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Australian TV: Madonna Specials

MTV Channel
Madonna Unwrapped: A Hard Candy Special
Friday 04 July at 4:30pm
In Celebration of Madonna’s new album, Hard Candy, MTV Australia bring you this exclusive Madonna special. Including exclusive interview footage with Madonna discussing her latest album.

MAX Channel
Max Masters: Madonna
Tuesday 08 July at 8:30pm
Her Madgesty sits down with MAX to discuss her enviable career and fans will rejoice as the celebration continues the whole month long on Channel MAX.

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Sticky & Sweet Tour: Athens ticket frenzy!

Tickets for Madonna's Athens Sticky & Sweet Tour date went on sale to the general public this morning - here are some reports and pictures from madonnalicious readers:

From Gerasimos:
Very early this morning (at about 06:00am) about twenty people were standing in front of the ticket stand of the Olympic stadium.
Two hours later there were about 300 waiting to buy tickets for Madonna's concert (at the other sales point in the heart of Athens about 1000 people waiting for the TicketPro shop to open).
I was the second one in line but I got the first ticket (the one pictured below). A friend of mine also just informed me that the show is already SOLD OUT an there is a possibility of an extra date!

From Jason:
Today the Madonna tickets were on sale in Greece! Total hysteria! People slept outside the box offices. Everything was and is beyond any expectation. More than one hundred fans slept outside that box office. I went at 6:00am and I couldn't believe the people there already.
The internet ticket sales crashed for a few hours. And Madonna is everywhere on the TV, a lot of TV channels and newspapers were reporting sale from the box office.

Here are Jason's pictures of the queues outside the Athens ticket office.

More than a million tickets already sold

Madonna fans have turned out in record numbers for her world tour, concert promoter Live Nation Inc said on Thursday, seeking to knock down reports the Material Girl is losing her appeal.
The Los Angeles company said Madonna had sold more than one million tickets - over 90 percent of those available - for Madonna's 42-date global 'Sticky & Sweet' tour, which kicks off in Cardiff, Wales on August 23.
Live Nation is trying to transform itself into a comprehensive music company, offering artists recording contracts and merchandising deals, as well as touring and access to its live venues. Madonna was one of the biggest names the company has signed for a reported $120 million contract.
The New York Post reported on Tuesday that Madonna was failing to sell out certain venues, including a November date at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles that sold just 27,000 of 43,000 seats.
Live Nation spokesman John Vlautin confirmed the Los Angeles numbers, but said the global tour's ticket sales are on target to gross more than $250 million, which would shatter Madonna's own previous record for a female artist of $195 million from 'Confessions On A Dancefloor' tour two years ago.
It has been a difficult month for Live Nation, with speculation mounting on whether the company overpaid to sign artists such as Madonna and rapper Jay-Z to be part of its new '360-degree' business model.
Live Nation lost its chairman, Michael Cohl, last week after a fallout with Chief Executive Michael Rapino over this strategy. Cohl, who was head of Live Nation's artists division, had wanted to sign artists at a quicker pace, but Rapino wanted to sign around four to six marquee names a year. Cohl is now a consultant to the company.
There has also been concern the slowing U.S. economy would hurt nonessential items such as rock concert tickets, which can cost up to $200 each for major artists - the larger share of Live Nation's revenue streams.
Live Nation's management has said it is has seen no impact from the slowing economy, Vlautin said.

From Reuters Via Yahoo! News

Give It 2 Me not getting enough adds on US radio

The leading radio monitor in America has just released the Top40 add alert report for the week.
Madonna was not the top add. The Jonas Brothers were added at 47 radio stations over Madonna who was added at only 8 radio sations.
Last week 11 radio stations added the song hopefully they wont abandon the song. With the combined 19 stations the song will hopefully build momentum and eventually be added across the board.
We Madonna must unite and make our voices heard. Everyone must call their Top40 station in their respective cities and request Give It 2 Me. We cannot allow US Radio to ignore Madonna yet again.
If fans want all the singles from Hard Candy played in America fans must call Top 40 stations with our requests....but be polite!

