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UK TV: Nations Favourite Madonna Songs

Alastair Bennett from Box Television Ltd has contacted madonnalicious help finding Madonna fans to vote and take part in a Madonna special:

We need YOU to help us discover what the Nation's Favourite Madonna Songs are. Just visit and all will be revealed.
You can also star in the show! We'd love to invite you to come to one of our filming days so that you can be a part of the show.
There is a shoot in central London on Tuesday 05 August, and one in Manchester city centre on Wednesday 06 August.
It will all take less than an hour to do, and you can bring any friends with you, as long as you are all happy to talk about Madonna, and really get into the spirit of the show.
Please could let us know as soon as possible if you can attend on one of these days, so that we can book in a time for you to come in and see us. We look forward to meeting you! Just email us at [email protected]

Liz Rosenberg speaks up about Madonna's health

Everybody has a bad angle, even Madonna.
The singer, 49, was photographed Friday leaving the Kaballah Center in New York looking gaunt and tired. But pictures can lie, says her publicist.
'I just think the photographer got a bad shot of her or it was touched up to make her look bad,' says her rep Liz Rosenberg. 'I saw Madonna two days before at her rehearsal and she looked amazing – glowing skin and working really hard on her show.'
'She may look a little thinner than usual,' continues Rosenberg, 'but she was dancing and singing better than ever and ate a nice healthy meal.'
Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Hoefflin says weight loss can make for sharp cheekbones.
'From a physician who has never evaluated or treated Madonna, it's my impression that if she has lost significant weight, that you're seeing a good amount of facial fat loss in her face,' he tells PEOPLE.
'The cheekbones can often stand out, appearing as [though] someone has undergone some form of mid-face enhancement,' he adds.
As for the expression on Madonna's face in the photos, her rep joked, 'Maybe she was getting ready to hurl a spitball at somebody.'
Could it be the stress of the recent the rumors about her marriage? No, says Rosenberg.
'She's working hard rehearsing eight hours a day for her tour,' says the rep, who also called rumors that the singer ghost-wrote parts of her brother's tell-all book 'ludicrous.'
'If she had anything to do with that book, it would have been better written and more eloquent,' says Rosenberg. 'To say Madonna needs publicity is insane. Her ticket sales are amazing. And she's in a great space.'

Check out for the picture that sparked a thousand rumours!

Madonna Honorary Chairperson at Mane Event

Madonna is listed as the honorary chairperson for the Mane Event: A Benefit for Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue which takes place on Saturday 09 August from 8:00pm-11:00pm

The evening is hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow and Steven Klein, with co chairs Kelly Klein, Sale Johnson and Marcy Warren. There will be a performance at 9:00pm by Olympic Rider Robert Dover.

Tickets range from $500 to $2500. For information call Linda B Shapiro at LBS Productions 631.329.5480


Swedish TV: Madonna Birthday Night

Kanal 5 in Sweden are showing a tribute to Madonna for her 50th birthday. They will show Who's That Girl, I'm Going To Tell You A Secret, Desperately Seeking Susan, The Confessions Tour Live From London and In Bed With Madonna.

Kanal 5 says: 'She's an icon! We thought it would be fun to pay attention when one of the worlds biggest stars turns 50 and at the same time invite our viewers to have a nostalgic trip through her long career.'

The tribute starts at 4:10pm on Saturday 16 August.

Thanks to S in Stockholm

Official Tour Afterparty in Amsterdam

Music store FAME organises the one and only official Madonna after party together with concert promoter MOJO in the Heineken Music Hall under the name of Fame Candy Club.

The Heineken Music Hall (which is opposite of the ArenA) will be transformed with Hard Candy style decorations for the party straight after the concert on Tuesday 02 September.

