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UK Midweeks

Great news is coming in from the UK Midweeks chart. It looks like Madonna is heading for her 13th UK Number One single on Sunday on downloads alone.

However the sales are VERY close with Estelle so fans should make sure they buy 4 Minutes and buy the remixes seperately as they all count as single sales!

#1 - 4 Minutes / Madonna ft Justin Timberlake - 14,480
#2 - American Boy / Estelle ft Kanye West - 14,061
#3 - Black & Gold / Sam Sparro - 12,281
#4 - Cry For You / September - 10,551
#5 - Low Flo / Rida ft T-Pain - 10,471

Thanks to londonfan30


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dang, if only the US could catch up.


I just bought the single again and I'm gonna get the CD on monday. fingers crossed she gets that deserving #1!


I agree, the Rebirth mix is amazing!

I think the CDs will sell fine next week. There are still a lot of people in the UK who buy CD singles. And then there are all the fans who buy the downloads AND the CDs. I was hoping for No.1 next week - to reach it this week would be a real bonus.


Rebirth Remix is very cool...Junkie XL is quite Good as Well... So let's goooo... make it Number 1!!!


I'm just scared no one will buy the CD next week as everyone is buying the download...i havnt bought the download as want to own the CD ...people must buy the CD as well x

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