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Britney to shoot a video backdrop for tour?

Madonna has reportedly asked Britney Spears to join her on tour, in a bid to help the troubled star resurrect her singing career.
The Material Girl hitmaker is set to meet with Spears in New York on Sunday to record a video, which will be broadcast on big screens during her upcoming Sticky and Sweet tour, due to kick off on 23 August.
And according to reports, the 49-year-old has even invited the Toxic star to join her onstage at some of her world tour dates.
A source tells British newspaper The Sun, 'They are recording a video together on Sunday that will provide the backdrop for part of Madonna's show. And they are talking about Britney taking the stage on a few of the dates too. It's hoped that Madonna can help Britney get back to her old self.'



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Mario E.

Madonna is a smart woman and i truly believe she sees herself in Britney... Britney is a talented young woman, she did have some problems a couple of months ago but thats all in the past and you guys will be surprised of what Britney is capable of doing and how talented she is... Madonna definitely knows this and thats the reason why she invited her... Also Madonna knows she needs to top her last tour which was amazing and that will defintely be Britney...


this is a madonna tour and I don't care if she sings with Britney, who doesn't excite me I have to say, or with another person... a madonna tour is always a great experience so she will surprise us anyway, I'm counting the days to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the last thing I´d like to see at her show is britney!!!..please dont!!!!!!


Madonna leave Britney where she is. We dont need to see her talentless self at your concert. It's enough that you put us through the pain of dealing with Timberlake on this last album. If you want somebody fresh and new, then pick Rihana!

Christopher in Kalamazoo

I think your comments are harsh and judgmental. If you don't care for Britney - fine but making negative statements about her character is really telling of the type of person you are. The only negative impact you are having is on yourself. I'm quite sure if these rumors and speculation are true that the outcome will be no less than spectacular. After all it still is Madonna's show. Try and focus that negative energy somewhere else; into something positive and see how much better you'll feel.

On a side note - Britney is young, I'm sure you don't want mistakes you have made held against you for the rest of your life.


I think Madonna sees alot of her very early self in Britney. Fortunately for Madonna, fame & success came at an later time her life and a different time in pop culture then Britney. I'm sure Madonna relates with the media scrutiny and feels sorry that this person in trouble cannot escape from the trampings of fame. I'm sure Madonna has been in same situation but was able to make the right choices cause her head was screwed on right.

Britney has made some improvements in her life and career of late. Thanks to her father she seems to be on the right long road to recovering herself. It would be a good step for her if she did tour with Madonna.

I'm guessing Britney would open the American dates of the tour. Of course this would just add to the hype of a Madonna tour, not to mention sell out the remaining venues which most stops have not yet sold out. (don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Madonna can't sell out a tour. it just takes a little longer to sell tickets when the majority of the tickets are priced at $350 each. especially in America where we are in a recession.

so, I think it would be great if she opens the shows as long as she ready health wise and emotionally.


I couldn't agree more with you Miguel!!!! I CAN'T STAND HER!!! Like I said 'I ONLY PAY A TICKET TO SEE 'ONLY' MADONNA NOT WITH BRITNEY INCLUDED!!!:/


GOD I hope not!!


I will never understand how some Madonna fans could like Britney. They are the completely opposite. Britney is everything Madonna never wanted to be. And Madonna is everything Britney could never be.
Madonna is talented, genuine, honest with her fans, creative, incredibly smart. Britney is nothing but a pretty face, completely shallow and hollow.


Oh no.
That´s the last thing I wanted to hear. Just when we thought Britney was gone!
There are so many other great artist to record with. Madonna, what are you thinking!!!
Don´t bring her back please!!!!!!!!!!

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