Thanks to Kimberley at

Traverse City buzzing at a chance to see Madonna

Reservations for Saturday started pouring in more than a month ago to Red Ginger.
Tables usually are booked a few days in advance at the popular Asian-themed restaurant in Traverse City. But this won't be any old day for businesses and residents of the tranquil cherry capital.
It's Madonna day, and that changes everything.
The 49-year-old Material Girl is coming Saturday to the Traverse City Film Festival to introduce her documentary about the orphans of Malawi, 'I Am Because We Are.'
Locals are quick to point out that Madonna has visited the region privately. Her father's Ciccone Vineyards and Winery is located in nearby Suttons Bay (and it's a site of a reception tonight for festival sponsors).
But now Madonna will be part of a very public event in her home state. And the world's biggest pop diva is doing it at a time when her personal life, always a hot gossip item, is under extra-intense scrutiny.
'It's definitely generated a lot of excitement. A lot. It's the talk of the town,' says Mark Haworth, manager of Red Ginger, who hopes Madonna can drop by the VIP room that will be set aside for special festival guests.
The plan is for Madonna to fly in Saturday from New York, where she's rehearsing for her upcoming world tour (which currently doesn't have a metro Detroit stop). She's supposed to depart later that night.
She's expected to introduce the film at a sold-out 8 p.m. screening at the State Theatre (a sold-out audience at the nearby City Opera House will see a simulcast of her appearance).
A possible question-and-answer session afterward hasn't been confirmed.
'It's going to be an electrifying moment. There's only going to be 500 people in the theater. Usually, if you want to see Madonna, you're in a 20,000-seat arena,' says the festival's founder, Oscar-winning director Michael Moore, who invited Madonna to be part of this year's lineup. 'Ten minutes into the film, you're going to forget about all the noise that surrounds the celebrity aspect of this and get into the film in a deep and personal way.'
Moore's prediction just may come true. Residents of Traverse City sound committed to keeping things as civilized and frenzy-free as possible.
Madonna mania may be the norm in the tabloids, but that's not how they roll in northern Michigan.
'We tend to be kind of protective of our celebrities,' says Mike Norton of the Traverse City Convention & Visitors Bureau. 'One of the worries here, if there is a worry, is not having Madonna around, but that some people would create a crush experience. We're just not like that here. People come here to relax and get away from that kind of stuff.'
In other words, if anyone behaves rudely on Saturday, it's likely to be the paparazzi, not a native. 'We'd be embarrassed if someone came up here and wouldn't have the space to relax,' says Norton.
Celebrity media outlets like People magazine and the syndicated TV show 'Extra' are set to cover Madonna's visit.
'She's helping us in so many ways to get the word out about the festival, because everything she does is so interesting, in so many ways, to people,' says the festival's executive director, Deb Lake.

To read the rest of the article visit

From Detroit Free Press - thanks to Sharon

Events: Madonna's 50th Birthday Party in Brisbane

The annual Madonna Party is back at Globe Theatre, Brisbane, Australia!

A rare screening of Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) (M) from 7:00pm
Followed by....MADONNA PARTY
With DJ, dancefloor, music videos, licensed bar and giveaways!
*Playing nothing but Madonna music all night*
FRIDAY 15 AUGUST *18+ event
Entry $15.00 per person (film + party) $10.00 per person (party only)
Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley (Brisbane, Australia)

For more information visit or

Mr Ritchie talks to

All's well with the marriage of Guy Ritchie and Madonna, the film director tells PEOPLE - 'as far as I'm aware of,' he added with a smile.
A relaxed and cheerful Ritchie, 39, joined the cast of his upcoming directorial effort RocknRolla on Thursday afternoon at the San Diego International Comic-Con. Joined by his film's costars Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven and Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges to show scenes and sign autographs, Ritchie also spoke about how being married to the pop icon - whom he referenced only as 'my wife' - had allowed him to look at his hometown of London with fresh eyes.
'I was born there and I've seen it change and I know a great deal about it, I'm invested,' the director said. 'I live vicariously through my wife, so I was once a spy and now I've become a tourist, and it's much more fun to live in London as a tourist than it is as a spy'. He further observed, 'Someone told me the definition was a spy always looks for the bad stuff, and a tourist always looks for the good stuff. So that makes it easy, being married to an American.'
After spending time with Madonna, 49, in New York City - where the two faced intense speculation about the status of their marriage and she is rehearsing for her upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour - Ritchie headed to Los Angeles. There, he attended Kabbalah services and dined with Robert Downey Jr., who's set to star as Sherlock Holmes in a movie Ritchie will direct.