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Dutch Charts: Give It 2 Me

Fantastic news for Give It 2 Me in Holland. After spending only one week in the Tipparade, Madonna enters the official Dutch Top 40 charts at #19. She is the second highest new entry after Kid Rock with All Summer Long.
This is great news when as this is based on airplay and downloads alone. Meanwhile 4 Minutes drops a little to #7.

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Second date added to Mexico City tour stop

A second date has just been added to the Sticky & Sweet Tour itiniery. Madonna will now also play the Foro Sol on Sunday 30 November.

Pre-sale tickets went on sale this morning for the Saturday 29 November date and within 50 minutes were sold out - the second date was added soon after.

Lorraine Baz of Ticketmaster Mexico said that 61% of tickets were sold via the internet, 32% at points of sale, 5% by telephone and 2% by ticket office.

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Exclusive Report: Come Closer

The current cover feature, Madonna Rare - Unwrapping the Candy, by Peter Magennis in the current July issue of Record Collector magazine examines the B-sides and rarities from the most collectable diva of all. The article has also brought to light a Madonna rarity available in record stores that has been lurking under fans' noses for almost two years, but has rather oddly remained undiscovered - until now!
The song in question is 'Come Closer' and as reported by Peter in this month's Record Collector, it was released by Lost Language in November 2006. The song appears on Vaults - a collection of unreleased tracks by UK dance outfit, Tilt. 'Come Closer' was produced by Mick Park, Mick Wilson and Danny Spencer and Kelvin Andrews, a.k.a. Soul Mekanik (Producers of Robbie Williams' 'Rock D.J.'), and was written by Madonna. Park comments in the liner notes: 'This Madonna song was left over from the Ray of Light album sessions, originally a ballad we twisted it a bit and John Elliott dropped the vocal.' recently spoke to Peter Magennis, author of the Record Collector article and he had this to say: 'Whilst researching another project I discovered a number of Madonna rarities that have slipped under even the most hardcore of fans' radars. One of the songs in question was 'Come Closer', which was brought to my attention by a fan in Canada by the name of Bertrand Joseph-Paré.
It really surprised me that seemingly nobody had heard of 'Come Closer', despite it being available to buy in record shops for so long. But I was more than a little stumped after reading the album sleeve notes. Having already interviewed several people who had worked with Madonna on Ray of Light, I was surprised to hear about another out-take from that album that I had yet to find any evidence of.'
When Record Collector's Peter Magennis spoke to Mick Park in 2007, Mick told a different story about the song's origin: 'Our old manager, John Cechinni, gave us the CD, which he had got from our publisher at the time. It was called 'I Can't Forget', but for what ever reason it was changed to 'Come Closer' at a later stage.'
The William Orbit-esque production on 'Come Closer' certainly sounds like it could have been a Ray of Light outtake, however Madonna's original song, 'I Can't Forget', was actually a collaboration with David Foster back in 1995 for her ballads retrospective, Something to Remember.
'I Can't Forget' first came to light after appearing on a song publishing database in the late 1990s. Peter Magennis recalls: 'When I first heard 'Come Closer' and heard Madonna's lyric, 'I can't forget you at all', it still didn't even dawn on me that it could be the infamous 'I Can't Forget' that I first read about so many years ago. I guess I was more than just a little swayed by the album's sleeve notes.'
Peter, who has interviewed over 100 people who have worked with Madonna in the recording studio, recalls: 'It wasn't until I actually spoke to Tilt's old manager, John Cechinni, who referred to the song by its original title that I had my light bulb moment and realised the song's origins and actually had to explain as much to both John and then Mick Park, when I finally interviewed him - and both of them weren't even aware of the song's origins.'
Peter continues: 'Although Madonna is credited as the sole writer on 'Come Closer', as many fans already know her original composition, 'I Can't Forget', was a co-write with tunesmith David Foster. Just like the other two Madonna/Foster co-writes, 'You'll See' and 'One More Chance', Madonna's original version of 'I Can't Forget' is also a ballad.' Mick Park remembers: 'It didn't really stand out at first; I remember we thought it was quite long. It was clearly an idea in the making with Madonna singing and a very basic backing track.'
Madonna's lyrics appear to be about a struggle within a relationship: 'If love means letting go of fear/Then I've got nothing but love for you dear'. Park surmises: 'It deals with the emotions and turmoil you put yourself through, so as a complete idea she nailed it perfectly.'

