The man who keeps Madonna comfortable at night
4 Minutes on the Billboard charts


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I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



OK I admit it, Madonna going urban for the US market had me worried, but I think the world has changed since Bedtime Stories, r&b is more universal these days & these previews just confirm that although she's got the current big names on board it's still 100% Madonna.


I think the thing that most people need to GET OVER is the fact that the woman changes... She's got her ear to the ground and she knows when the shift has to be made to capture the largest audience. She could have gone on in the vein of the retro (Out of touch with American radioplay sensibilities) COAD style but clearly decided since she is the queen, she can rock the sound top40 radio wants to hear while STILL keeping control and sounding like herself. I commend her!


I have to say I was worried about the rest of the album after 4 minutes. Even though the video is good, I still don't like this track (I don't know how it became #1 here in Canada!). I'm quite relieved now and I'd rather wait until I listen the whole album to make a final opinion. So far,the ones I like the most are Miles away, Dance 2night and Voices. I'm just curious to see whether this album is going to be as successful as Confessions.


This is the WORST Madonna album ever! The songs aren't catchy or inspirational. The only decent song is "Voices." Why can't she produce more quality albums like Ray of Light, Music, Confessions, or Like a Prayer? I hate hip hop! Ugh!!! This album is an enormous disappointment.


oh wow... am so relieved, got that early madonna sound to some tracks... luvin the next single 'give it to me' crankin up the speakers for april 29th... go on the madge...welcome back!!!


OMG - she's just keeps doing it again and again - "she's not me", oh yum - Thank you thank you thank you for imparting more delicious lyrics upon us oh great Madonna - you truly are the bestest goddess in the universe and have the kickassiest voice too - I love Hard Candy and I never thought I would.


Well I posted a comment in the early days of 4 minutes. Well 4 minutes HAS grown on me. I actually like it!! These clips are great. I've listened to the intro then the next 30 seconds on the preview of the album - trying desperately to string together the whole song :). I think give it 2 me will be a hit, love the beginning of heartbeat, but i must admit, the previously leaked Beat Goes on sounds better than the clip here. Either way, I'm much relived compared - as I was quite worried!! Hopefully the clips sound even better as whole songs!!! The tour will be sweet..or sour..or sweet..or all of the above - can't wait.


I figured it would be good, it's Madonna. I'm liking the direction she's taking and I'm really digging the last three songs. April 29th can't come soon enough. Anyone else think "Voices" sounds like it could fit in with the Erotica cd?


This is probably the worst Madonna album ever. Ugh!!! I hate hip hop! The songs aren't catchy to me. The only song that sounds decent is "Voices." The lyrics are silly and frivolous rather than poignant and inspirational. Why can't Madonna come up with albums on the level of Like a Prayer and Ray of Light? Even Erotica and American Life had better songs than Hard Candy. I'm disappointed.


Definately a lot of old Madonna going on, which is refreshing (!). The production might be a bit overbearing, and oh well, let's face it, most of her albums have been like this for the past decade.

But it's also impeccable.


mmm... I've been a Madonna mega-fan since the late 80's and I must confess that I really don't know if I'm gonna like this record... I really hate to say this, but the songs seem to have been leaked from a Britney Spears demo... I think is the less "Madonna" album she has recorded...
(Of course, in a few weeks I'll tell that I love it, but it's going to take a few listens before that...


I love it already! I was worried after hearing Candy Shop, which is probably going to be my least fav, but everything else is top notch. I can't wait to hear the whole thing.

Jason Kent

OMFG Beat goes on is utterly astounding. The old studio track I downloaded months ago is a turd compared to this. This is Madge back to the beginning replete with cowbells. I am in shock. Fabulous!

Jason Kent

I was dreading this album as I think 4 minutes is a pretty terrible track but after listening to the preview clips I cannot wait, some tracks sound awesome.



Its fantastic! I was worried that it would sound awful after the beat goes on was leaked but after listening to the previews beat goes on sounds completely different and I think it sounds the best....well after miles away.....and devil wouldn't recgonise you!!!

Well done girl!!


I blogged about what I think of the album here. I shouldn't copy/paste the same thing, so I thought I just link it.


Just like Confessions, Hard candy will break all records!! MADONNA KNOWS BEST !


Madonna is sooooooooo LA MEILLEURE !!!


i don't see any links to the songs. have they been removed?

Zachary Harrelson

I can't believe nobody's commented yet!

How exciting, I didn't expect to get a sneak preview like this. I'm really relieved, I love Madonna but 4 minutes never grew on me and I was worried after hearing some of the leaked bits. But the previews sound really great, yippee!

danilo s

OK OK....
It´s amazing and... ¿catchy? At least some. ¿Sort of Bed Time Story-like? I don´t know... Not as "in your front" and straight as COADF but still... Gotta LUV It.

Angus Green

Very disappointed!!!!


just listened to all clips-it's not sounding too bad!!!! i have not been looking forward to this album-because of all the r&b rumours & collaborations-i think after 2 or 3 listens i'll love it as much as confessions!!!



Its fantastic... Is noting I thought i would be.

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