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Madonna breaks Elvis' Billboard record

Elvis Presley will also be nudged from his standing as the artist with the most top 10s in the rock era, as Madonna surpasses him with her 37th top 10, '4 Minutes.' The track, which features Justin Timberlake, clocks a #68-#3 jump on this morning's preliminary chart. Previous to the establishment of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1958, the industry standard chart was the Best Sellers in Stores tally, where Presley scored his first 12 top 10s.
Madonna's Hot 100 jump is spurred by stupendous download sales. '4 Minutes' shifts 217,000 in its first week of wide release (it had been available as a Verizon exclusive) to enter Hot Digital Songs at #2.

From Billboard - thanks to Fernando


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Why does the media concentrate so much on Mariah Carey breaking Elvis' record but not Madonna? :(



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