The July edition of Record Collector magazine is currently available at all good newsagents or to order at

To order a copy of Tilt's Vaults, featuring 'Come Closer', please visit

To contact Peter Magennis, email [email protected]

Entertainment Weekly Polls

Madonna is featured in two polls that were conducted by US magazine Entertainment Weekly:

50 Pop Culture Moments That Rocked Fashion:
1 - Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards (1984)
2 - Sarah Jessica Parker in the opening credits of Sex and the City (1998)
3 - Michael Jackson in the 'Thriller' video (1983)
4 - Sharon Stone at the Oscars (1996)
5 - Kurt Cobain and grunge style (1991)

The 100 Best Albums From 1983-2008:
1 - Purple Rain Prince and the Revolution (1984)
2 - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Lauryn Hill (1998)
3 - Achtung Baby U2 (1991)
4 - The College Dropout Kanye West (2004)
5 - Madonna Madonna (1983)

To read the rest of the list visit

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Dutchman Fedde Le Grand remixes Madonna

The news from Le Grand HQ never stops. To be honest, we're feeling a bit like CNN with the amount of stuff going on recently. It was only a few weeks ago we told you that Madonna had mixed Fedde's Put Your Hands Up for Detroit with her timeless classic - Music. Well we're back again with more Fedde/Madonna news, this time it's bigger, in fact it's much bigger!
For those who have had their heads stuck in the sand, Hard Candy is the latest long player from Madonna, and features collaborations from Pharrell, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. Following on from the debut single 4 Give it 2 Me, which in our opinion is one of the best cuts on the album.
Well, just a few weeks ago Madonna came knocking on Le Grand's door once again, this time requesting Fedde's remixing skills! The result of course is another Fedde Le Grand masterpiece. Fedde follows in the footsteps of fellow Dutch DJ/Producer Junkie XL, and becomes only the second Dutchman to ever remix the queen of pop.
The track will be available in July, and as soon as we can - we'll make it available at Fedde's myspace.

From Get In! Press Release

Madonna film festival tickets hit ebay

Traverse City Film Festival officials want an online auction site to remove ticket listings to a Madonna documentary screening, a marquee event of this summer's film event.
Entertainment superstar Madonna is scheduled to introduce in person her film, 'I Am Because We Are,' on Aug. 2 at the State Theatre. The $25 tickets sold out in a flash, and some subsequently showed up for sale on eBay. A search of the auction site Wednesday found about 10 tickets.
One listing reached $1,625 by Wednesday afternoon, with the seller updating the listing to say the auction was for a souvenir T-shirt and a ticket at face value. Another listing showed two tickets priced at $3,550, with time remaining to bid.
The second-time-around ticket market troubles festival officials.
'(We) contacted eBay and asked them to remove the erroneous listings,' said festival Executive Director Deb Lake.
Proceeds from the festival's sale of tickets benefit Raising Malawi Foundation, Madonna's charity for orphaned children. Festival founder Michael Moore said he wanted to keep ticket prices reasonable.
Festival officials are concerned about what some Internet sellers promised potential buyers. 'This is a once in a lifetime chance to talk with Madonna herself!' read a listing. Another said moviegoers 'may have the opportunity to meet' the star, and perhaps talk with her in small groups following the film.
'The claims and the descriptions are erroneous,' Lake said.
When the event was announced, Moore said Madonna would conduct a question-and-answer session after the film. But all that's confirmed now is that she will introduce it.
Marc Danyal of Keego Harbor posted two tickets for sale on eBay but is holding one for himself to see the film. Selling his tickets on eBay offers other Madonna fans a chance to see her, while Danyal plans to use the proceeds for a Madonna concert.
The State seats about 540, and those shut out of tickets also turned to the Internet. RJ Steyer, of Madison, Wis., posted a plea for tickets on a craigslist Web site, but hadn't yet obtained tickets. Steyer couldn't travel to Michigan to purchase tickets himself when they went on sale.
'I would really like to see the movie, and I don't even know if it's going to be released in any type of theater. Plus, I've been a fan for 25 years,' Steyer said.
Steyer is willing to pay $125 for a movie ticket but knows Madonna is a hot commodity. Tickets to the singer's concerts fetch many more times than face value, Steyer said.
Avid Madonna fan Anne Dettmer, of Chicago, found someone through craigslist who was wiiling to sell her a ticket.
'Actually, I don't want to say much because the tickets haven't come in the mail yet,' she said.
The cost was less than what eBayers are asking for, so Dettmer thinks she 'got a deal.'

