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4 Minutes on Billboard

4 Minute holds steady at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, and on other Billboard charts Madonna is doing quite well also:

#1 Billboard Hot Digital Songs
#1 Billboard Hot Digital Tracks
#1 Billboard Canadian Hot 100
#2 Billboard Pop 100
#4 Billboard Hot Dance Airplay
#12 Bilboard Pop Airplay

As you can see 4 Minutes is the #1 selling digital track, up 1 spot from last week. It sold 216,751 that's barely a decrease from last week. Total sales to date is 446,345.
Despite having only about 1/4 of the radio airplay audience of Mariah's Touch My Body, 4 Minutes is outselling it's sales this week. In the US songs that sell over 200k digital units in a week is considered a huge deal and accomplishment. Madonna's radio airplay audience is #12 with enormous room for growth, so please keep requesting the track to help expand airplay audience size thus making it one of the most played songs in the coming weeks. Make no mistake 4 Minutes is performing very well in the US and is Madonna's biggest Single in the US in 8 years!

Thanks to Micheal


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Wow this is huge!!!!!!!!!! Let's keep supporting the song to make it number 1!!!!!!!!!!!


How comw Warner hasn´t released the single yet? I don´t understand the strategy. Is going to lose "steam" and may lose the #1 spot!!!!

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