No Madrid for the Sticky & Sweet Tour?

Despite earlier announcements from the promoter to the press that Madonna would perform in Madrid on Tuesday 16 September, these reports were featured in the Spanish press this week:

Madonna has cancelled the concert to be offered in Madrid on September 16. The European agency of the artist 'has decided unilaterally not perform the concert that he had agreed with Last Tour International,' according to Europa Press reported sources close to the organizers.

Thanks to David

Request Give It 2 Me on Open House Party

Open House Party is a national radio show in the USA that airs on more than 155 radio stations simultaneously every weekend.
Getting Give It 2 Me played on this show would give the song huge radio exposure and might be the extra push that the song needs to become a hit and get played by Clear Channel and all of the stations that are still playing 'wait and see' with it.

Requests for Open House Party need to be emailed to [email protected] and/or people can call them in at 1-800-669-1010.

Thanks to Chad

Austrian Fans Wanted!

Rayna from Austrian radio has sent out this plea for Austrian Madonna fans:

Got an altar devoted to madonna in your bedroom/living room? Posters on the walls? You own each and every CD, DVD, video? You'd spend a small fortune and fly hundreds of kilometres just to see Madonna live (except for this year, since madonna's coming to Austria)! You would name your first born 'Madonna' even if it was a boy? Got a Madonna tattoo on your chest, arm or no-no place? You think madonna's the greatest artist ever?

Please contact us - even if you're not as extreme as described above ;-) We're doing a radio story and are looking for (male and female) hardcore Madonna fans in Austria who are not afraid to talk into a microphone! What's in it for you? No money, I'm afraid, but the chance to let the whole world know how grand Madonna is - and isn't that something? We're looking forward to hearing from you! Email us at [email protected]

Sticky & Sweet Amsterdam Golden Circle News

This news is just in from Kimberley at

Important information regarding the golden circle and Ticket de Luxe in Amsterdam for the Sticky & Sweet Tour!
There was a lot of confusion whether people with regular field tickets would stand a chance to get into the golden circle. Live Nation elsewhere (not in Holland) had said that there was an area in front of the stage for all Hot Ticket holders and that regular field tickets could not take their place in the golden circle.
After emailing and making lots of phone calls, MOJO today confirmed to us that Madonna's management have finally confirmed that people with regular field tickets CAN access the golden circle! People with a Ticket de Luxe have a different entrance to the golden circle, however this is only a couple of hundred people while a couple of thousand fit in the golden circle, so if you're on time you're guaranteed a spot in the golden circle!
News concerning the goodies that will be given to Ticket de Luxe holders, unfortunately is still unknown.

UK Magazines: Radio Times

A BBC Radio 4 program called Material Girls is previewed in this weeks edition of UK magazine Radio Times (26 July - 01 August issue).

The radio show which airs on Saturday 26 July at 10:30am, looks at two cultural icons that celebrate their 50th birthdays this year - Madonna and Barbie!

Thanks to Mandi

A deeper (and deeper) look into Madonna rarities

The July edition of Record Collector magazine, featuring Madonna on the cover, is beginning to hit newsstands around the world. As madonnalicious previously reported, the magazine that is 'serious about music' includes the article Madonna Rare - Unwrapping the Candy, by Peter Magennis and takes a look at the B-sides and rarities from the most collectable diva of all. madonnlicious caught up with Peter recently and delved a little deeper (and deeper) into Madonna's rarities, revealing some previously unknown information about Madonna's unreleased songs in the process including....

madonnalicious: Hello Peter and welcome to madonnalicious

Peter: Hi Clare! It's a pleasure to be here. I've read your site as far back as when you used to be - back in the olden days! And you have always been my one stop (candy) shop for all the latest Madonna news - all killer, no filler!

madonnalicious: Thank you! Another thing we have in common I gather from your recent Record Collector 'Meet the Team' blurb is that you also used to be an avid reader of Smash Hits magazine.

