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South American Sticky & Sweet Tour rumours

According to Argentinian newspaper Infobae, Madonna will do five shows in Brazil in December. Infobae was told that Madonna will play in Rio de Janeiro, at Maracanã stadium, on 13 and 14 December; and in São Paulo, at Morumbi stadium, on 17, 18 and 20 December.
The Argentinian newspaper also mentioned that the Sticky & Sweet Tour will play Buenos Aires, on 04, 06 and 07 December; and will stop later in Santiago, Chile, on 10 and 11 December.
At this time, there is no official news from Madonna's management and no confirmation on any Brazilian dates.
It is speculated that the Brazilian stopover of the world tour is being produced by Time for Fun productions and may make US$25 million.

Thanks to Fernando

*Tour Spoiler* - 'It's Britney, bitch!'

This article contains tour spoilers - do not read on if you don't want to know!

Cameras started to roll today on the video that Britney Spears is making for Madonna's upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour, which, sources tell E! News, will be the opening video for each show.
The 'Are you ready to rumble?!' video, if you will.
The shoot took place today at the Lot in West Hollywood, the former site of Warner Hollywood, United Artists and the Samuel Goldwyn Studios.
An on-set source said that Britney arrived at around 9 a.m. and was holed up in her dressing room by 9:30. The 'Toxic' singer didn't start shooting her scenes until noon and was still on the set a few hours later.
According to our insiders, the planned 'short movie' will take place inside an elevator, where seven cameras will be strategically placed to capture the magic. The scene-by-scene breakdown goes like this:
Britney, partially disguised by a gray hoodie, walks into the elevator. As she starts traveling upward, she seems particularly nervous and anxious. The popster starts pacing back and forth. Then she progresses to kicking and smacking the walls, all frantic-like. She screams into one of the cameras. Then she starts climbing the wall, pulls down her hood and, into another camera, says:
'It's Britney, bitch.'
Well, at least she shouldn't have trouble remembering her lines.
Strains of Madonna's 'Human Nature' were also heard playing during some scenes and Britney could be seen mouthing the words.
We're told that the 26-year-old mother of two acted 'very professional' throughout and, a day after the shoot was postponed due to technical difficulties, everything seemed to be back on schedule.
But apparently even veteran performers need some time to shake the dust off if they've been away for awhile. Britney was also 'really nervous and kept biting her nails—but she’s doing a good job,' our source said, adding, 'She's being incredibly sweet!'
Meanwhile, despite rumors that Madonna was going to wing her way west for a quick set visit, the Material Girl stayed put in New York today. According to a witness privy to her comings and goings, she went to her studio this morning and then returned to her Manhattan apartment.
Where, if Madonna weren't used to the current tabloid climate, she would have bolted the door, drawn the shades and pulled the covers over her head.
But she probably just ate lunch.

From E! Online - thanks to Brad

Set issues derail Britney's Madonna tour shoot

Britney Spears and Madonna's latest hookup has been temporarily derailed by a technical glitch.
Spears had been scheduled to begin shooting a video montage for Madonna's upcoming tour this morning at the Lots soundstage in Hollywood. But production insiders say that because the set was not finished in time, cameras will not roll until tomorrow.
The set features an elevator, in, around and on which Spears will dance.
'The video will be very deep,' a source in the Spears camp tells E! News. 'You've never seen Britney like this before. It will blow your mind.'
Madonna reached out to Britney to do the project, says the source.
The Material One's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, would only say that 'there is footage being shot of Britney some time this week in conjunction with Madonna's upcoming tour' and that the segment was not a music video.
'That is all the information I have available,' the rep added. 'The rest is a secret.'

From E! Online Via Yahoo! News

Britney tour video shoot confirmed

Following on from the tabloid rumours last weekend, Britney's manager Larry Rudolph has now confirmed to Access Hollywood that Britney is doing a video piece for Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour but denied the singer will appear live on stage with Madonna.

Liz Rosenberg also confirmed that part of the video was filmed on Sunday 06 July.

Mexican TV: Sandria Show

Mexican TV show the Sandria Show filmed a special show about a Mexican Madonna party that was held recently. The show will be broadcast on Wednesday 08 July at 16:00 (Mexico local time) and repeated on Saturday 12 July at 16:30 (Mexico local time). Fans can also watch a live stream of the show on the internet at and click on 'En Vivo'(Live).

