Madonna on track for #1 US debut
Live from Roseland

Madonna and Justin rehearsing at Roseland

madonnalicious reader DJ Danny Echi is also the proud owner of the wristband for tonights show and is now #30 in line to get into the venue later - below is his picture of the Roseland marquee.

Madonna, Justin Timberlake and the band are currently rehearsing at Roseland.

Remember fans in the US can watch the show live on MSN at from 10:00pm EDT, and Vodafone customers in several European countries will also be able to catch the show live online.


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MSN video was only available through Internet Explorer. Thanks for the warning, MSN! Ugh.

The show was just a'ight, certainly not worth waiting in line for days. (No offense to the hard-cores!)


Yeah, kept getting "video not available" on MSN. MSN owes A LOT of people an apology, and Madonna needs to kick some ASS!!! The set better show up somewhere soon for all the fans MSN ripped off!!!


Damn you MSN! Live video STILL not available! This sucks!


I just watched it. It was so-so in my opinion, especially "Hung up".

The Tizzle

Go MSN! The damn feed is not working! I knew I should have just drove to NYC yesterday. Maybe it's just me,but I keep getting the video is unavailable. Jesus. I stayed home from work for this! DAMN YOU,MSN!!@


I wish I was there.

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