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Madonna attends I Am Because We Are premiere

A single phone call prompted Madonna to begin charity work in Malawi and it was while making a documentary on the African country's 1 million orphans that she found a baby she decided to adopt.
Premiering at New York's Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday, 'I Am Because We Are', which was written, produced and narrated by Madonna, looks at the plight of the children orphaned by the AIDS crisis in one of the world's poorest countries.
Her interest in Malawi began about two years ago after she was contacted by a businesswoman, born and raised in the country, through a mutual friend. 'She said it was a state of emergency,' Madonna says in the film. 'She sounded exhausted and on the verge of tears. I asked her how I could help.'
'She said: 'You're a person with resources. People pay attention to what you say and do.' I felt embarrassed. I told her I didn't know where Malawi was. She told me to look it up on a map and then she hung up on me,' said Madonna, 49.
She educated herself on Malawi and the result is a charity for the country's orphans called Raising Malawi and the 94-minute documentary from first-time director Nathan Rissman.
'It was during filming, during researching these different orphanages, that she found David,' Rissman said in an interview.
David is the Malawian boy Madonna and her film director husband, Guy Ritchie, are adopting. He has lived with the couple in London since shortly after the adoption process began about 18 months ago. Malawi's government, which has been criticized for giving the singer-actress preferential treatment, has recommended the adoption be approved and a hearing on that is set for May 15.
'I Am Because We Are' shows footage of David being cared for by a 9-year-old girl with HIV at the Home of Hope orphanage in Malawi.
In the documentary, Madonna says David's mother had died in childbirth, three of his siblings had died and no one knew the whereabouts of his father. When she returned to the orphanage three months after first seeing him, Madonna said the baby 'had pneumonia, malaria and God knows what else' with no medicine to treat him.
'What was I prepared to do:' she asks in the film. 'If I was challenging other people to open up their minds and their hearts then I had to stand at the front of the line. I decided to try and adopt him. The rest is history.'
There is controversy behind that history. Critics accused the government of skirting laws that ban non-residents from adopting children in Malawi. David's father came forward, saying he had only placed the child in the orphanage temporarily, but he has since given approval for the adoption.
Rissman, who started working for Madonna as a research assistant several years ago, said he has made up to 10 trips to Malawi in the past two years to make the documentary, which had started with a vision by Madonna to shine a light on Malawi's problems but also offer people ways to help.
'If you are going to wake people up you have to show them what to do,' Rissman said. 'Our idea was them the desperate situation but to (also) show them the joy and then point them in the direction of the experts who can help facilitate this time of crisis.'
Among those interviewed are former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu, Paul Farmer of the Harvard Medical School and Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute and special U.N. adviser.
'We decided to make this film to remind people how interconnected we are, to show that I have to be the best that I can be to help somebody in Malawi, in my own backyard,' Rissman said.

Madonna and Nathan Rissman pictured at the premiere last night.

From Reuters Via Yahoo! News

Requesting 4 Minutes on Sirius Satellite Radio

Fans can request 4 Minutes on USA Sirius Satellite Radio, and here is how everyone can easily request the song:

Call 877-337-4748
Press 1 when Sirius answers.
Press 1 when it asks for the channel you want (Channel 1 is the Top 40 channel).
When it asks, press 1 again to make a request.
Enter 623 to request Madonna.
Press 1 to confirm and then leave them a nice message if you want.

Thanks to Jason

4 Minutes in South Africa

Madonna's 4 Minutes has moved from #23 to #18 in Take 40 SA on 94.7 Highveld and 94.2 K-FM. Please vote to get her on top at

4 Minutes is once again #1 on Top 8 @ 8 on 94.7 Highveld Stereo. Let's keep her where we like to see her. Please vote by visiting and clicking on the top right hand side.

4 Minutes is currently at #20 on Vodacom Hi 5 @ 5. Up 5 places from last week's #25 spot. To vote for the Vodacom Hi 5@5, text 'Hi5 (insert artist name) (insert song title)' to 33345.

