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Vanity Fair: New Cover Revealed

Following on from the low quality leak last night of the cover of the May 2008 issue of Vanity Fair - the magazine's website have now published a high quality version:

You just couldn’t wait, could you? Overnight, a low-quality scan of Vanity Fair’s May cover, featuring Madonna, leaked onto the Internet. We have no idea how it happened, but why fight it: Click the thumbnail for a beautiful image of the entire cover to tide you over until Monday, when we’ll post Rich Cohen’s insightful profile and much, much more.
The new cover was shot at Smashbox Studios, in West Hollywood, by Madonna’s longtime collaborator Steven Meisel. The idea for the image came from V.F.’s editor, Graydon Carter, who was inspired by a midcentury fashion-magazine cover. A custom-made globe of the world (measuring four feet in diameter) served as the centerpiece, and at the end of the shoot Madonna agreed to autograph the globe so that it can be auctioned off for charity. (Details on the auction will be posted soon.)
That’s all for now, but be sure to come back Monday:

Visit www.vanityfair.com to view the large version of the cover.

Thanks to Jessica


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This Cover is amazing she looks incredibly sexy.This cover will definatley go down in the History covers.


She surely looks hot but those computer people surely spent a few hours retouching it big time...


Yes of course, this cover is wonderful, but the Madonna head is too big if you compare with her body.


THIS is CLASSIC! Great photograph, great cover, great artist...classic.


Wow what a GREAT cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's amazing, one of her best ever!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow she looks amazing.
Love her!!
Go Girl!! Go girl!!

jess Abertcro

WOW! My god she looks MAZING on the cover of this magazine.


Wow this is by far the best new photo to date x

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