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4 Minutes Worldwide Updates

From Argentina - thanks to Miguel:
Just wanted to let you know that Madonna´s video '4 Minutes' is being played everyday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm in 'Los 10 Mas Pediddos' in MTV Argentina.
That program is a countdown of the 10 most requested videos. People can vote at
Just vote by selecting Madonna´s video and filling the form with their name, email, age, and city. People can vote as many times as they want.

From Australia - thanks to Jan:
On downloads alone, Madonna's '4 Minutes' has hit #3 on the official ARIA chart!

From Belgium - thanks to Dan:
Just wanted to tell you that Madonna entered the Belgian Ultratop Flemish chart at #3 with '4 Minutes' -
And she enters at #2 in the French part of Belgian chart -

From Israel - thanks to Nadav:
'4 Minutes' scored #1 on Galgalaz again, that's two weeks in a row -

From North America - thanks to Rob:
Just wanted to let you know that I listen to USA Dance Radio - - it is mainly dance, club and electronica genre and I just heard them play '4 Minutes'....this is great as it is an online radio station....I think that MADONNA fans should check it out and keep requesting '4 Minutes'.

From UK - thanks to Brian:
If you don't know already '4 Minutes' is #1 on 'The Hits' channel (13:00HRS) today. Just wait til Monday when the physical CD is available, it's going to be MASSIVE!

From USA - thanks to Shant: GOOD NEWS! Madonna's video for '4 Minutes' was #1 on MTV's TRL on Wednesday, but down to #5 on Thursday - keep voting at and get Madonna back to #1.


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Hey Madonna fans in USA, what's going on over there? You guys need to request the song more often! The airplay number isn't looking very good! Work harder!!!


It only went down to five because they don't only count votes anymore. It was number one that day because all they did was count votes. Apparently they count other things as well, which is why it was number five. What else they count I do not know. But there isn't much more voting anyone can do.

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