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Britney tour video shoot confirmed


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I read it its a truthful book. madonna is cold and calculating, and strange. But i still love her!


Oh my god, sh's awful on this picture...


Hey,Madonna's fans,you can bitch and moan here but like it or not the book will be big and you know it. It is because you all gonna buy it. I don't care about Madonna and I won't spend a penny on this book.


i can't believe you are giving this asshole any sort of attention, what a loser, how embarrassing it must be to have him as a brother and i'm sure his friends are not very comfortable being associated with him...


meh blah


Madonna does not deserve this .. Madonna is amazing.. we all know she can be a little nasty at time.. but who cares shes Madonna!
i'll probably read the book just to see what going on with madonna.. but i feel bad giving any money to this jerk.. madonna was alwase good to him .. i don't understand y he would even consider doing this.. its unauthorized.. i dont think he should even be aloud to publish it .. !

w.e madonna wont lose any fame because of it. im still going to her tour (which im so exited about) and she'll still be the best!


As much as a Madonna fan I am we all know Madonna didn't make it to the top because she was NICE! I'm totally buying the book . If anyone knows Madonna it's her brother. Besides you guys a little birdie told me this book was totally leaked so that Madonna could get extra press because her tour needs it. Her brother looks like a scumbag for spilling the beans and she Madonna gains the sympathy card from her fans and makes new ones. Genius. The woman is the Queen of Controversy for a reason.


I am not going to waste my time and money for this book. I did, however, spent my hard earned cash to see Sticky & Sweet Tour. Can't wait.

BTW, crack is whack.


Boy, Christopher must be really desperate to betray his own flesh and blood. How about getting a job like the rest of the world? Well, I'm sure he can put whatever money he makes from this book in the huge hole where his heart should be. Sad.


sure gonna buy a copy! can't wait!
and btw it is an unflatering pic, but she's looked worse many times before


I guess he didn't make "Enough" money with his restaurants? I just wanna know what's the purpose in doing this to his sister? if I was her I'll NEVER,NEVER EVER GOING TO SPEAK TO MY BROTHER!!!! Hey guys you all have my support, I'M NOT GONNA BUY THIS RABISH!!!


Despite more controversy, Madonna's life is so fascinating (and we know all the details anyway)....I'm going to read it, but maybe Christopher C. should listen to Madonna's song, Keep it Together, about the importance of family.


Tracy - I totally agree!! No REAl Madonna fan should buy this!!!

Juan Pablo Linares

Ummm if I get it online I will read it, but I'm not going to buy it. I'm very sad for Madge, she don't deserve this from his own brother.


this is quite sad-they seemed so close-& he seemed talented-i think he's just out to make a quick buck.shame.


I only hope that any madonna fan WILL NOT support this disgrace. Why give any money to a 'man' that sells out his sister for cash - we all know Chrisopter spent all his money in drugs and he is desperate for money - very sad. Please don't support this.

Juan Pablo Linares

Don't like Madge's face here. ¿Does he hate her???


Without Madonna you can not exist!
Shame on you


that is one ugly picture !


Oh my god; what a b*****d cashing in on his sisters fame like that... hmm; I'll DEFINITELY be buying a copy though - sorry Madge.


This could be very exciting. I'm not sure I believe all of the A-Rod and divorce rumors, but I want to read Christopher's book. I didn't know Christopher and Madonna were estranged.


Its bad enough he's betraying M, but that picture is just unflattering. We know M looks 100 times better than that.

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