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Give It 2 Me: Video Review

Take a look at Madonna's hot new video for 'Give It 2 Me' and keep in the back of your mind that she turns 50 this summer.
She struts her stuff in heels and clothes that shows off her still stunning body, and, thanks to assistance from Pharrell Williams, the song is as current as anything else on the pop music market.
Once agin it's time to be in awe of Madonna's amazing staying power as one of the world's top pop stars for 25 years! Don't get wrapped up too much in the superlatives. Just enjoy the video.

From By Bill Lamb


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I love this video for madonna looks so sexy, strong, powerful... ok it's true it's not one of her best but it's very enjoyable and the ending is very theatrical... I simply love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this video. It's sexy, fun and playful.


Great song, BAD BAD BAD BAAAAD video

next time work with jonas, jean-baptiste or jamie king honey


I am a Madonna fan, but I personally did not like that video. I am a videographer, and I have directed my own music video for a Bay Area indie band, and all I can say that "Give it to me" was probably cheaper than the one I did. It's just a green screen video, with Madonna changing outfits, and some clever editing at the end. Nothing new, nothing worth mentioning.

If she was billed over $1000 for this video, she over-payed.

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