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Madonna in Montenegro?

Another day, another tour date rumour - this time about a tour stop in Montenegro. Remember this is just a rumour and nothing is official until confirmed by Madonna's official website:

Madonna’s concert will definitely be held in Budva at Jaz Beach., says Blazo Radoman from the Tourist Agency in Budva, adding that the contract with the popular singer’s management will be signed soon, as well as that Madonna will confirm within the next 30 days that Budva is on the list of countries which she is going to visit on her forthcoming tour. Details related to the exact date of the concert will soon be scheduled (Madonna will perform at Jaz Beach in late August or early September) and the pop-queen, who is coming to Budva with her husband Guy Richie and children, will spend three days in Budva.
'The contract is still not signed, but everything is arranged with Madonna's management. She is definitely coming to Budva and the contract will be signed within next 30 days, when Madonna confirms that Budva is on the list of the cities where she will sing this summer. We are expecting about 100,000 people at Jaz Beach since the forthcoming concert has drawn much attention. People are calling from neighboring countries, the Czech Republic, Russia, even England, where Madonna regularly performs,' Blazo Radoman says for 'Blic'.
Radoman also says that $5 million-remuneration has been a little exaggerated and that organization of the concert will be paid by the agency selected by Budva municipality.
'We are just providing the concert space at Jaz Beach, but other expenses will be covered by the agency organizing the concert. Madonna’s concert will be unprecedented spectacle and it will greatly contribute to the tourist promotion of Budva. In summer, all world media will mention Madonna's concert in Budva and such publicity cannot be measured with money,' Radoman explains.
Although it has been said that tickets for Madonna's concert will be cheaper than last year's tickets for 'The Rolling Stones' concert at Jaz Beach (the cheapest tickets were 35 Euros), Blazo Radoman says that the ticket price will be determined by the agency organizing the concert, in accordance with their business plans and arrangement with the managerial team of the popular singer.

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Hey, I've been dreaming of listening to her alive ever since I was a primary-school girl. I hoped she would visit Belgrade this summer....Still, Budva is close enough for a real fan from Serbia. Does anybody know whether it would be possible to buy tickets in Belgrade? Online payment is an acceptable option, but I cannot find any info on it. It might still be early but I'm just impatient. See you in Budva!!!

Clare Sandall

On there is an option to buy tickets for London on 13/9/08. Maybe another London date is being added?!

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