'Get Stupid', when the Republican contender's image was flashed up alongside images of destruction and global warming as well as Hitler and Mugabe.
Towards the end of the song, pictures of Beatles star John Lennon, former US vice-president Al Gore, Indian Mahatma Gandhi and McCain's Democrat rival Barack Obama appeared.


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I used to be a fan of Madonna's. Not any longer. Her video showing Hitler, Mugabe and comparing Sen. John McCain, who is running for US President, to both of them is abominable. The man was imprisoned and severely beaten and tortured by the North Vietnamese Communists for almost 6 years. He had an opportunity for early release but refused until all the other prisoners could go as well. He's also very close to the Dali Lama of Tibet, a man of peace. Mr. McCain is an honorable person. I hope and pray that Americans boycott her tour.


my show isn't till nov. 20th but i can't wait to see this as well as the britney video!!! mccain is just a jealous baby, this is what he gets for his little "celebrity" ad, comparing obama to paris and britney, mccain is the one that started the negative attacks, he can dish it but he can't take it...aahhh poor baby, not to mention to use brit in his smear campaign makes him look like an insensitive jerk, she's a girl with a serious mental disorder, to use her in that ad was heartless, so he deserves what madonna did!!!!


Its just so ridiculous that McCain even feels it necessary to address this. She is an entertainer and has always pushed buttons. If she had put obama up next to hitler, McCain wouldnt have thought it inappropriate.


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