Madonna's adoption case approved
Philadelphia tour date moved


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Jonathan Martinez

yeah this is jonathan from san antonio tx and i cant wait to see madonna in houston tx its a dream come true to go see her live and to the person from there its pretty sad that they dont play her music cause in s.a they always do she awesome to the maxx peace

Courtney Stewart

Oh my gosh! I can not wait! I missed the Confessions Tour in Florida because my friends copped out and were too cheap! Now that she is coming to Houston I am sooooo excited! My job already promised to give me off that week of November because they all know that I love Madge. I will request off for vacation regardless! It will be interesting to see how fast tickets will fly off online.


Great to see Madonna's billboard in my hometown of Houston, but too bad that the #1 radio station, 104.1 KRBE does not support or play any of her music ... ever!

In fact, morning DJ Ryan Chase often refers to her as a hack who doesn't belong in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Other DJs proclaim to love her, but they don't back it up by playing her music ... ever!

They have only recently jumped on the Madonna bandwagon and started playing "4 Minutes" (long after it's debut)once or twice a day, but only because she's coming to town and they want in on the action. It's shameless!

"Music stations always play the same songs
I'm bored with the concept of right and wrong"

The radion stations to listen to in Houston are 96.5 KHMX and 95.7 KKHH ... they have both ALWAYS been Madonna fans and play from her vast catalog of music ... not just during this concert hype.

Can't wait to go see my girl in action at Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston! Just hope she doesn't give interviews to 104.1 KRBE ... they are posers!

"Push the button, Don't push the button
Trip the station, Change the channel"

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