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Madonna joins rock's Hall of Fame

US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

Here is a quick recap of Madonna's induction into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night - more details to follow later.

There was a very long montage of Madonna with concert footage from several concerts.

A very slick induction speech by Justin spiced with innuendo and humour.

Madonna's acceptance speech was perfect....she described her life as suddenly, suddenly, suddenly finding herself in situations.

Iggy Pop sang 'Burning Up' and 'Ray Of Light'....shirtless of course!

There was extensive backstage coverage and photo ops with Liz Rosenberg leading her through a maze of onlookers.

Picture from Reuters - thanks to Max


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I was lucky enough to have a friend who had VH1 Classics and was able to watch Madonna being inducted into the US Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame!
Loved the video before Justin's speech. Touched on just about every aspect of her career & I recall seeing footage from all of her concerts and a few of her MTV VMA performances.
Her speech was fantastic! I loved how she remembered to thank people like Freddie Demann & Liz Rosenberg & Christopher Flynn.
Feel she should have thanked her brother, Christopher though. He did dance w/her & was art director on two of her tours. Otherwise I was totally pleased w/the speech. She was nervous, confident, serious & funny all at the same time.
I'm glad I was born at the time I was so I'd be able to enjoy Madonna from a 14 year-old to my now, 40 year-old self! And I look forward to still enjoying her when I turn 50 & hopefully beyond that too!
Detractors can say whatever they want, but Madonna TOTALLY deserves her HOF induction and will be long remembered in musical & entertainment history!


she seemed a little nervous but she gave a great speech. she doesn't look back very often so it was great to hear her speak of the early years. justin's introduction was good as well. quite cheeky. ;) iggy pop was another story. i like iggy but he's like that crazy uncle in the family that everyone loves but don't really pay attention to when he goes off on a tangent. his versions of "burning up" & "ray of light" were, i hate to say, awful. the induction is suppose to honor the inductee with a tribute by his or her peers but madonna has none. at least none on the level of her stardom. all of her contempories have faded away or now live tragic lives.(ie. cyndi lauper, michael jackson) and the younger generation just doesn't measure up to her showmanship or are too wrapped up into the fame of stardom and barely have any talent at all. (ie. christina aguliera, britany spears) so it's hard to find any worthy talent to pay tribute to madonna. only one person comes to mind that could have suited well, kylie minogue. she should have been asked but i hear it is the inductee who gets to chose who performs on their behalf if they deciede not to perform. maybe madonna choose iggy pop to give her some rock n roll cred since she was criticized for even being considered for the honor. she did mention in her speech how she learned guitar and taught herself drums by listening to elvis costello. maybe she felt she had to prove herself. yet another challenge for madonna. nothing she can't handle. "anything is possible"


She looks great.
Klaus Nomi outfit though!


It was amazing to watch history happen. Amazing.

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