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Sticky & Sweet Tour Dancer's Video Blogs

Fans should check out Sticky & Sweet Tour dancer AntBoogie's site for video footage he shoots at each venue. The great clips gives fans that all important glimpse of the backstage life the dancers experience and their pre-show excitement.

Visit Ant's website at and his YouTube channel at (just search 'sticky' to find the videos on his channel) - he has already posted clips for Cardiff, Nice and Berlin.

No smoking please! have published this note on the news page asking for fans cooperation during the show:

Dear Madonna fans, The Material Girl has embarked on her 'Sticky & Sweet' Tour and is currently performing live in several European cities. While thousands of you attend the show each and every night, our girl is giving her best to each and everyone of you.
Singing and dancing along with her is a fantastic way to support her, but there's a little something some of you can do to turn the experience into the ultimate one. If you're watching the show from the first front rows, we ask that you please refrain from smoking as it blows up on the stage.
Thank you for your understanding, we appreciate your help!

Madonna stuns Berlin airport staff

Pop superstar Madonna stunned security staff at an airport in Germany on Thursday night - by turning up wearing a bathrobe.
The Holiday hitmaker arrived at Schoenefeld airport after performing at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin as part of her Sticky & Sweet world tour.
But staff at the venue were shocked to see the star wander through security checks wearing nothing more than a fluffy white robe and black trainers.
The singer's gown had the cheeky slogan 'Dancing Queen' printed on the back.


Vote: MTV Europe Music Awards

MTV Europe is letting the fans vote for their favorites in various categories at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs). The five artists with the most votes in each category will become the official nominees.

Madonna is listed in five categories:
Act of 2008
Best Act Ever
Most Addictive Track - 4 Minutes
Album of the Year - Hard Candy

The 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards will take place on Thursday 06 November at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England.

To vote for Madonna visit

Thanks to Pascal

Ritchie: Not renewing wedding vows

Guy Ritchie has branded rumours he and wife Madonna are set to renew their wedding vows as 'rubbish' - because he spent too much money on her 50th birthday celebrations.
The couple were rumoured to be planning to remarry in a Kabbalah ceremony later this month.
But the moviemaker is adamant they won't be heading down the aisle for a second time - because their lavish 2000 marriage in the Scottish Highlands was all they needed.
Ritchie says, 'Rubbish (rumours of renewing wedding vows). I think once was enough. And I've just paid out on a big party for her birthday. I bought her two original Hermes drawings of equestrian thingies - but trust me, the party was infinitely more expensive than the paintings.'


Madonna rocks out in Ray-Bans

Luxottica Group announced today that their classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer (RB2140) are featured in Madonna's critically acclaimed sold out Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008 which kicked-off in Cardiff, Wales on August 23rd.
Madonna and her crew of dancers don the classic black Wayfarer in the show's finale, an explosive rendition of 'Give It 2 Me' from the artist's current Hard Candy CD. In addition, Madonna's dance team rocks the white Wayfarer while she performs her smash hit 'Vogue'.
Linked to music greats since its inception, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer will once again heat up the look of a rock and style icon. The style chosen for the tour is a genuine reproduction of the original 1952 model, faithfully recreating its details and distinctive shape.
The Wayfarer styles featured in the Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008 are currently available for purchase at Sunglass Huts stores nationwide. For more information, please visit

From PRNewswire

Technical faults hit Nice show

Madonna was reportedly left furious after she kicked off the French leg of her Sticky & Sweet tour - after technical faults hindered her performance.
The pop superstar took to the stage in Nice, France on Tuesday to perform to a packed out crowd, including Sir Elton John and Victoria and David Beckham.
But technical problems backstage meant the huge visual screens used throughout the show went blank during several songs.
And perfectionist Madonna was livid with her staff, according to the London Paper.
A source tells the publication, 'Madonna sets very high standards for herself and for those working around her, so when things go wrong she gets annoyed.'
And the presence of rocker Elton John, with who the Material Girl star has had a turbulent relationship, meant the slip-up was a double blow to Madonna.
The source adds, 'With so many friends in the audience it was doubly annoying for her.'


