Sticky & Sweet Tour: Nice Fan Pictures - Part 2
Sticky & Sweet Tour: Nice Fan Pictures - Part 3

Madonna rocks out in Ray-Bans

Luxottica Group announced today that their classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer (RB2140) are featured in Madonna's critically acclaimed sold out Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008 which kicked-off in Cardiff, Wales on August 23rd.
Madonna and her crew of dancers don the classic black Wayfarer in the show's finale, an explosive rendition of 'Give It 2 Me' from the artist's current Hard Candy CD. In addition, Madonna's dance team rocks the white Wayfarer while she performs her smash hit 'Vogue'.
Linked to music greats since its inception, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer will once again heat up the look of a rock and style icon. The style chosen for the tour is a genuine reproduction of the original 1952 model, faithfully recreating its details and distinctive shape.
The Wayfarer styles featured in the Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008 are currently available for purchase at Sunglass Huts stores nationwide. For more information, please visit

From PRNewswire


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jo rodrigues

i dont get it...go to madonnalicious reports on the cardiff night...they say completly the opposite, that it was almost full, they could hardly see any free seats.


Meant to add: even lists the "sold out" dates and there ain't many!!! And Cardiff certainly wasn't one of them!!!! LOL


How can anyone say Cardiff was sold out??? I was there! The number of empty seats and one the floor was SHOCKING!!! Do NOT believe the hype!!! I was there, with photos for those who say otherwise!!!

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