Fans lining up outside Roseland
Madonna and Justin rehearsing at Roseland

Madonna on track for #1 US debut

Madonna will leave Warner Bros., the only label she’s ever known, with a bang.
Her final studio album for the Bunny, Hard Candy, is on track to sell between 275-300k, which will handily end Mariah Carey’s two-week reign with E=MC2, according to one-day sale reports from those retailers still standing around this great country of ours.
The Material Gal has one more album, a greatest hits collection, to go before splitting for a long-term deal with concert promoter Live Nation. The album’s her first since 2005’s Confessions on a Dance Floor, which sold more than 8 million worldwide. In the U.S., it debuted at #1, selling 351k copies in its first week, taking the top spot from Carrie Underwood’s Some Hearts. In its second week, Confessions on a Dance Floor sold 210k copies and slipped to #4 with a 39% sales decrease. To date, the album has sold over 1.7 million copies in the U.S.

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Andrew Filipe

Great news! Given that album sales are down across the board it is unlikely that Hard Candy will sell as well as a Madonna album from years past, but it doesn't matter. It should still put her back at #1 on the charts in relation to today's artists. And that's where she belongs. :]

Jason Edwards

Not bad, I saw this report too. I think us fans need to really kick it in gear and continue talking about the record, posting on blogs, Facebook, etc. We need to keep requesting video on MTV and VH1. Mariah pulled out over 400K the first week and I know her fans aren't stopping! So this news on Madonna is just okay in my book. I think several years back, MUSIC sold over 500K it's first week. More requests at radio couldn't hurt either! Go Madonna!

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