Madonna's pre-show ritual

As her Sticky & Sweet Tour kicks into high gear, Madonna is in 'great spirits,' her rep, Liz Rosenberg, tells PEOPLE.
And why shouldn't she be? At the second stop of her European leg, the pop icon was cheered on by famous fans Bono and Elton John in Nice, France, on Tuesday night. (It would seem that her feud with John – who accused her of lip-synching in 2004 – is officially ancient history.)
As the singer gets into the groove of her 51-date world tour, her priorities are simple: 'Making sure the show is perfect - and taking care of her kids and her husband,' says her rep.
And even though she recently celebrated her 50th birthday, Madonna has no plans to retire any time soon.
'The harder Madonna works the happier she is,' says Rosenberg, a longtime friend. 'Because she was a dancer, that's why. It's practice, practice, practice.'
Backstage, the atmosphere is peaceful and family-oriented, with a kids' play room next to the singer's dressing room. On her opening night in Cardiff, Wales, 'She had a massage and a facial - things are very quiet,' says the rep.
Before each show, she spends an hour in hair and makeup, then performs some vocal exercises. Next, she warms up with some form of exercise, 'probably some free weights.'
Daughter Lourdes, 11, will often watch her mom from the wings. 'She is quite casual about it, she can take it or leave it,' says Rosenberg. 'She's comfortable with the dancers. She talks to all of them.'
Lola (as she's known to friends and family) might have a superstar for a mom, but she's no spoiled brat. 'She's very grounded,' swears the rep, who fondly remembers the girl as a makeup-obsessed 2-year-old. 'I think Madonna has done a really good job.'
And despite the recent rumors of marital woe, the singer's husband, director Guy Ritchie, 'absolutely' supports his wife from backstage. 'Guy understood who he was marrying and they have a whole separate life [away from the spotlight],' she insists. 'They are completely fine.'

From - thanks to Jonathan

Ritchie: My wife is fit!

Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie has praised his wife's toned physique - insisting 'you won't find a fitter bird than her.'
The pop superstar turned 50 earlier this month and, despite being a mother of three, she always makes time for a gruelling fitness regime.
And Ritchie is adamant that all her hard work has paid off - as she looks incredible for her age.
He says, 'Her legs are Olympic standard. She is in amazing shape. You won't find a fitter bird than her. Her legs are so toned. She's fitter than dancers on her tour who are half her age.'


Sticky & Sweet Tour: madonnalicious report

It has taken madonnalicious a couple of days to let the whole experience sink in (and to catch up on sleep), but now we can give you our report on the opening night of the Sticky & Sweet Tour in Cardiff.

Firstly madonnalicious wasn't looking forward to seeing the show in a stadium as they always seem so big and impersonal and you can never get a great view. Our tickets were checked, and a hole punched in them (Hey! That was meant to be a souvenir and you just put a hole in it Mr Ticket Checker).

Our hands were then stamped to allow us access to the gold circle, and we walked down a rampway into the stadium, which with the roof closed almost seemed intimate! We were greeted with the site of the stage, which had a catwalk with a large round end and some LED screens on the middle of the stage in the shape of a cube. A set of two round LED screens were also spotted high above the catwalk podium.

The gold circle was smaller than expected, and madonnalicious settled in a spot about 10 metres from the stage about halfway down the catwalk, stage right (any closer and madonnalicious would have trouble seeing over everyones heads!). The majority of the crowd was bunched up around the catwalk, with more space towards the sides of the gold circle.

There were rumours circulating in the crowd that Madonna was due on stage at 8.30pm, but we were expecting the show to start at 9.00pm as is the usual for Madonna tours. Not sure where all these reports came from that said the show would start at 7.30pm (the tickets only stated a 'gates open' time).
Another rumour was that Chris Martin from Coldplay would be playing the piano in Devil Wouldn't Recognise You. Strange and not true!

Despite reports to the contrary in the press we struggled to see any empty seats in the upper tiers - the empty seats in the lower bowl are not sold as seats but are for the use of the general admission ticket holders (who obviously chose to stand instead). madonnalicious has rarely seen a stadium so full!

At about 8.50pm the first set of lights were switched off - screams - wait another five minutes - another set switched off - more screams - further five minutes - then it all went very dark very quickly....behold she is coming soon! Screams, cheers, whistles, and the hairs stood up on the back of your neck!

The start was a surprise as madonnalicious had been expecting a Steven Klein video as on the previous two tours, instead we got computer animation playing on the screens, hints of tick-tock played as the screens began to open in a way we weren't expecting. Images of candy and razor blades, wheels and cogs (reminiscent of the Blond Ambition opening). Dancers appeared on platforms being raised at the far sides of the stages, and then the LED screens slid open to reveal Madonna sitting on the throne as she launched into Candy Shop.

