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Dancer auditions being held in Los Angeles

Exciting news is coming in from Los Angeles - dancer auditions are being held in West Hollywood tomorrow (Thursday 06 March).

The audition is looking for male and female dancers who if successful will be contracted from April 2008 - to a date to be determined.

Looking for strong and versatile dancers. Be prepared with everything from knee pads to different shoes....
Should be comfortable doing most any style of choreography. Dress: look good ;) hot, and able to dance.

These auditions are most likely for the heavy round of promotional performances Madonna will undertake for the promotion of 4 Minutes and Hard Candy - but who is to say this isn't the start of tour preparations for later in the year!


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"Madonna is going to be doing a promo tour at the beggining of April, after the first single - "4 Minutes" - comes out at the end of this month. The promo tour is to take place in Los Angeles, New York and London. She is in the studio rehearsing her vocals, just setting all the vocal arangements. Madonna said she was wanting to do like five songs.

As for her world tour, Madonna said she wanted to do the tour at the beggining of November 2008. She wanted to do it at a different time of year. And she wants it to kick off in Australia. Madonna is already casting for the tour, but she says she is going to use most of her dancers from the Confessions Tour because they have that hip hop dance style already."

from drownedmadonna.com


not touring this year is not even an idea Madonna's thinking about. you all should know better then that. it's full steam ahead for Madonna. in her 25 year career, Madonna has had an album, a single, a movie, a play, a book, a tour, a something every year. she has never taken a year or two off like most artist do. she has continually worked for 25 years. i'm sure this year will be just as hectic or even more so given it's her anniversry. so ready or not, fans be prepared for a world wind tour.


I hope she waits and tours next year, too! She needs time with her family; she works so hard. Maybe she'll take a little vacation this year, and get a little rest before gearing up for a tour in 2009.


I really do hope she performs Candy Perfume Girl on this upcoming tour, it seems appropriate, right ? ...and I do love that song.


Any specifics for those who are interested in auditioning?


God... Hope she comes to Argentina... Dying fot it...!!!


she usually does the tours around summertime, starting April onwards, because, she says she doesn't want the children to miss too much of school. I think it will be next year, she will start touring.


No!! What about Cloud, Tamara, Mirahn, etc??
I will miss them , they are part of Madonna´s show already, a show without them would be like a show without Donna DeLory.
But I guess everything changes sometime.


I just can't wait.
I'm so excited i just can't hide it!!i want i want you!!!
M is going on tour again.
I hope the tour is in the summer of 2009 not in 2008.
This will give her plenty of time to promote her new Album "Hard Candy" and do some promo tours before she sets of to do her major tour.
Wander what her new tour will be called maybe she will call it the "Hard candy Tour" or just the "candy tour"??? who knows???
She'll blow us away.Don't forget we'll still recovering from the The confessions Tour.


i hope M tours but next year as it will be too late into summer

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