Peter: You bet I was! I remember in those pre-Internet days of the 1980s, being super excited about getting my new copy of Smash Hits every fortnight. Rarely a fortnight went by without the magazine being stuffed with tons of Madonna news, posters and song words. It was a must-have for every young Madonna fan and it definitely helped to ignite my passion for pop music.
In particular, I remember being super excited when Smash Hits published a feature on Like a Prayer that included interviews with Patrick Leonard and Stephen Bray. I was only about 11 years-old at the time, but I had been reading the sleeve notes of every record I owned since as long as I can remember, and probably every record in my parents' collection as well for that matter, so of course I knew that Patrick and Stephen were the guys behind all my favourite Madonna songs of the time.
As well as the interviews, the Smash Hits feature revealed the titles of some previously unreleased Madonna songs ('Supernatural', 'First is a Kiss' and 'Love Attack') and from that moment on I was determined to know more about Madonna's creative process in the recording studio, but I never dreamed I would actually wind up speaking to her co-producers. Over the past few years I've been lucky enough to work on a project that has so far led to me speaking to over 100 people who have worked in the studio with Madonna, so in a way, I guess some of my childhood dreams have become a reality, which is pretty cool!

madonnalicious: It certainly sounds like an exciting project!

Peter: It has definitely had its moments, but it's also been a big test of my patience, my tenacity and had been a LOT of hard work!

madonnalicious: What's been the most exciting moment?

Peter: There's so many. My very first interview was so exciting I could barely hold the phone! And then my first face-to-face interview was backstage at a big music festival where I bumped into lots of bands, including Scissor Sisters - who I also totally worship. Visiting the Library of Congress was also definitely a highlight because it's where I first heard the so-called 'Rain Tapes', as was going to The Music Building in NYC, although the smell was pretty bad! There have been a few more since then and definitely more on the horizon, but I can't really talk about that - yet!

madonnalicious: Your Record Collector feature revealed for the first time information about the Tilt cover of Madonna's 'I Can't Forget', which we featured on madonnalicious a couple of weeks ago.

Peter: Yes, which Tilt re-titled 'Come Closer'. I can't believe it was actually in record stores for so long before so many fans became aware of its existence. But it's a great version of her song, isn't it?

madonnalicious: Yes, good lyrics and a cool song. (Tilt's Vaults can be ordered from Zavvi at You also revealed information about another cover of an unreleased Madonna song - Sophie Ellis Bextor's cover of 'Revenge' from the Ray of Light sessions.

Peter: Yeah, that's right. I was surprised to hear about that. Greg Fitzgerald who co-wrote 'Revenge' told me about that and by the way, he's as nice a guy as he is talented and you must check out his Black Fras project at his website here at
Greg had worked with the equally talented Rick Nowells, who as fans will know worked with Madonna on some tracks that made it on to Ray of Light, albeit re-recorded with William Orbit. 'Revenge' was one of just a number of songs that Madonna recorded with Rick that she didn't release and some of them were offered to other artists to record, however, only Laura Pausini's version of Madonna's unreleased 'Like a Flower', re-titled 'Mi Abbandono a Te', would get an official release.
Many fans already know about Kylie recording another Madonna/Nowells track from the Ray of Light sessions, 'Alone Again', because it was so well publicised, even making the cover of The Sun. But unfortunately, someone (not Madonna or Kylie) had a change of heart at the last minute and the song didn't make it onto the B-side of Kylie's 'Come Into My World' as planned. At least we finally go to hear Kylie's version of the song on the soundtrack to her White Diamond documentary last year.
The same thing more-or-less happened with Sophie, which is a shame because her version of 'Revenge' is amazing and in my humble opinion it could easily have been a single. Greg even went to the trouble of recording a live orchestra for the song that really adds a new depth not heard on Madonna's version of the song. Sophie has often mentioned in interviews how she admires Madonna's stage persona and, like Madonna, Sophie also assumes a character when she is performing, albeit in a less theatrical way. So, I think she was a great artist to record a Madonna track.
Interestingly, Greg Fitzgerald also produced Jessica Simpson's 'Forbidden Fruit', which many people at the time mistook for a Madonna/Mirwais production.

madonnalicious: It makes you wonder if there are any other artists who have recorded any unreleased Madonna songs.

