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Thandie Newton: The Ritchies Are Having Fun

At a screening of her new movie, Run Fat Boy Run, British beauty Thandie Newton was gushing about working with former Friend turned director David Schwimmer. But everyone really wanted to know what's going down with Madonna and her director hubby Guy Ritchie.
Thandie recently worked with Guy on the flick Rock and Roller. And she said, 'They’re having a good time, as far as I know! I went to their house in the country - it’s lovely. It’s all good! I just saw them the other day - they’re having a great time.'
She continued, 'Oh, he’s lovely! He’s a lovely, lovely, lovely man! Awesome - he’s just like - sort of perfect!'
Meanwhile, Thandie knows a thing or two about making a marriage work. She's been married to her writer husband, Ol Parker, for nearly a decade and the two have two kids together. 'He’s essential! They adore him. We love each other a lot and love being together. The key thing is that my kids don’t go to bed until 10 every night. From 7 at night until 10 – that’s when it rocks out in our house!' It’s terrible because they’re knackered.'

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