Candy Shop looked the same routine as the promo tours - but it does work well as an opening number, with Madonna cheekily playing with her cane. Next up was the Beat Goes On - and the first wow-moment of the night - a very large white pimp-style car glided onto the catwalk with Madonna and dancers sitting in it and on it - with Madonna wearing a white top-hat.

Then came Human Nature, Madonna stood on the end of the catwalk with a guitar. Some strange vocal effect (madonnalicious is unsure whether we liked it or not) was put on her voice as the 'infamous Britney' video was played on the screens (including the LED screens above the catwalk podium). Britney, wearing a hoodie, was trapped in a lift, waiting, lying on the floor, standing up, on the phone, pacing around. As Madonna came to the end of the song singing, 'I'm not your bitch...I'm not your bitch' - the song ended with a close-up of Britney answering back saying 'It's Britney bitch!' Great applause from all the crowd - and for all those fans worried that Britney being featured in a Madonna show wouldn't work - it did work, and worked well.

Now for Vogue - the song was mashed in with elements of 4 Minutes and it sounded great, a full-on dance routine with dancers started at the end of the catwalk that worked it's way to the end stage for some compulsory voguing of course!

Now it was the Die Another Day video interlude - shot by Tom Munro during the tourbook photoshoot. While this was playing a boxing ring was set up on the catwalk end and two dancers came on dressers as boxers and danced/boxed their way from the main stage to the boxing ring - they fought, we watched!

Old School - now this was the section madonnalicious had most been looking forward to! The screens were filled with primary colour designs by Keith Haring and Madonna skipped onto the stage in knee-high socks, red silk shorts and a tracksuit top. This section looked like it was going to be fun! Her DJ (with his Swarovski crystal encrusted headphones) appeared on stage with his decks and a pole - which Madonna proceeded to pole dance on! Blimey! What then followed was the most energetic sequence yet. Double Dutch skipping - madonnalicious stood there holding our breath hoping no one messed up - but it looked perfectly executed. Well done everyone!

A heartbeat appeared on the screens as the intro to Hearbeat began, as Madonna lay on the stage, with a couple of her dancers changing her shoes like they were performing an operation - very tongue in cheek! Now it was time for a song most fans had never seen or heard live in the UK - Borderline. It was a rocky/guitar based version - taking us back to Madonna's early days in her band in New York City.

She's Not Me - wow! Another stand out piece of staging. Madonna is confronted with four different previous incarnations of herself. Like A Virgin Madonna, Material Girl Madonna, Open Your Heart Madonna, Express Yourself Madonna - all standing at the four corners of the catwalk end. Madonna went up to them, pushed them, pulled them, it even looked like she was strangling one of them at one point and ended ripping the wig off of the Express Yourself Madonna - which she then put on herself. We were all shocked thinking - boy is she angry with someone! Then followed a breakdown/dance routine on the catwalk podium floor (very similar to Let It Will Be on Confessions Tour).

To up the tempo again, it was time for Music - the same mix and routine as done on the promo tours - so no great surprise but the mix with Fedde Le Grand's Put Your Hands up for Detroit is always good to hear.

Another video interlude followed and this one was a bit odd to be honest - again we were greeted with computer animation on the screens as Eurthymics Here Comes the Rain Again played - with only very slight hints of Madonna's song Rain. A kind of strange fantasy land and creatures were on the screen as two dancers appeared - almost like butterflies on the side of the stages as they were raised up on platforms. Too little Madonna in that segment, maybe if Madonna was featured on the video screens it would have been more satisfying.

The two LED screens had been lowered over the catwalk and the sound and flashes of very loud lightning and rain filled the stadium, with computer animation rain falling down the LED screens as a piano - with Madonna on top - was raised up on the catwalk end. Thank goodness the stadium roof was on otherwise we would have been experiencing the Welsh rain for real! A good vocal performance of Devil Wouldn't Recognise You followed with Madonna standing on the piano (with musical director Kevin Atunes playing piano) - and although we guess it was meant to be atmospheric - we were wishing for LED screens to raise so we could properly see was a little frustrating basically looking at a black cloak behind a black screen for the whole song.

Spanish Lesson! The marmite of Hard Candy - you either love it or you hate it. Madonna had now removed the black coat and her colourful gypsy outfit was on display. A rousing version of the song with the dancers all wearing black hooded cloaks followed. Now Madonna moved to the catwalk end again and performed a simple yet effective performance of Miles Away - with more or less the same video footage that was featured during the promo tour.

