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4 Minutes on the Billboard charts

4 Minutes drops to #7 on this weeks Billboard Hot 100 due to a slight decrease in digital sales. However overall Madonna is still doing quite well according to other Billboard Charts:

#1 - Billboard Canadian Hot 100
#2 - Billboard Hot Digital Songs
#2 - Billboard Hot Digital Tracks
#3 - Billboard Pop 100
#4 - Billboard Hot Dance Airplay
#11 - Billboard Pop Airplay

Thanks to Micheal


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Ryan, I SO agree. The system definitely screws Madonna over repeatedly. Her SALES are ALWAYS #1 and so is her Club Play, but Club Play doesn't count towards air play and artists like Mariah and other R&B singers get double the airplay because they get played on the R&B stations as well as the Pop stations. Madonna NEVER gets R&B airplay, so she's at a huge disadvantage. The fact that she got to #3 is pretty stellar!


I don't understand Billboards rating system. Madonna had sold the 2nd highest number of digitals for the week, *(only by a slight margin and only a -8% change from the previous week), and she drops 4 spots on Billboard Hot 100. According to Radio Airplay, she has more spins then a couple of the artists above in her and additionally sold more then they have for this past week.

I think Billboard needs to adjust their ratings system as this makes no sense to me.

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