Sticky & Sweet Tour: Cardiff Fan Reports
Guy Ritchie explains Britney's cameo appearance


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I think this concert whas so awsum and she rocks her age i love you


The truth! I am a fan and have seen all tours but it must be said that on Saturday's opener i was well peeved with Human Nature....v poor guitar effort, Vogue lacked the camp cheese of old. The opening wasn't as grand and was copied from previous performances (Maidstone). There were moments of brilliance: double dutch skipping / devil rain sequence and Evita. But let's get some perspective. She's does rock and she's 50 but let's not wear rose tinted heart shaped eh...and £25 quid for pictures of her boxing is well out of order. Er....Malawi???


I've got row 21 in the first section, I'm wondering how that fits around the stage and mini catwalk. Does anyone know?

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