Thanks to Hylton

Events: Hard Candy in Denmark

On the nights of Thursday 24, Friday 25 and Saturday 26 April there'll be a special listening party at Code Bar in Copenhagen. On Thursday they'll play the first 4 tracks from HARD CANDY, on Friday the next 4 tracks + chances of winning special prices and finally they'll play the entire album on Saturday.

On Monday 28 April there'll be two street teams at Copenhagen Central Station and Norreport Station from 8-9 o´clock in the morning with free giveaways like candy and flyers to promote the new album.

So if you live in Copenhagen or close to Copenhagen then come and celebrate Madonna at Code Bar.

Thanks to Kent

I Am Because We Are: A letter from Madonna

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to bring you the first official news for this labor of love that I have spent the last two years working on.
We have recently been accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival and 'I AM BECAUSE WE ARE' will debut on the 24th of April.
I am thrilled to be part of this festival and to share with you the amazing journey this film has taken me on.
Check out the Tribeca Film Festival website for dates, times and tickets at;
As awareness grows around this film, we will keep you up to date with all the exciting news....
'I AM BECAUSE WE ARE' is a reminder that we are not defined without each other.

Love Madonna

US Magazines: Us Weekly

US magazine Us Weekly (28 April issue 689) featured this four-page article about Madonna taking a look back at some of her more 'interesting' wardrobe choices.

'In her own words! The famed chameleon cracks her own jokes for Us about her historic fashion flubs. P.S. Her latest CD, Hard Candy, is out April 29.'

Thanks to Ani and Garrett

Events: Belgium Hard Candy Release Party

This Thursday 24 April 24 the Music Store Free Record Shop in Leuven, Belgium will specially open it's door again at 10:00pm for a Hard Candy Release Party.
Fans will have a chance to be one in the first in the world to buy the CD. Belgian celebrities Tanja Dexters, Ellen Petri and Hadise will be there and allso a Madonna look-a-like.
There will be a party with free drinks and candy. CD price will be 16,99 euro and every customer gets a free Hard Candy Poster and a free MadonnaNed Confessions Tour Photo.
Free Record Shop Leuven, Diestsestraat 89-90, 3000 Leuven.

Thanks to Dan

Australian Press: The Age and Sunday Herald Sun

Madonna was featured in the Australian press this weekend, The Age's GW Magazine on Saturday had an article on how Vanity Fair has changed the way celebrities are photographed. The main cover photograph was an image of Madonna from the filming of Evita shot by Mario Testino.

On Sunday, The Sunday Herald Sun's Inside Entertainment Magazine featured Madonna on the cover. The article inside is about her major success over her career, and how it is only getting better, the article was illustrated with a Steven Klein shot from that is featured in the Hard Candy CD booklet.

Thanks to Darren

Madonna defends New York comments

Madonna has insisted that her recent comments about New York were taken out of context.
The singer was quoted by Vanity Fair as saying the city had 'lost its buzz' and was no longer the cultural capital of the world.
She told New York magazine that her remarks had been misinterpreted, saying: 'I really love New York. That's where my career started. I was referring to, in a way, missing those early days when the art world, the downtown scene, the music world were colliding.'
'So it was a reference to missing that time and a lot of those people. I am not plugged in the way I used to be, and I miss those days.'
However, she reiterated her belief that New York is lacking the kind of artistic characters who made it such an exciting place to live in the 1980s.
She said: 'When I first came to New York my friends were Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.'
'There was this crazy interface for me of art and life, and I don't see that so much anymore in New York.'

From Digital Spy

How to apply for Big Weekend tickets

Fans can register for Big Weekend tickets at but should take note of the ticket ballot rules:

Only UK and Channel Island residents can apply for tickets - overseas entries will not be considered. You may register for tickets if you are under 16, but if successful you must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 years and older).

