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Hard Candy available to pre-order on iTunes

Two versions of Madonna's Hard Candy are available to pre-order on most iTunes stores from today.

Version 01 - Hard Candy
- Bonus track: Ring My Bell (Exclusive pre-order)
- Digital booklet

Version 02 - Hard Candy - Deluxe Version
- includes 2 remixes of 4 Minutes
- Secret Bonus (Remix)
- Bonus Track: Ring My Bell (Exclusive pre-order)
- Digital booklet

Thanks to Kent


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I just pre-ordered the Deluxe Version on iTunes. I ended up paying for a second copy of the single 4 minutes as I had already bought it off of Amazon.com. Oh well, it will help the sales figures for the single and I'm glad to support Madonna. This will be my first Madonna album and album in general that I've bought online and haven't bought the cd for, although I may end up buying a copy of it as well. April 29 can't come soon enough!! "Time goes by so slowly for those who wait...."


Hard Cany Deluxe album is now at no 3 at TOP ALBUM at iTunes in America.
And 4 Minutes is now at No 5 at Top Ringtones!


Finally! It's #5 on the iTunes top albums already!

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