By now the dancers had changed into their colourfully gaudy satin shirts as La Isla Bonita started up - with the help of a Romanian gypsy band. This was the same version as was performed at Live Earth - a slightly bonkers version of the song but something great to dance to with friends! We then had the Romanian musical interlude with the band on the catwalk podium - which left some people baffled. To madonnalicious it sounded like the Hokey Cokey - so we just had a good knees up in the gold circle - to the bemusement of some fans around us!

You Must Love Me - the part of the show to make you cry (if you are inclined that way) - a very strong vocal performance with Madonna on guitar surrounded by the Romanian band and Monte Pittman. The video screens played footage from Evita, of the funeral procession and the mourners - very moving.

Now for the political part of the show - the video interlude 'Get Stupid' - images of destruction, waste, war, and some of the more unsavoury political characters in history, Hitler, Mugabe....and John McCain - as his face flashed up an audible collective gasp from what seemed like the whole audience was heard - boy this is going to cause some trouble! Then as the clip went on - which featured some brand new footage of Madonna singing the song - we were shown images of people who had tried in the past like Kennedy and Lennon, and some new faces who maybe could change the world in the future such as Oprah and Obama! It will be interesting to see how this clip fairs when the tour hits the USA in October just before the election!

The 4 Minutes video begins, smaller LED screens move into place on stage and the promo tour version (minus a real Justin Timberlake) is performed. Madonna is now wearing her 'futuristic rave' outfit and seems to have had a child cut her fringe! A look that is going to have to take some getting use to - but it certainly fits in with the theme!

Now Like A Prayer - always a crowd favourite but this mashed up rave version (mixed with Felix's Don't You Want Me) is an absolute stomper and a totally unexpected version. Laser beams now fire patterns on the ceiling (how is that going to work at an outside venue madonnalicious wonders?) and we are now in the middle of a rave. Who would have thought it? Madonna does rave! Backing singer Nicki Richards does an excellent solo in the song at the end of the catwalk.

Madonna says 'Do you want more?! YES! Now it's the request section' - people shout, she replies 'F*ck that, I chose the songs'....When the tour first starts Madonna never says much - just sticks to the script - however by the time she reaches the US Madonna will not be able to stop talking!

The guitar is strapped onto Madonna and Ray Of Light begins - a computer animated game of chess take place on the video screens behind as a rocky version of Ray Of Light (similar to Live Earth) is performed.

Now Hung Up starts, it's the same version as seen on the promo tour - and this together with Ray Of Light feels a bit of a guitar heavy end to the show. The songs chosen for the final section of the show couldn't have been better - just their arrangements seemed to let it down - or maybe madonnalicious had too high expectations for this section.

And now the final song - Give It 2 Me - a remixed version! A computer animated game appears on the screens - including an animated M flying around shooting lazer guns from the top and with rockets on the bottom! By the end of the song the whole cast come on stage - we dance, we jump, we sing and we cheer, and then it's over. Game Over the screens say. The lights come on and we linger around - not wanting this to be over. Eventually we reluctantly leave before being swept up with the discarded rubbish!

madonnalicious doesn't remember seeing such a smiling, happy, bouncy, energetic Madonna on stage - and even the more serious sections of the show were more moving than dark and disturbing. Complaints from some fans in the press that Madonna didn't say thank you and goodnight will probably be addressed as the tour continues.

Now madonnalicious may have sounded a bit critical in some sections of this review - but don't let it fool you - we cannot wait to see the show again. Being of short height madonnalicious felt that they missed out on some aspects of the show - but will be able to soak up all these missing pieces when sitting our seat next month!

Thanks to madonnalicious reader Paul for the great pictures from Cardiff that illustrated this report.

Madonna outfits to go on display in London

A collection of costumes worn by Madonna are to go on display in London.
More than 300 personal items including clothes, photographs, film props, costumes and personal items belonging to the Holiday hitmaker will be showcased in Britain's capital next year.
Iconic pieces including the dress Madonna wore in her 1985 video for Material Girl and the wedding dress she wore in 1996 film Evita will be on show, in what will be the world's largest collection of Madonna artifacts.
Exhibition curator Ted Owen says, 'This is an unprecedented collection of Madonna memorabilia, that represents every stage of her glittering career. These are museum-quality pieces - but they will be presented in-keeping with the glamour and sense of theatre that the queen of pop has made her trademark - and Madonna fans should be very excited indeed.'
The exhibition is due to run from 21 February 2009 until 22 March 2009 at London's Old Truman Brewery.


