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Liz Smith: 4 Minutes is firecracker hot

On April 28, Madonna's final album for Warner Records - her home base for 25 years - debuts. The first single, a duet with Justin Timberlake titled '4 Minutes,' has rocketed up the Top 40 Countdown meter faster than any song in the chart's 38-year history. It is No. 1 on iTunes. Perhaps most significantly, Ellen DeGeneres shimmies to it every day on her TV show. (Ellen now equals Oprah in shaping cultural cravings. If either of these women says, 'Buy i! Love it!' - millions do.)
So Madonna's swan song for Warner might be her biggest hit ever. The '4 Minutes' video features Madonna - relentlessly athletic, and Justin, effortlessly limber - dancing up a storm.
We've heard some snarky comments about Justin 'making music with his mommy' but in the video, there seems to be hardly a year between them. She will be 50 in August; he is 26. You'd never know that Madonna could, chronologically, be his mother, watching the pair bump and grind in '4 Minutes.' (Madonna is toned to the max; a disciplined life is not to be despised!)

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4M could be everything you say, but it's not #1 in USA and we already don't know if it will.

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