Cannes Premiere: I Am Because We Are
Madonna in Cannes for film premiere


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Wow madonna looks so pretty... she looks a little like mary kate olsen don't you think???


Guy is a bit sleepy haha..Madonna look beautiful amazing! I love her!


The Chanel dress is nice, the stylist obviously wanted to show the back hence the hair but I'm not sure it works, agreed Madonna looks good but she looks like she hasn't quite finished getting ready and as for guy he looks like a body guard, even Kevin Costner looked happier when he was playing the role with Whitney Houston ! LOL


I hope Guy enjoyed himself...he looks great in a beard, but a bit forlorn?


Guy looks like his moody ols self. Come on Guy cheer up your married to Madonna for goodness sake!!!


she looks like a Hollywood Golden age Star.. she looks so great!! love that dress!!


Why does Guy look pissed?


Wow. Gorgeous. Guy looks a bit mean and moody (but still god damn sexy!)


Lovely pix of Madonna! But what's up with Guy???!!

Took me back a bit.......but she's wearing clothes this time! LOL!


lovely. although what's up with guy? he looks sleepy or bored?


Does anyone else think that 10 years of the center part in the hair is enough? Madge, please?

Madonna fan everything about her appearance in Cannes this year!

Like the hair, dress and make up. Not sure why Guy Ritchie looks very uncomfortable and miserable.

Oh well..:)


Madonna, I'm speechless... you are gorgeous!


She looks fantastic!


My God...she's stunningly amazing! Flawless!

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