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Madonna releases 11th studio album

Popstar Madonna has released her 11th studio album Hard Candy.
The album features the production skills of The Neptunes and Timbaland.
Her latest hit 4 Minutes, taken from the album features Justin Timberlake and is currently number one in the UK singles chart.
Her album has been hailed as her best since Ray of Light.
She has been quick to sign sponsorship deals for the new songs, licensing them to be used on TV adverts, mobile phone exclusives and TV shows.
The Material Girl shot to fame in 1984 with the song Holiday. She has also appeared in the Hollywood films Desperately Seeking Susan, Shanghai Surprise and Evita.
Madonna has recently written and produced a documentary I Am Because We Are about the fate of orphans in Malawi.
She is married to British film director Guy Ritchie and will celebrate her 50th birthday this year.

From ITN News


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This CD is fun but not better than Confessions. Confessions is her masterpice... My opinion, that is...

Andrew Filipe

Well, personally I think Hard Candy is as good as Confessions, so I don't think they are that far off.


I just think it's funny they feel the need to explain who Madonna is...who doesn't know?


ITN thats so untrue
You say its the best since ray of light? no no no what about confessions??? come on guys!

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