From Traverse City Record Eagle By Vanessa McCray

First Preview: 4 Minutes in Get Smart

Martin from saw Get Smart and wanted to let fans know how Madonna's 4 Minutes is featured in the film:

I saw 'Get Smart' last night and I wanted to let you know about Madonna's '4 Minutes' and its role in the summer blockbuster, which, by the way, is quite funny and action-packed.
Mini-spoiler: The song doesn't play during the movie - only Timbaland's rousing intro is heard during a scene that inspires Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) to take action....and save the world, naturally. '4 Minutes' then plays over the end credits. Still, it's a cozy spot for one of summer's best songs.

Remixers had to turn down Madonna

Pop superstar Madonna has been sensationally snubbed by chart-topping DJs Freemasons - because they are too busy.
The duo - who has previously teamed up with Kelly Rowland to remix her single Work - was approached by the Material Girl hitmaker for a new collaboration, but they were forced to turn her down because of their already packed work schedule.
DJ Russell Small says, 'We turned down Madonna the other week, not because we wanted to, but because of a time issue.'
'We've two more remixes to do and we've just co-produced a track for the Will Young album, so we just didn't have time.'
'And we wanted to make an album at the end of the summer, so we're not taking on new material.'


Madonna European support act revealed

Robyn has been announced as the support act for Madonna's European tour dates. The Swedish popstar will join the material girl on the Sticky & Sweet tour throughout August and September.
The ladies shared the bill recently at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Maidstone, Kent on 10 May. Robyn almost stole the show, appearing with a band dressed as toy soldiers. She said: 'I'm very excited about sharing a stage with her.'
Madonna has sold nearly one million tickets to date for her shows across Europe and north America.
Robyn will play the following dates:

Nice Stade Charles Ehrmann (26 August)
Zurich Military Airfield Dubendorf (30 August)
Amsterdam Arena (02 September)
Dusseldorf LTU Arena (04 September)
Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena (09 September)
Lisbon Parque da Bela Vista (14 September)
Vienna Danube Island (23 September)
Athens Olympic Stadium (27 September)

The support on the UK legs of the tour in Cardiff and London have not been announced yet.

From BBC Newsbeat

4 Minutes on the Billboard Charts

4 Minutes holds at #10 in its 11th week in the Top 10 on this weeks Billboard Hot 100 and although 4 Minutes begins its natural decline it still remains high on many Billboard charts:

#2 - Billboard European Hot 100
#3 - Billboard Canadian Hot 100
#4 - Billboard Hot Dance Airplay
#4 - Billboad Hot Dance Single Sales
#5 - Billboard Hot Single Sales
#8 - Billboard Pop Airplay
#9 - Billboard Hot Digital Songs
#9 - Billboard Hot Digital Tracks
#11 - Billboard Pop 100

And 4 Minutes US Digital sales now stand at 1,720,759.

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Mexico City added to the Sticky & Sweet Tour

Madonna's official website have confirmed what will be the first date of the Mexico and South American leg of the Sticky & Sweet Tour:

We are happy to announce that a new city was just added to the 'Sticky & Sweet Tour' itinerary. Madonna will perform at Mexico City's Foro Sol on Saturday, November 29. Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, Jun 25, at 11am Local Time, while a devoted fan club presale will start on Thursday, June 19, at 11am, LOCAL TIME.

A Banco Nacional (Banamex) pre-sale will also take place on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 June.

