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Madonna issues statement on rumours


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Everybody can make a mistake, it is okay as long as they write Madonna’s name right and as long as they give respect and the proper credit to her Madjesty the queen of universe.


I love this article by Jim Farber. He is a great and accurate writer. His mind and pen capture de time and the facts like a cam recorder. Indeed “Madonna’s first album sounded like a greatest hit collection”.

The core message is that the first and foremost essence of Madonna is her ability to make great records.


LOL, they've got one thing wrong here. The top-left picture of the various concerts is from Who's That Girl (1987), not Ertoica 1992 as it is mentioned.


No way that's "Erotica" in London in 1992. Looks like Who's That Girl tour. What a terrible mistake.

Alec Sarkas

Well it looks like they mislabeled one of her live performance photos. "Erotica: Live in London, 1992" is actually from her 'Who's That Girl World Tour' (1987). And I should know because I saw it and her in Philly! It was the first big concert I ever went to. :)


How can an organisation as the R&RHOF make such mistakes?... The live picture shown in the top left corner is from the Who's That Girl Tour! Nothing to do with Erotica.
I just hate it when magazines get their info wrong...Argh so frustrating!


there is a misprint under the photo of M performing
Open Your Heart from the Who's That Girl tour

the program says "Erotica Live from London"
(but the photo is of M singing Open Your Heart)

if in fact, this is the official Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
inductee program...

i wonder if any of M's people caught the misprint?



The photo caption on page 5 was wrong. The first picture is from the Who's That Girl Tour 1987

Andrew Filipe

They made a mistake. One of those pictures they say is from Erotica was actually from the Who's That Girl World Tour.

Giel de Groot

it's funny how they always make mistakes; a picture from the who's that girl tour and commenting that it is from 1992 erotica?


That picture of Madonna on the chair was from the Who's that girl? tour in '87.


the top left picture is actually from the 'who's that girl tour' in 1997-not 'the girlie show'-it amazes me how journalists are always so

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