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4 Minutes reaches #1 on US iTunes

Further 4 Minutes download and radio updates

From Iceland - thanks to Arnar:
I just wanted to let you know that 4 Minutes is number 18 at the moment on Iceland's most popular radio station fm957.

From Los Angeles - thanks to John:
Here is another LA station to vote on - My FM 104.3 Top 5 at 5 at

From San Francisco - thanks to James:
I haven't heard 4 Minutes being played in the radio yet here in SF. We need to call these big radio stations and start requesting them to play the song:
99.7 Movin - 18884569970
94.9 Wild - 18883339490
97.3 Alice - 14154783697

From USA - thanks to Fernando:
Fans across the USA, as you may know already, our Queen has made a super move from #68 to #3 on the Billboard HOT 100. This is HUGE, especially since the single has only been out for 2 weeks on radio and 1 week on download. We CANNOT stop here! If we continue to request, buy the single and download....she can actually hit #1. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! This would mean Madonna will score her first #1 since Music. C'mon guys, let's make this happen! Call all your stations and support!


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Sorry, but not sure what James is listening to as 3 stations in San Francisco are playing 4 minutes.

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