Madonna issues statement on rumours

Madonna on Sunday took the rare step of issuing a formal denial of reports linking her to US baseball star Alex Rodriguez and speculation she was to divorce British director Guy Ritchie.
In an exclusive statement released to celebrity magazine People, Madonna poured scorn on suggestions she was in a romantic relationship with New York Yankees star Rodriguez.
The 49-year-old pop icon also scotched speculation that she was seeking a divorce from 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' director Ritchie after seven years of marriage.
'My husband and I are not planning on getting a divorce,' Madonna was quoted as saying in the People statement.
The singer insisted she only knew Rodriguez because they shared the same manager, Guy Oseary.
'I brought my kids to a Yankee game. I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez,' Madonna said.
Rodriguez's wife Cynthia, who recently gave birth to the couple's second child, was reported to have left the slugger last week, citing Madonna as the cause of her marital breakdown, and alleging Madonna wooed Rodriguez to Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism.
'I have nothing to do with the state of his marriage or what spiritual path he may choose to study,' added Madonna, who said she issued the statement to distinguish 'fact from fiction.'
'I have learned over the years not to take accusations and the many false reports about me very seriously,' she said.
'I also appreciate how fiction and fact seem to be perceived as one and the same by people who read both newspapers and the Internet.'

From AFP Via Yahoo! News

Events: Counterfeit Skin

After its phenomenally successful run at the Courtyard Theatre at the beginning of the year, Counterfeit Skin by Jason Charles is back by popular demand. A new updated version will be performed in the main house of the Courtyard Theatre in London with a brand new cast and director. It opens on 22nd July 2008 for a three-week run.

Counterfeit Skin is about a young male receptionist named Mach who is obsessed with Madonna. She is his icon and inspiration and he loses himself in her music to escape his unhappy life. The highlight of Madonna's career for Mach was her empowering Blonde Ambition tour, and Mach's attempts to recreate moments from it....on the reception desk and even on his boss's living room floor....end up changing his life.

Courtyard Theatre, 40 Pitfield Street, London, N1 6EU
22nd July to 10th August 2008
Starts 7:30pm (no Monday performances) /

Britney to shoot a video backdrop for tour?

Madonna has reportedly asked Britney Spears to join her on tour, in a bid to help the troubled star resurrect her singing career.
The Material Girl hitmaker is set to meet with Spears in New York on Sunday to record a video, which will be broadcast on big screens during her upcoming Sticky and Sweet tour, due to kick off on 23 August.
And according to reports, the 49-year-old has even invited the Toxic star to join her onstage at some of her world tour dates.
A source tells British newspaper The Sun, 'They are recording a video together on Sunday that will provide the backdrop for part of Madonna's show. And they are talking about Britney taking the stage on a few of the dates too. It's hoped that Madonna can help Britney get back to her old self.'


Miley Cyrus: I want to be the next Madonna

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus is determined to be the next Madonna - citing the pop superstar as her ultimate inspiration.
The Hannah Montana singer/actress hopes for a long and successful music career and is convinced she will be able to ape the Holiday hitmaker by constantly changing her image.
Cyrus tells America's People magazine, 'Madonna always reinvents herself, and that's what I want to do. Whatever comes my way that sounds good, that's what I want to do. Whether it's designing clothes or photography or whatever.'


Sticky & Sweet Tour to visit Budva

Madonna's official website have just confirmed the news that the Sticky & Sweet Tour will stop in Budva, Montenegro:

We are happy to confirm that a show in Budva, Montenegro, was just added to Madonna's 2008 tour itinerary. The show will take place at Budva's Jaz Beach on Thursday 25 September. Tickets will go on sale Friday 11 July at 10:00am, local time. A devoted fan club presale will start on Wednesday 09 July at 10:00am local time.

Madonna and Guy dine out in New York City

Diners at New York City's 'Cesca, an Italian eatery on the Upper West Side, got a surprise Tuesday night when Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie walked in, holding hands.
They looked 'like a normal couple that just wanted to have a nice dinner out,' says an onlooker. 'They looked very unassuming. Not like they were looking for attention.'
Seasoned New Yorkers are quite accustomed to spotting celebrities at the restaurant (and Madonna does have an apartment in the neighborhood). Still, seeing the queen of pop and her director husband together in public is a rare occurrence – and a meaningful one.
'Everyone was whispering and saying, 'Wow, that was Madonna. She is supposed to be separating from her husband. I can't believe she is here,'' the observer adds.
But Madonna and Ritchie didn't flinch. The couple, who've been plagued by breakup rumors, continued with their cozy, hour-long dinner before leaving - also hand-in-hand.
'Madonna's husband Guy arrived in New York last night to be with his wife and family (not in a last-ditch attempt to save his marriage which does not need saving),' the singer's rep Liz Rosenberg told PEOPLE Tuesday. 'There are no plans for Madonna and Guy to divorce.'

Visit to view pictures of Madonna and Guy in New York City.


Liz Rosenberg speaks up about the rumours

Madonna's spokeswoman has released an exclusive statement to PEOPLE rejecting reports that the singer's marriage to her film director husband Guy Ritchie is on the rocks.
'Madonna's husband Guy arrived in New York last night to be with his wife and family (not in a last ditch attempt to save his marriage which does not need saving),' Liz Rosenberg told PEOPLE. 'There are no plans for Madonna and Guy to divorce.'
Rosenberg also denied a published report of a relationship between the singer and New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez. 'Madonna and Alex have the same manager, Guy Oseary,' Rosenberg says. 'They have met. They know each other and Madonna took her kids to a Yankees game last week. There’s really not anything to comment on beyond that.'
Adds Rosenberg: 'It's nothing new that people are airing tons of dirty laundry Madonna’s way lately – much of it untrue.'


