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Site News: Sticky & Sweet Spoiler Free Edition

madonnalicious is now offering it's readers the chance to stay tour spoiler free for as long as they wish.

To be spoilt rotten with tour news, rumours, updates, pictures and reviews please stay on madonnalicious - news. For those who do not wish to be spoiled until they see the show bookmark madonnalicious - tour spoiler free where you will still get all the latest Madonna news on that page - and don't worry madonnalicious will still let you know about tour ticket sales on the spoiler-free site!

And for those readers that were experiencing page loading issues, changing to this three-column design should (in theory) eliminate those problems!


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Thanks Clare!! I really don't wanna know any clues YET!! about the show, I wanna be SURPRISED!!!! DON'T WE ALL????


Ah, Clare, you're the best! This is fabulous!

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