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i am in the process of listening to hard candy-what can i say??? my worst fears have been confirmed!! i'm not feeling it-at first listen it sounds like an early demo madonna album-there are a few good tracks-but i fear this album is nowhere near as good as madonna is.ive said all along from the moment i heard who was going to guest-pharrell,timbaland,etc-madonna leads-she does not follow-so i don't understand why she even went down that road.madonna works with cool people-not who's trendy at the time.i have been a fan from day one-i fear the lady has made a mistake-i really hope she hasn't done this album,just to try & get with the kids!! i'm really hoping it's going to be a grower.'incredible' at the moment-i think is awful-it really does sound like an early demo.i feel like a judas for even thinking these things.fingers crossed eh??

Louis Capici

I have to share with you my experience at the Tribeca Film Festival Premier of I am because we are. I didn't know where to do it so I'm doing it here. Okay so there were so many stars there! Rosey O'donnel was there and she actually looked pretty and thinner in person. Bernadette Petters was there! A lot of different people in the film were there as well. When Madonna spoke about the movie she said so many inspirational things. Like the only way we can make the world a better place would be by getting along with our parents, children, people in our community, family members, accepting everyone and not being prejudice. She said how the people in Malawi suffer so much yet most of them are happy and have a sense of community. The movie moved me so much it was so sad to see what these people go through due to aids and living in poverty. It pisses me off that we have things like social norms that we have to follow and thats all we care about when there is so much shit going on in the world thats so much more important. I think Madonna made that evident in this film. Someone asked what the U.S. government should do to make it better and Madonna responded by saying "the government can't do anything we have to do it. Besides I don't know anything that the U.S. government does, who does? The only thing I know is that they bomb other countries all the time." And everyone laughed agreeing with her. She also mentioned that the government wouldn't do much to save the earth that its up to us to stop global warming. It was such a good inspirational powerful night and if people didn't leave there with their views changed on life or on how to be as a person in general than its a shame because you really have to be really blind to not wake up after seeing this film. Madonna was so nice to the audience and she didn't act like a diva at all, she didn't act like Madonna the celebrity, she was Madonna the person who told us how we have to change to make the world a better place. At the end I walked out before anyone and Madonna was right next to me, she hugged someone I couldn't tell who. In person she looks so different. Every time I see her in person its so different than tv or the magazines. She looks real, she looks beautiful and human and not as tall and she looks really healthy. She looked amazing. I am going to see it again saturday I am hoping she'll be there again!


Ok I have heard some songs and IS ANY ONE DYING OVER DEVIL???? OH MY GOD SHE IS AMAZING!!!

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