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Hard Candy album cover reviewed

Madonna's Hard Candy album cover gets a great review on Cover Culture:

She’s been a virgin, a dominatrix, a cowgirl, a geisha, a pimp mommy, and even an army G.I. Isn’t a boxing champion the next most logical incarnation for the one and only Madonna? It seems almost too calculated, right? But who cares! In the end, her latest costume change along with her highly anticipated album, Hard Candy, accomplishes what 2005’s Confessions on a Dance Floor didn’t quite get to…downright and carefree (not sugarfree) fun! And her candy-coated album cover certainly packs a punch.

To read the full review visit www.coverculture.com/reviews/livereview1

Thanks to Darren


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Alec Sarkas

Madonna’s Hard Candy album cover is sweet! Her pose is iconic and echoes the backside of her first album (Madonna) which is fitting since this is her last studio album with Warner Bros. Records. Plus, a lot of the music on Candy has a bit of her first album’s flavor. At first glance I was shocked at the font used because it seemed almost too simple but then I got it… It’s a font that’s obviously chosen to mimic popular candy boxes and wrappers. The photomontage fits; the fighter (hard) and any child’s great reward (candy). And after more than 25 years in the spotlight, I think she’s urned the championship belt she sports.


Damn right! :]


I just have to say this - am I so hurt as a life long fan for over 20 years (38 years old) that she is shunning Australia yet again. It's easy to say 'get over it' she doesn't go to a lot places but at least those folks in the US and Europe can travel easily without promisng the first born. We're a continent that adores her, absolutely adores her and will give our right leg for a ticket. I know it is a long way to go. The business end and profit from muitiple sell outs is phenomenal, however as the figures have worked out it is NOT going to happen. My heart is broken. Again. It's so far beyond disappointing. Not buying Hard Candy.

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