Peter: Well, it's funny you should say that. For example, Rico Conning, who has worked with William Orbit from the year dot, including his work with Madonna, told me that the Swedish girl group, Sahara Hotnights, covered 'Run'; one of the unreleased songs from the Madonna/Orbit Music sessions.

madonnalicious: It certainly sounds like there's quite a lot of material out there that perhaps fans aren't even aware of.

Peter: There's definitely a lot more out there that even her most hardcore fans don't know about. In fact, there's stuff out there that even her record label don't even know about. In fact, quite surprisingly (or maybe I should say not surprisingly, if you know anything about Madonna), there's stuff that she's recorded over the years that she doesn't even have in her possession any more, with the only copies of the songs being owned by her co-writers, even though I guess she would legally own the copyright.
But the scariest thing is that these tracks could get lost or destroyed over time. But what may seem like an important part of history to a Madonna fan is just another work-in-progress recording to a producer. And don't even get me started on Madonna - she's even been known to instruct her studio engineers to delete ideas in front of her! But I guess that's all part of her creative process and if she thinks an idea doesn't work in the studio the first time, why would she want to re-visit it and keep it around for posterity?
I guess that's just one of the secrets to her success - her unrelenting quality control.

madonnalicious: Have you any more plans for any other Madonna-related magazine features?

Peter: Most definitely! I'm actually working on a feature for another magazine, that is a lot more in-depth and features much more from my interviews with her collaborators. As soon as I have details of exactly when and where you can find it, you'll be the first to know!

The July edition of Record Collector magazine is hitting international newsagents now. If you can't find it in your country, you can order the magazine at

To order a copy of Tilt's Vaults, featuring 'Come Closer', please visit

To contact Peter Magennis, email [email protected]

Vote: Richard and Judy Sofa Superstars

Richard & Judy look back over some of the biggest names interviewed on the show since it started on Channel 4 in 2001. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Madonna and Britney, it’s a difficult choice but over the next ten weeks, Richard & Judy viewers will vote online for their top ten interviewees from a list of thirty to compile their ultimate sofa of superstars.

Madonna's 2004 appearance on the show is up for voting this week against Owen Wilson and Antonio Banderas - to vote for Madonna visit

A download of the interview is in the madonnalicious Downloads section here.

Thanks to johnoc

Madonna and Bob Sinclar get Sticky & Sweet

We are happy to confirm that French DJ Bob Sinclar will be the opening act for Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet' shows in Paris on September 20 and 21.
After European hits such as 'Feel For You' and 'The Beat Goes on', back in the late 90's, Sinclar also released the amazing 'Love Generation' and 'World Hold On' singles, which hit the top of the charts in most European countries.


Sticky & Sweet Tour in Valencia

After a few days of rumours, have confirmed that the Sticky & Sweet Tour will stop in Valencia, Spain on Thursday 18 September at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo Cheste.

The general public sale of tickets starts Friday 18 July at 10:00am local time, and a devoted ICON Fan Club presale will start today (Wednesday 16 July) at 2:00pm local time.

Give It 2 Me in the UK midweek charts

The UK single chart midweeks have just been announced and it looks like Madonna is heading for another Top Ten hit.

Although McFly look untouchable at the top of the chart, the rest of the top six are very close - so remember every download and purchase counts - so let's get Madonna into the Top Five.

#1 McFly 7695
#2 Dizzee Rascal 3042
#3 Kid Rock 3040
#4 Basshunter 3001
#5 Jordin Sparks 2989
#6 Madonna 2989

Thanks to Chris

Site News: Sticky & Sweet Spoiler Free Edition

madonnalicious is now offering it's readers the chance to stay tour spoiler free for as long as they wish.

To be spoilt rotten with tour news, rumours, updates, pictures and reviews please stay on madonnalicious - news. For those who do not wish to be spoiled until they see the show bookmark madonnalicious - tour spoiler free where you will still get all the latest Madonna news on that page - and don't worry madonnalicious will still let you know about tour ticket sales on the spoiler-free site!

And for those readers that were experiencing page loading issues, changing to this three-column design should (in theory) eliminate those problems!