Only one application will be accepted per person. Successful applicants will be allocated a pair of tickets.

Tickets are not transferable. They are also free and cannot be resold. If you buy tickets from anyone they will not be valid.

Madonna to headline Big Weekend

Madonna is to headline the main stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Maidstone, in Kent.
The international superstar, who went to number one in the UK singles chart with 4 Minutes on Sunday, will play the two-day event on Saturday 10 May.
30,000 fans are expected at Mote Park to enjoy more than 50 other bands and solo artists on 10 and 11 May.
Other acts taking part include The Fratellis, Robyn, Duffy, Scouting For Girls, The Feeling and The Hoosiers.
Listeners can register for tickets for one week from 8am on 21 April until 10am on 28 April.
More than 470,000 people applied for tickets in 2007.
Organisers say demand is expected to be even bigger this year. 100,000 people have registered already today.
Successful applicants will receive a pair of tickets for either Saturday or Sunday.
Gates open at 12pm and close at 10pm.
Tickets will be allocated randomly, but weighted in favour of those living in Maidstone, Kent and the surrounding areas.
A smaller amount will be distributed nationally.
Listeners registering across the UK will also have the chance to win tickets via Radio 1 on-air competitions in the week before the event.
With over 30,000 free tickets being made available for listeners, if you are a successful applicant then you'll truly be one of the lucky ones!
'But for those that can't get to the event, there will be access via BBC TV, Red Button, Radio 1 and online.'

From BBC Newsbeat

Court grants Madonna adoption case delay

Malawi's High Court has agreed to delay a hearing to finalize pop star Madonna's adoption of a boy from the southern African nation until May 15, a senior court official said on Monday.
Madonna had asked the court to postpone the hearing from April 22 because she had to travel to the United States on business, a lawyer close to the case had said on Saturday.
'I believe May 15 should be the final date for the hearing unless her lawyers ask for another date and put up reasonable arguments for that,' the High Court official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.
Madonna's attorney Alan Chinula declined to comment.
Malawi's government recommended earlier this month that the court approve the adoption of two-year-old David Banda.

From Reuters Via Yahoo! News

Celebrate Madonna Monday at

The wait for is nearly over for Madonna’s new album Hard Candy – out 28th April and is celebrating this highly anticipated release by starting every week with Madonna Monday. The site will be crammed full of fantastic Madonna themed content. Not only can you check out the gallery – the A-Z of Madonna, but you can also see an interview with the Queen of Pop and watch her latest video 4 Minutes with Justin Timberlake.
The site will also be running a search for the Material Girl’s finest musical moment. From the controversy of Like A Virgin (1984), the psychedelic pop sound of Ray Of Light (1998) to the discotastic Confessions on a Dancefloor (2005), she has proved that regardless of the genre she is capable of adding her inimitable sound.
We want you to tell us your favourite studio album from her past 10 records - stretching from her self-titled debut in 1982 to 2005’s Confessions On A Dance Floor. Just go to and cast your vote. The winning album will be announced on Monday 28th April.

Thanks to Matt

Hard Candy promotion in Japan

madonnalicious reader Ross has sent in this report from Japan:

Konnichiwa madonnalicious and fellow Madonna fans! I had the opportunity to take some of these pics at Tower Records; Japan (yes, Japan still has Tower Records - owned by a Japanese company). These were taken in Okinawa, Japan and it pretty much translates to everything we already know! I hope Madonna comes back to Japan!

Vote: 4 Minutes in Eastern Europe

Here is a list of places for fans in Eastern Europe to vote for Madonna's 4 Minutes:

Belarus /
Estonia / (vote and click '??????????')
Latvia / (click 'balsot')
Romania /
Russia / (choose 10 songs)
Ukraine /
Ukraine /
Ukraine /
MTV Romania /
MTV Ukraine / (write Madonna - 4 Minutes at 1 and accept the conditions)

Thanks to Trovante