Liz Smith reports from the tour rehearsals

US newspaper columnist and Madonna champion Liz Smith attended the Sticky & Sweet Tour rehearsals and offers this report:

'UHHH....I can't jump rope in high heels!'
'Well, not that high a heel.'
OK folks, who do we know who would jump rope (double dutch, too) in heels? Of course! It is our old friend, the indomitable Madonna.
La Ciccone has been rehearsing her 'Sticky and Sweet' tour in a massive space in New York. Her latest troupe of beautiful dancers is present, as is every other member of a massive Madonna undertaking. When the boss works, everybody works! It is 80 degrees and humid outside. Inside, it's a steam bath. Madonna does not enjoy air conditioning. (Audiences tend to leave her concerts having lost about 10 pounds in water weight.) Everybody looks whipped. Not Madonna.
Without makeup, her long blond hair lank, dressed in funereal black rehearsal togs, she looks fresher, younger and more vital than she does on the red carpet. (She also looks less muscular. Concert lighting and flash photography tends to over-emphasize her toned sinew.) She certainly shakes a tail feather like she is still writhing along the canals in Venice for the 'Like a Virgin' video, filmed before most of her dancers were born.
People close to Madonna, those who love her, are always saying, 'Why don't you relax more, have some fun?' Sometimes she will agree. But most of the time she doesn't bother to give concerned parties her life memo: hard work - pushing herself to the limit and most of all, dancing is her fun and relaxation. So many of her songs celebrate the power of dance and how it can free you - perhaps just temporarily - from immediate care.
Watching this star go through her paces, she seems not to have a care in the world, except to perfect her show. 'That sucked!' she declares after failing to execute her double dutch without error. 'I have to be better.' Madonna pauses and gives a mock scowl to her dancers, 'And so does everybody else.'
Later, she painstakingly explains her vision on one of the numbers. The choreographer is working only from an e-mail he just received from Madonna. She has her vision, now she has to communicate it. The number will feature four girls who are dressed up in various iconic versions of Madonna images past. She's laughing at her old 'looks' and discussing the particulars. 'At first I thought mannequins, then no, real girls would be better. Truthfully, I wanted drag queens - who does me better? But I figured that might be too much drama, you know - those girls love their scenes. And I provide enough of that!'
As Madonna recruits the dancers who'll stand and strike a pose, each holding or wearing a prop, the star will snatch away, the choreographer beams, 'Oh, this is getting so wickedly weird. Now I'm really loving it!'
Throughout the afternoon and evening, Madonna never flags, and never loses her sense of humor or the maternal camaraderie she always shares with her dancers.
Happily lost in her greatest love - her work - it doesn't seem the time or place to bring up her supposedly failing marriage or the betrayal of her brother, Christopher Ciccone, and his tell-all book. (Poor Christopher. He has made his bed, and already the peas in his mattress are the size of boulders. In the end, he will have helped sell a gazillion more tickets to his sister's concerts.) Will Madonna and Guy Ritchie separate? I don't know. I do know they have been deeply in love, very much in sync (certainly at one time), and both these strong-willed people have tried hard to accommodate the other.
The last time I saw Guy and Madonna together they couldn't have been more convivial and affectionate. They were in public, of course, so we take the proverbial grain of salt on that one. I don't think the towel is thrown in yet. It's damp and well used. It's hanging crooked on the shower stall. But it's not quite ready for the hamper. She has three children. She is not cavalier when it comes to divorce. (Remember, this is only her second marriage.)
Certainly Madonna does not look or behave like a woman whose marriage is on the rocks. She wouldn't show that face anyway; that's a great part of her appeal. She doesn't beg her audience for love or understanding. You either understand or you don't. Seen through the oft-distorted prism of the media, her ambition and 'manipulation' is not always admired. Still, many do admire her, without really admitting she has talent. Millions more worship her as a figure of empowerment and forging success in a man's world on a man's terms.
She's the music industry's Hillary Clinton, jumping rope in high heels.

From New York Post

Fire at Madonna's childhood home suspicious

A weekend fire that destroyed a childhood home of Madonna has been deemed suspicious by arson investigators. The Oakland County Sheriff's Arson Unit and the Rochester Hills Fire Department are investigating the Friday night blaze.
A passer-by had noticed flames coming out of the unoccupied house in the Detroit suburb of Rochester Hills and called the fire department.
Rochester Hills Fire Chief Ron Crowell told The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press the fire appears to have started in the living room area. He said it caused extensive smoke and fire damage throughout the two-story brick house.
The 49-year-old Madonna, known then as Madonna Louise Ciccone, spent some of her younger years as one of six siblings living in the home.

From AP Via Yahoo! News