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Give It 2 Me: Video Review

Take a look at Madonna's hot new video for 'Give It 2 Me' and keep in the back of your mind that she turns 50 this summer.
She struts her stuff in heels and clothes that shows off her still stunning body, and, thanks to assistance from Pharrell Williams, the song is as current as anything else on the pop music market.
Once agin it's time to be in awe of Madonna's amazing staying power as one of the world's top pop stars for 25 years! Don't get wrapped up too much in the superlatives. Just enjoy the video.

From By Bill Lamb

Madonna in Montenegro?

Another day, another tour date rumour - this time about a tour stop in Montenegro. Remember this is just a rumour and nothing is official until confirmed by Madonna's official website:

Madonna’s concert will definitely be held in Budva at Jaz Beach., says Blazo Radoman from the Tourist Agency in Budva, adding that the contract with the popular singer’s management will be signed soon, as well as that Madonna will confirm within the next 30 days that Budva is on the list of countries which she is going to visit on her forthcoming tour. Details related to the exact date of the concert will soon be scheduled (Madonna will perform at Jaz Beach in late August or early September) and the pop-queen, who is coming to Budva with her husband Guy Richie and children, will spend three days in Budva.
'The contract is still not signed, but everything is arranged with Madonna's management. She is definitely coming to Budva and the contract will be signed within next 30 days, when Madonna confirms that Budva is on the list of the cities where she will sing this summer. We are expecting about 100,000 people at Jaz Beach since the forthcoming concert has drawn much attention. People are calling from neighboring countries, the Czech Republic, Russia, even England, where Madonna regularly performs,' Blazo Radoman says for 'Blic'.
Radoman also says that $5 million-remuneration has been a little exaggerated and that organization of the concert will be paid by the agency selected by Budva municipality.
'We are just providing the concert space at Jaz Beach, but other expenses will be covered by the agency organizing the concert. Madonna’s concert will be unprecedented spectacle and it will greatly contribute to the tourist promotion of Budva. In summer, all world media will mention Madonna's concert in Budva and such publicity cannot be measured with money,' Radoman explains.
Although it has been said that tickets for Madonna's concert will be cheaper than last year's tickets for 'The Rolling Stones' concert at Jaz Beach (the cheapest tickets were 35 Euros), Blazo Radoman says that the ticket price will be determined by the agency organizing the concert, in accordance with their business plans and arrangement with the managerial team of the popular singer.

From - thanks to Lauren

Vienna is confirmed by

As part of her 'Sticky & Sweet Tour', Madonna will perform at Vienna's Donauinsel on Tuesday 23 September. Tickets will go on sale Monday 23 June at 10:00am local time.
If you're a member of Madonna's Official Fan Club, please note that a devoted presale will start on Wednesday 18 June at 10:00am LOCAL TIME.

Memoir coming from Madonna's brother

The mystery is solved: Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone, is writing a memoir about his sister, to be released in mid-July by an imprint of Simon & Schuster, the publisher told The Associated Press on Wednesday.
The imprint, Simon Spotlight Entertainment, had been promoting a celebrity memoir for July, without identifying the author or contents. 'Life With My Sister Madonna' will have a first printing of 350,000. Financial details were not disclosed.
'Ciccone's extraordinary memoir is based on his life and 47 years of growing up with and working with his sister — the most famous woman in the world,' the publisher said Wednesday in a statement.
Persuading stores to make 'blind' orders has been tried before. In 2006, William Morrow offered a mysterious tell-all that turned out to be by Princess Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell, who had already written about her. Retailers were angered and the book sold poorly.
Ciccone will work with Wendy Leigh, who has written biographies of Liza Minnelli and Grace Kelly and a highly critical book about Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Ciccone, 47, has worked often with his older sister, designing and directing her 'Girlie Show' tour in 1993 and serving as artistic director of her 1991 documentary, 'Madonna: Truth or Dare.' But according to Madonna's spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, they are no longer close.
Madonna, who turns 50 this summer, is among the most popular recording artists in history, with such hits as 'Like a Virgin,' 'Material Girl' and 'Vogue.'
Rosenberg had no initial comment on the book, but told the AP that 'Madonna has not cooperated with any biography about herself.'

From AP Via Yahoo! News