4 Minutes to Invade Myspace
Malawi government backs Madonna on adoption

Radio news for 4 Minutes

From Cleveland, USA - thanks to Michael:
Madonna needs help getting airplay in Cleveland!
Q 104 - www.q104.com
KISSFM - www.kissfm965.com

From Holland - thanks to Kimberley at www.madonna-online.nl:
This Monday Madonna will be #1 in the Dutch charts with her new single '4 Minutes'. The American popstar surpasses British singer Duffy with her collaboration with Timbaland and Justin Timberland, and is now the official #1 in the Single Top 100.

From Los Angeles - thanks to Lanie:
I just wanted to let you know that KIIS FM here in Los Angeles is playing 4 Minutes regularly now....and after the song was played, the DJ asked the caller if he is digging the song and the caller enthusiastically yelled YES, then the DJ said the the song was the most requested song today! LA's is loving it!

From Portland, USA - thanks to DJ Kidbilly:
I was a DJ up here in Portland ME for a long time. I specialized in 80’s, Dance and R&B. I still host some hot 80’s nights here and there. Portland ME is one music loving town. Hell, we gave the world Paranoid Social Club, Jeremiah Freed and Rustic Overtones. We need your help up here.
Our local radio station 97.9 isn’t playing '4 Minutes' at all. Can you get some fans to email the station on this link and request it? www.wjbq.com/contactus This is a Madonna loving town. I’ve thrown/hosted enough Madonna parties to know that people here love her! Go to the site and email on contact us or even plague all the DJs to play her song. Believe it or not, she didn’t even get much airplay with 'Hung Up.' Let’s make it happen. You’ve done it all over the world, so let’s not leave out Maine&! Help us!

From San Francisco, USA - thanks to James:
Everyone can vote here! Here's the online link: www.xmradio.com/programming/20on20_vote
People can vote online every 5 minutes. And, here's their phone number (toll-free): 18665532020, press #1 and just leave the title. You can vote as many times as you want. I just voted 10 times!


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