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Give It 2 Me not getting enough adds on US radio

The leading radio monitor in America has just released the Top40 add alert report for the week.
Madonna was not the top add. The Jonas Brothers were added at 47 radio stations over Madonna who was added at only 8 radio sations.
Last week 11 radio stations added the song hopefully they wont abandon the song. With the combined 19 stations the song will hopefully build momentum and eventually be added across the board.
We Madonna must unite and make our voices heard. Everyone must call their Top40 station in their respective cities and request Give It 2 Me. We cannot allow US Radio to ignore Madonna yet again.
If fans want all the singles from Hard Candy played in America fans must call Top 40 stations with our requests....but be polite!

Thanks to Micheal


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"Give It 2 Me" is a great song and could have mass appeal, but it doesn't stand a chance in the US and never did. Radio just doesn't care about her anymore. 4 Minutes only got airplay because it had Justin Timberlake. I even heard one DJ call it "Justin Timberlake featuring Madonna."
This just goes to prove how shallow and fake we have become. The rest of the world knows good music when it sees it and doesn't care how old she is.
If she releases "Beat Goes On" that might get airplay because it has Kanye West, but probably not. From a marketing perspective it should have been the second single.
I agree that her videos aren't as provocative as they used to be... but I don't think that has anything to do with her lagging in the US. They are still eye-catching and funky.
For the record, I think Hard Candy is a great album. It has a very different sound from anything out there, and some of the songs, notably "Candy Shop", even sound a little evil. The only song I don't like is "Voices." And "Spanish Lesson" I think is really good, I'm not sure why everyone hates it so much.


Be patient, the song is gaining solidly at radio, she'll be fine. I think this is the best record of her career, I am very happy with it. Her last 2 have been her 2 best and the 4 slated singles for release (4m, gi2m, bgo and ma) are the best commercial choices even though I feel "She's Not Me" is the best track on the record. I'm shocked by the tepid sales, one would have thought this would have been platinum by now and it's not close. On the other hand, it's still a new release and far from over.


I agree with Daniel. There should be a way for Madonna fans to get the list of radios with e-mails, links and telephone numbers to contact and request Madonna’s songs.

I think all the people who want to request Madonna songs should send an e-mail to Madonnalicious and and receive a compact and clear e-mail response back, with all the major radio stations in the major markets to contact. All forms of contacting the radio stations(e-mail, telephone and links) should be included, so that Madonna fans could use the most convenient way for them to call the radio stations.

Hard Candy is a great dance album. But some radio stations are just biased against Madonna.

I think some radios discriminate against Madonna because of her magnitude. Radio is nothing compared to what it used to be, and will be nothing without Madonna tracks gracing their airwaves. Madonna will find more channels to market her music, but Radio stations will be nothing without Madonna.

Give it to me is a rocky and edgy dance song with a great stylistic video. I also think that the song’s release video, airplay and all sales formats should be at the same time. Now all come at different times and that is strategically wrong.


I think Candy Boy's idea of madonnalicious providing a special column containing the list of major stations in the US so that we fans can vote for the song is a great one. Please madonnalicious and other MADONNA websites: do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't get me wrong--I love her!!

But this was a TERRRRIBLE choice of single for the US!!! Why not release "Heartbeat"?! Or "Miles Away"?! Those songs have universal appeal--straight-up beat-driven pop. "Give it 2 Me" is too unique and odd for radio, at least in the States. And she has to know this, music industry veteran that she is. It's very confusing--if airplay is really what she's going for then why would she pick such a risky single?


Unfortunately, mainstream US pop has not cared about Madonna for a while. It seems only urban abolescents or tweens have a say in music right now (to the point Brian made about Beyonce and Miley Cyrus) I just got back from a vacation in Europe and I heard Give it to Me on the radio MULTIPLE times while in London, and I have yet to hear it here in the US, which is a shame, because it is my favorite song on the album... I will say, I think part of the problem lies in Madonna's complete lack of creativity in videos as of late. She used to be the queen of the music video, and now she seems to have lost some of her video style.


Yes, I agree with Daniel, if there were a more streamlined way to contact these stations, fans would be more aggressive in contacting radio.

Soul Rebel

I have been a die hard Madonna fan since Like a Prayer. This is by far her worst album. It's uninteresting, uninspired and just plain blah. If she wants to top the charts, she needs to be original - not hop on the hip pop train that left the station years ago...


I understand...but this song isn't even officially released yet....and madonnalicious reported yesterday that the release date moved back another week. What gives? Why not sync up the release date with video etc?


I don't know why Madonna or her fans bother with the US anymore... if your name isn't Beyonce or Hannah Montana you're pretty much SOL when it comes to pop radio.


we must support the song... it's one of the best from hard candy, let's make it number 1 in the US and all around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candy Boy

I suggest Madonnalicious should provide a special column (on the top of this website) containing the list of major stations in the US so that fans here could click and vote just like Mariahdaily is doing.

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