Give It 2 Me Promotional Remix CD
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Glad to see how great "4 Minutes" is doing but Madonna needs to step up and promote the album more and the new single!! "Give it 2 Me" is bombing in the U.S and her "Hard Candy" isn't exactly burning up the sales charts either! She's getting way too much attention for her personal life these days than her music.


she deserves it!!!!!!!!!!


I think Madonna, Timberland and Justin have managed to create a funky dance song with a social message and a lot of sexy illusions.

This song is just great to do everything with. They have great chemistry together.

Give It TO me is number 1 in the Netherlands. Two number 1 songs from the same album has not happened here before.

She is going to blow the Roof off the Amsterdam Arena once and for all. Dutch fans are going to give it to her all right. We are not afraid of strong sexy women, we just celebrate and worship them.
Bless her Madjesty queen of the universe.

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