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Her music shows why she's a true Hall of Famer

They've called her everything from a creative cretin to a media whore (if not a literal one). So there must be scores of folks who consider it the greatest desecration to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet that Monday its arbiters will usher into its heady ranks Miss 'How-Dare-She' herself: Madonna.
On her first try yet.
Foes will insist that Madonna's fast-track entry has only to do with sales. Or with notoriety. Or with corporate conflicts of interest (especially since the hall has nearly as many as a New Jersey politician).
They'll say Madonna's anointment has to do with anything but the one element that actually most helped grease her way in: the music.
The fantastic range of distractions that surround that music - some ridiculous, some delightful - have obscured this all along.
But if you push aside the headlines, the pictures, the fashion, the scandals and the gossip, and give a fair listen to the 11 full studio albums Madonna has produced in the last 25 years, you may be surprised by what you hear.
The catalogue speaks eloquently of her achievements - from watershed innovations to savvy tweaks of genre to the basic pursuit of a great hook and an irresistible groove. Sometimes Madonna's greatest accomplishments have even come down to the thing she has been most loudly ridiculed for: her singing.

The read the rest of this article by Jim Faber previewing Madonna's entry to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tomorrow visit


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Yep, I agree. The article is very good. And she totally desrves her induction. As well said, her roots lie as much in rock as in the club scene. If you listen the early demos of stay and some of her unreleased tracks as well as Pretender on Like A Virgin you can definiteky notice some Rock influences. And what more obvious than like A Prayer with its guitar Riff as intro?


Great article. Madonna is the Rock Goddess.

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