Sticky & Sweet Tour Ticket Winner Report

Here is a tour report from madonnalicious Cardiff ticket give-away winner Ravi:

Having been a lucky madonnalicious reader to have won tickets to the opening night I thought I’d let you all know how it was - and let me tell you it was one of the most stickiest shows Madonna’s ever done! From start to finish she strummed, skipped and strutted her stuff across the stage in some of her most sexiest costumes to date! Tied in with all the amazing choreography, props and stunning videos the show felt like experiencing a 2 hour sugar rush inside Madonna’s wild candy store!
Some of the highlights included the blinged up opening number, a sexy rendition of Vogue/4 Minutes, a tongue-in-cheek performance of She’s Not Me where Madonna got all bitchy with....well....herself, the amazingly re-worked Like a Prayer, and of course the crazy finale of Give it 2 Me! But that wasn’t it, there were plenty of surprises and sneaky cameo appearances along the way to tickle even the most discerned of taste-buds!
Cardiff was buzzing with Madonna themed bars and the crowds were electric - the late start the press seem to be reporting on only made her grand entrance even more incredible and worthwhile! There were a few slight vocal glitches where her voice didn’t amplify on time but nothing major at all, everything just seemed so perfectly rehearsed and coordinated to every last detail.
All in all a sweet visual feast for the eyes and ears, with Madonna once again surpassing all expectations and retaining her title as the undisputable Queen of Pop!

Ritchie overwhelmed by security on tour

Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie was baffled by the high standard of security for the first night of his wife's world tour - insisting there were '20 levels' of personnel protecting the star.
Ritchie went along to the first show of the Sticky & Sweet world tour in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday to support his singer spouse, presenting her with a massive bouquet of flowers before she went on stage.
And the director admits that life on tour with the star is often tough as there are so many security checks separating the couple.
He says, 'It's quite an experience being on tour with the missus. In America you get full-on motorcades and 15-car escorts from the police. In London, you're lucky if you get one rozzer. It's something else on show night. There will be 20 levels of staff before you get through to see the missus.'
Ritchie saw the show for the first time on the opening night, and insists that Madonna definitely didn't disappoint.
He adds, 'This is my fourth tour. I went to almost every single show the last time around but I hadn't seen any of this one before tonight. I loved it.'


Sticky & Sweet Tour: Hello Buenos Aires!

Argentinian newspaper Clarin published this official advert today announcing a Sticky & Sweet Tour date in Buenos Aires on Saturday 06 December.

Tickets will range in price from $30 to $250 and go onsale to the general public on Monday 08 September and a CITI bank presale starts on Saturday September.

Thanks to Pérez Villar

Guy Ritchie explains Britney's cameo appearance

Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie has explained how Britney Spears came to make a cameo appearance in his wife's new stage show - it was based on a real-life incident.
The pop superstar kicked off her Sticky & Sweet tour in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday and the concert included a special video appearance from Spears, who is seen dancing in an elevator.
And Ritchie admits that Spears' role in the show was created after Madonna saw a video of a similar incident.
He says, 'Britney in the lift is based on real footage the missus saw of someone stuck in a lift for 48 hours. The dancing is inspired by what happened inside.'


Sticky & Sweet Tour: Cardiff Fan Reports

Here are a few highlights of madonnalicous readers reports from the opening night show of the Sticky & Sweet Tour in Cardiff - to read the full reports visit Cardiff - Fan Reports:

From Chris:
Have to say it was an amazing concert and would not believe that was a 50 year old woman on stage – she worked her butt off! As for her not turning up until 9pm.....errr isn’t that what time she normally comes on – I didn’t think for one minute before going in that she would come on before 9pm – and whats this about the booo’ing, I must have been so into chatting to other Madonna fans sharing stories etc and drinking and having a good time to hear any of that!
Great to hearing 'Borderline' live – not since The Virgin Tour nearly 24 years ago, 'Music' was fab, 'She’s Not Me' looked great, 'You Must Love Me' blew me away, great dancing in 'Into The Groove' and 'Vogue' and the best version of 'Like A Prayer' EVER!

From Kevin:
As for the show itself can't remember much, it went far too quick! After seeing her now nine times on various tours, Madonna was good, very polished, as you would expect from Madonna. Very disaponited that she didn't interact much with the crowd though. Best part of the show was for me the gypsy section....loved it. Not the best show but good.

From Marek:
There was no information telling us what time the concert starts, if there was any supporting act or what time Madonna would come on stage. Guy Oseary was mingling with the crowd, some cameramen some dancers etc....Security staff told us She would on stage at 7p.m. then 7.30p.m. etc. Thank God for the cups of water they gave out for the crowd as the thirst was coming up.
And yet again, the concert was magnificent, it's the packaging of it that really needs to be revised for the future venues, please.

From Nick:
Overall I'd say wow what a show, as yet again, Madonna's delivered. The Hard Candy tracks sounded brilliant live, and with the exception of Spanish Lesson, really stood their own next to the various classics alongside them. There was a good balance of old hits (even 80s ones!) that the whole stadium loved and as ever her performance was incredibly energetic, and one that a lot of artists half her age couldn't carry off.
She looked stunning as well - beautiful close up and really toned. Wasn't sure about the fringe though! Check out people's pics to see what I mean. Thought the sound was awesome too - yes my ears hurt a little, but isn't that the kind of volume it should be?! I hate going to a show and standing there wanting to grab the volume control and turn it up. For a stadium too I thought it was particularly good and clear - guess the roof helps!

From Paul:
WOW! Yes she was a little late but it was definitely worth it. I've seen all the tours in the UK and this was M at her best - she looked great. Loving the costumes, the reworked 'Borderline' and 'Like A Prayer' and some of the best choreography we have seen from Madge in years!

From Volkan:
Overall I thought it was the most energetic M show I've ever seen! She dances a lot and she cannot do more physically.
The Die Another Day video was again on of the highlights. That video will be the bedtime stories of RIT and everyone will want to have it - like NOW!
Old School section was so much fun - very colourful and probably the most energetic part of the show M skipping and dancing. I loved Into The Groove and Heartbeat. Her guitar playing in Borderline was one of her best performances, she seemed to have really improved.
You Must Love Me was very simple but AMAZING. Was another highlight of the show and she sounded flawless! Absolutely loved it.

McCain camp lashes 'outrageous' Madonna

After the electric chair for Re-Invention and the crucifix for Confessions fans were wondering what the controversal talking point would be on this tour....well now we have our answer. Her policitally charged Get Stupid video interlude has ruffled some Republican feathers as this report from AFP shows:

John McCain's campaign has hit back at Madonna after the pop diva kicked off her world tour with a concert that bracketed the US presidential candidate with Adolf Hitler.
McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds angrily condemned the segment of Madonna's concert in Cardiff on Saturday that appeared to draw a comparison between McCain, Hitler and Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe.
'The comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time,' Bounds said in a statement reported by Fox News.
'It clearly shows that when it comes to supporting Barack Obama, his fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits.'
Madonna's apparent swipe at McCain came during a performance of the song 'Get Stupid', when the Republican contender's image was flashed up alongside images of destruction and global warming as well as Hitler and Mugabe.
Towards the end of the song, pictures of Beatles star John Lennon, former US vice-president Al Gore, Indian Mahatma Gandhi and McCain's Democrat rival Barack Obama appeared.

Fan Report From Cardiff

Here is our first fan report from the Cardiff show - check back tomorrow for even more reports! This report is from madonnalicious reader John:

Hey madonnalicious - just wanted to tell you what an amazing show last night was! I've seen all of Madonna's live shows now including some of the smaller promo gigs. Sticky & Sweet did not disappoint. It was one of the best EVER. Madonna was fabulous and the set list was just perfect. Loved the rework of Like A Prayer. Worth every penny of the £160 paid for the seat. But let's clear a couple of things up:
The crowd booing because she was late on - NOT TRUE. The crowd did boo and then cheer and then boo but this was down to a rather disappointing, half hearted attempt at a mexican wave by the crowd. They booed when the crowd just didn't bother participating! Not because M was late on stage.
Late start - so what! Madge never comes on stage early - and what was the crowd a bunch of old age pensioners?
The crowd -for the most part a great bunch and what an amazing atmosphere. But some where just a right bunch of moaners! Complaining that Kylie would never be on this late!
My only small gripe about the show (and I am a HUGE Maddy fan) was the crap film work on the big screens. Dodgy camera work resulted in out of focus shots and we couldn't make out what was going on on stage. Get it sorted Madonna!
Otherwise, a big fat 10 out of 10.
PS - LOVED Madonna doing the double dutch with those skipping ropes.
PPS - Cardiff you are great - my first trip to Wales - you are all fabulous hosts and the atmosphere was electric.